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4,8 von 5 Sternen
4,8 von 5 Sternen
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am 17. Juli 2000
Reviewing Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are" is a bit like pointing at a full moon on a clear night: it's rather hard to miss. My favorite book as a child first learning to read, "Where the Wild Things Are" has recently moved into the handful of books my 3-year old daughter wants read to her again and again (and again and again). Max's rebelliousness and imagination are like looking into a mirror for her: as Max realizes what awaits him at home, I like to think she too remembers all those times she misbehaved and got angry and then decided her parents were okay after all. The pictures still hold their charm after nearly four decades; their quirkiness hasn't faded. This book belongs in the library of every human on the planet, regardless of age.
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am 14. Juli 2000
This book, written in 1963, has been in our family for near to 30 years in its original hardcover edition!
It's been passed down, from my oldest at 32 to my youngest, now 8. Each child had their own reasons for loving it, and my tattered (but still good enough for grandkids) copy carries scribbles and memories from each of my sons.
Max is so mad at his mother one evening, when she puts him in his room, he sails off for a year, venturing out where the wild things are - huge, strange looking creatures with terrible eyes and terrible claws, who dance by the light of the moon.
Max handles them all, shouting "BE STILL" until they are so frightened, they agree he's the most wild thing of all.
He goes home in time to eat the supper (the cause of his anger), which is still warm.
The illustrations, colored sketches by Maurice Sendak, invite the imagination of children who might just like a good tale.
For kids who are beginning to express their anger (from 2 to 5), this book is a safe expression of just how *mad* a child can get, and how they can control those wild feelings!
The words are few, and some pages are filled with nothing but Max and the Wild Things, after "the wild rumpus begins."
If you like this book, get it in hardcover. It will be read so many times, you'll be glad you did!
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am 6. Februar 1997
A story on kids in the 90s that appeared recently in the Wall Street Journal compared the top three children's books from two eras: the 1960s and the 1990s. Despite being parent of a three-year-old who loves books, I had never heard of any of those listed as today's favorites, at least not in book form (two were adapted from Disney movies). However, I owned all of the books on the 1960s list, which included, in order of preference, Dr. Suess' classic Green Eggs and Ham, Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever and Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are. While not passing judgement on the 1995 rankings, I had to wonder why or when the 1960s choices fell from favor. Where the Wild Things are is a timeless tribute to childhood imagination, a story as meaningful to kids today as it was 30 years ago.

Children simply can't help identifying with Sendak's hero Max, the type of kid who amuses himself by dressing in a wolf suit and chasing his hapless dog with a giant fork. Max's frazzled mother calls him a wild thing and sends him to bed without supper. "Wild thing?" As Max broods over the appelation, his imagination takes over. He soon finds himself on a boat to a strange land where he's named king of a herd of wild things all much larger, hairier, and meaner-looking than he ever pretended to be. The whole experience is fun, sure, who wouldn't like all the attention, all the swinging from trees and royal treatment? Still, the boat awaits, and eventually Max takes it back home, to where his mother (now calm) has thoughtfully kept his supper hot.

I've read some recent children's books that stand up to the classics, but Pocahontas and Lion King don't quite make the grade. If you haven't already, introduce your child to Max. It will seem like they've known each other forever.
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am 6. Mai 2010
Warum ist dieses Buch so gut? Vermutlich müsste man Kind sein, um diese Frage, wenn auch nicht in Worten, beantworten zu können. Herrliche Formen und Farben, ein brillanter Zeichenstil, eine Geschichte so reduziert und simpel, wie sie nur geht... Aber so oft ich es mir auch ansehe, ich komme einfach nicht hinter sein wahres Geheimnis. Macht also am Ende dies genau den Reiz aus? Maurice Sendak hat ein kleines unheimliches zeitloses Werk geschaffen, von einem Rang, dass man es mit Beethoven und anderen auserwