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4,3 von 5 Sternen
Flatbreads & Flavors: A Baker's Atlas
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
Preis:21,99 €+ Kostenfreie Lieferung mit Amazon Prime

am 7. März 2000
This cookbook features recipes for a wide range of flatbreads from many regions of the globe along with meat and vegetable accompaniments. The authors provide nonintimidating instructions, and most of the ingredients called for are not difficult to find. The book is attractively designed, and the many photographs add their own interest to the engaging and informative text. "Flatbreads and Flavors" would make a thoughtful gift for someone who enjoys baking bread.
Also recommended: "Recipes and Remembrances from an Eastern Mediterranean Kitchen," by Sonia Uvezian. This is by far the best volume in its subject area and one of the greatest ethnic cookbooks ever written, offering fascinating text and hundreds of splendid recipes. The illuminating essays on the region's flatbreads as well as recipes for flavor-packed dishes that utilize them are reason enough to purchase this book.
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am 24. September 2014
Das Buch gefällt, bietet sehr viele Rezepte, hat aber drei Mankos: erstens hätte ich mir gewünscht, dass mehr Brotrezepte und weniger Rezepte für begleitende Gerichte vorhanden wären, zweitens wäre es hilfreich gewesen, zu jedem Brottyp zumindest eine Illustration / Abbildung zur Verfügung zu haben, und drittens war ich überrascht, dass das die Seiten des Buchs qualitätsmäßig einer Art Löschpapier ähneln - beim Kochen und Backen, wo man auch mal etwas kleckst und mit feuchten Fingern umblättert, könnte sich das als Problem herausstellen.
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am 23. Juli 1998
Traveling around the world with the authors is only a small part of the joy this book brings. The detailed recipes are described step by step, enabling even novice bread makers to create a marvelous array of flat breads that are both delicious and appealing to the eye. It is the bible of flatbreads and should be part of every bakers library.
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These recipes are so clearly written and easy to follow that I have not had a failure yet and I've tried nearly two thirds of the recipes in the book to date. This book opened a whole new world of baking and cooking for me. Peasant breads I had never heard of are now part of my family's daily diet and are met with rave reviews from even the pickiest eater. The food in this book is not only simple it is certaily healthy eating as well. I've had many cookbooks, this is the one I've had to get a second copy of, because I wore the first one out. It sits on my counter for daily use and hasn't seen a bookshelf yet. Please, Jeffrey and Naomi, more cookbooks like this one. Love their travel tales almost as much as recipes. Bon appetit!
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