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am 30. Juni 2006
I found the book quite ok. Its written in a fast paced and entertaining style and one doesnt get bored anywhere. The story is sympathic and generally offers enough interesting features. The characters are described in a good way, though in depth character studies are not the strength of the author, nor does one miss that in this book however, given its an action driven story.

The author plays around with quite some scientific terms and ideas and that is where his fantasy runs wild, which is for the scientifically educated reader a bit disturbing, because some things sound and are extremely fishy. The whole book centers around "m-state gold" or "monoatomic gold" which is said to be a superconducting (apparently at room temperature - would be nice eh?) white powder or glassy material. Too bad that such a stuff doesnt exist (its esoteric/alchemistic nonsense), notwithstanding the authors afterwords, where he claims to have built in some scientific facts. The same can be said about the often mentioned meissner fields (theres a Meissner-Ochsenfeld effect, which does not create any field or so - guess he misread that) and many more things.

But I do not think that this is a big issue for the normal reader, it struck me because the author puts quite some effort into describing these things. So just dont take it too literally - it's all fiction despite the afterwords of the author. And its quite entertaining reading. Just nothing special or intellectual challenging.
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am 31. August 2005
Take "the da Vinci Code", add any of the Dirk Pitt novels from Clive Cussler (including the perennial diving/underwater part),
add lots of pseudo scientific speculation, two thirds of action, top up with a hot-blooded latin lady, mix thoroughly and... voila! there's a new James Rollins novel.
In general it seems like the locations througout Europe were researched during a "one week - see all" trip.
Stereotype characters, errors in in native language quotes (e.g. bellissimo bambini") and so on.
Still, it is a fast paced novel with lots of action which at least kept me from putting it aside. Unfortunately, I bought the hard cover edition which was a kinda waste of money.
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am 12. November 2017
Entertaining read with interesting historic, religious and scientific facts and references. The characters are a bit flat but there is good action!
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am 24. April 2005
This was my first James Rollins book but it won't be my last. For thrills advenure and mystery he can't be beat! I liked The Da Vinci Code, but his book was even beter! the book starts at a service in a cathedral in Colone Germany when an army of intruders dressed in monks clothes gun down worshipers and clergy in a horrifying blood bath. They have not come for the chuches treasures of artwork or gold, but for the bones of the three Maji who once payed homage to the baby Jesus. with
this prize they plan to change the world!
The Vatican is stunned, unsure of how to react. A secret arm of the US defense department is called in to try and unravel the mystery behind the stolen bones. The investigators are lead into an unknow world of ancient secrets and terrifying realities not seen since the begining of time. This novel is a cross between the Da vinci Code, Cussler's dirk pitt novels, and the best of Tom Clancy. If you like adventure this is the book for you!
I Also recomemend "A Tourist in the Yucatan" for another great thriller adventure!
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am 4. März 2006
Excellent book! Rollins comes at you with a dizzying pace and almost overwhelming information. After 20 pages you adjust to his speed and data ... and you enjoy the ride! This is a modern thriller with obvious comparisons to The DaVinci Code. Three American intelligence operatives and two Italians (priest and niece) form an unlikely and tight partnership to thwart an ancient religious order from gaining an ultimate prize. Perhaps this is a perceptive view of our 21st century, a harmonious blend of science and spirituality, history and technology, religion and government agents across borders. A high point is Rollins' use of a loyal team of five very diverse people devoted to one another and their mission. This is a fine read!
I would also recommend ' Quest ' by George Kostantinos.
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am 25. September 2007
This thriller is in the vein of The Fates by Tino Georgiou and DaVinci Code by Dan Brown. The storyline is flowing and causes just the right amount of anxiety for our heros the historical facts (hopefully they are facts, because that's how I am reading them) are fascinating and informative, the conjectures or conclusion are intriguing and push one to find out more about the possibilities revealed. I actually found the action more realistic and more within the realms of possibility that DaVinci Code, more like Fusion which also presented itself in a very realistic, believable and easier to accept manner. Readers of this type of thriller, which causes one to question a little of what we have been "fed" throughout the ages and to search for more information, will be more than happy with this novel and look forward to more. I also highly recommend The Fates by Tino Georgiou, and Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.
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am 30. Juli 2006
Gekauft für einen Urlaub entpuppte sich das Buch schnell als geeignete Ferienlektüre: kurze Kapitel, so daß man das Buch immer mal schnell zur Hand nehmen und gleich darauf auch wieder weglegen kann, ohne daß einem viel entgeht. Ansonsten gibt es die üblichen Zutaten: eine geheime Spezialeinheit, eine geheime kirchliche Sekte (gibt es eigentlich noch normale Kirchgänger ?), irgendwelches pseudo-wissenschaftliches Zeug, das man nicht versteht und selbst für einem Nicht-Wissenschaftler zu abgehoben ist, um auch nur annähernd ernst genommen zu werden, "Gute", die sich als "Böse" entpuppen und "Böse", die sich plötzlich als Helfer entpuppen. Und mehr als einmal fragt man sich, ob die "Helden" eigentlich nie selbst Thriller lesen, weil sie ständig dieselben Fehler machen wie schon unzählige vor ihnen. Ein Glück, daß ich nur ein gebrauchtes Taschenbuch gekauft habe, sonst hätte es mir um das Geld leid getan.
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