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4,8 von 5 Sternen
4,8 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 31. Dezember 1999
My older daughter and I read this book together when she was 11, having rescued it from a cousin's dusty bookshelf. We both fell in love with the characters from the start, and were completely drawn into the story of Salamanca and her family. The story delves sensitively into the life of a thirteen year old girl to whom all girls will relate in one way or another. As a mother, it also made me cherish even more the wonderful/mysterious relationship I have with my daughter. Two years later, we still talk about this book and how much we both enjoyed it, and even re-read certain passages to each other on occasion. We have also mutually devoured anything else we can find written by Ms. Creech, including "Chasing Redbird" and "Bloomabilities," in which the author has interwoven tidbits from "Walk Two Moons" that leave the reader feeling deliciously connected. Yes, Ms. Creech's tales do have sad themes, although bittersweet might be a better adjective. I am especially appreciative that her writing does not contain unecessary themes or inappropriate imagery as is often found in novels for young teens. My daughter and I heartily reccommend this book!
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am 30. Juli 2000
Walk Two Moons, is the most amazing book anyone will ever have the opportunity to read. It is the story of Salamanca (Sal) Hiddle, a witty and intelligent girl whose mother abandons her and her father on their farm in Bybanks, Kentucky. Sal loves everything about this farm, from the pigs to the chickens to the trees to the swimming hole and is devistated when her father,who claims that everything about the farm reminds him of his wife, and her move to an entirely different kind of place: Euclid, Ohio. There, Sal meets Phoebe Winterbottom, whose mother leaves her too, and Sal's story is revealed. Sal then becomes enthralled in many adventures with Mrs. Cadaver (meaning dead body), the lunatic, Sergeant Bickles, and the returning of Phoebe's mother. Sal accounts her entire story to Gram and Gramps while on a road trip to Lewiston, Idaho, in hope to find "Sugar," Sal's mom. This is a great book and I encourage everyone who has the opportunity, to read it. It is a great story which many people can benefit from, and includes a lot of important issues in a very sophisticated novel.
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am 17. November 2004
Die Geschichte ist sehr interessant aufgebaut. Es wird aus der Sicht eines 13-jährigen Mädchens erzählt, das mit seinen Großeltern auf dem Weg zu seiner Mutter ist, die mehr oder weniger am anderen Ende der USA ist.
Um die Großeltern zu unterhalten erzählt das Mädchen die Geschichte einer Freundin und damit auch in gewisser Weise ihre eigene. Das Ende ist überraschend und traurig, passt aber sehr gut.
Besonders gefallen haben mir die Ratschläge, die die Freundin von einem bis kurz vor Ende des Buches Unbekannten bekommt, denn sie regen sehr zum Nachdenken an.
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am 26. Juli 2000
What a relief that I didn't pass by this book because its beginning was a little bit slow. Walk Two Moons has grown to be one of my favorite books.
It's a perfect example of a frame story: While she takes a road trip with her grandparents in search of her missing mother, Sal Hill talks about her life alone with her dad and the ever-annoying Margeret Cadaver. Sal also mentions her best friend, Phoebe, and all the strange events that surrounded them while Sal was living with her dad. The book also narrates the road trip. Walk Two Moons is full of surprises and twists, all adding up to an explosive end that was both shocking, and logical.
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am 8. Juli 1997
Walk Two Moons is my all-time favorite book. It has a rare combination of humor, mystery, adventure, and sentimentality that make reading it a real experience-an experience that I never get tired of.
The book, in reality, is two stories: The first (the emotional and mysterious one) being that of 13-year-old Salamanca Tree Hiddle (Sal) and the turbulent times after her beloved mother leaves her. The second story (the one with the humor, aventure, and more mystery) is one Sal is telling her grandparents on a car trip from Ohio to Idaho, where Sal hopes to find her mother. It is the story of Phoebe Winterbottom, Sal's best friend, Phoebe's mother (who also disappeared), and Phoebe's wild imagination.
The transitions between these stories are handled surprisingly well; where most authors would have trouble avoiding clumsy jumps between plots, Ms. Creech has laced them together to the point that one could almost not exist without the other.
As it turns out, these two stories are woven together in more ways than one, and the knowledge Sal draws from them, her grandparents, her trip, and herself, finally give her the strength to face the truth about her mother.
I would recommend this book to anyone, and after reading it I passed it on to my best friend and mother, both of whom adored it. To miss this book would be a tragedy
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am 4. Januar 2000
I traded six copies of Walk Two Moons for 5 copies of The Giver with a fellow teacher, and I think I got a steal. Not to disparage The Giver, but Walk Two Moons appealed to me in so many different ways that I feel truly lucky to have gotten this book to share with my students in their literature circles (the other teacher didn't know what she was giving up, having never read Walk Two Moons). My students first reaction to this story is it's a chick book, but I remind them, I'm 28, I'm a guy, I'm an athlete, I'm macho, and I loved it. The story of Sal, Gram, Gramps, Phoebe, and Sal's mom is touching and heartwarming. Reasons to read this book: 1. It's funny. Gram and Gramps have the most peculiar dialect that when read aloud the story never fails to bring a chuckle. 2. Sal's character. The entire time I read this story, I felt a connection with Sal that was undeniable, and yet it's hard to really know her until near the end of the novel as she doesn't even know herself. The Winterbottoms. Though not the thrust of the story, their problems are a perfect counterpoint to the struggle of Sal's journey. The main thing that hinders my students initial enjoyment of the story is the narrative style. It's stories within stories. Sal is remembering the stories about her mother and retelling them to her Grandparents as they travel across the U.S. while filling them in on her relationship with Phoebe Winterbottom. The shifts of time and place often confused my 8th graders, but when they got it straight, they really began to enjoy the story. You will too.
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am 15. Februar 2000
Walk Two Moons is a book bout a girl named Salamanca Hiddle, or Sal. Her mother has left her and she is left in the darknesss with the rest of her problems. He now lives in the city with her father and is preparing to go on a road trip with her grandparents to Lewiston, Idaho to see her mother. They see the sights that Sal's mother saw when she went to Lewiston. Sal is also worried that they won't reach Lewiston in time for her mother's birthday. On the way she tells her grandparents the story of her friend Phoebe Winterbottom, and the way that Phoebe's mother left, the lunatic and the possibility of a murder.But behind that story though, is also Sals. This is a good book to read if yu want to know how others get over their problems. If you want a book that will keep you reading Walk Two Moons is it. It's a Newbery winner!
I gave it four stars because it was intriguing and would stay up at night to see what happens. It was very well written,but it was a little confusing because it switches to different time peridods, it was GREAT!
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am 1. März 2000
This Book is about a young girl whos mother has died and she is left to live in a new house with her father. I liked the way that this book seemed to have two storys running at once as it was as if she was in one of the storys telling the other one. This book combines a tradgedy with mystery. The reason that i decided to read this book was because i had seen it at a school book fair and went into the local publishing company and ordered it. Another reason why i liked this book was because it was American and they always seem to be more exciting than the English books! I really understood this book and it felt very original as it was unlike any book i have read before! This book has a really good feel to it as when you are reading it you can hear the accents and in a way be where the main character Salamanca who is telling the story is. I do not think that this book is not for people over 12 as i am 14 now and have read it at least 4 times! This is a brilliant book and i would not of been supprised if it had won more than 3 awards!
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am 26. Januar 2000
Walk Two Moons is a fantastic book. We read this book for an assignment and we thought it would be bad. We were wrong! We were confused about Sal's mother being dead. We thought she shouldn't of died because we wanted it to be a happy story. She could have lived. The picture on the cover on this book is kinda weird when you first read it but then you get the meaning of it after you have read the book. It doesn't seem like it would be that "real" because there are lots of weird characters. Our favorite characters are Gram and Gramps! They are so gol-dang funny! I think that Gram also should have lived...because Gramps didn't seem right without her. Phoebe's family was so peculible. We think their last name is so funny! It's kinda weird that with the lunatic and everything in the end...about how he became..well you have to read the book to figure out what the lunatic is because we thought he was like some physco-killer or something but it turns out he's not!
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am 18. März 1999
A girl named Sal is going to see her mom in Nevda with her grandma and grandpa. Her father already saw her so he didn't go. While they are driving to Nevda her grandma wants her to tell her a story. Sal then starts to tell a story about her best friend Phobe. While they are driving they had to make a few stops. Her grandma got bit by a snake and had to go to the hosptial. Then they were on there way. they make a few stops before something happens to the grandma and they are almost there. Sal then drives the car to where her mother is while her grandma and grandpa are at the hosptial. then she finds something about her mother that she didn't know. If you want to know what happens next you have to read the book.
I really liked this book. This talks about a girl that tells about her really weird but cool friend. If you like fiction books then you 'll really like this book. I would give this book five stars. It was the best book I had read this month.
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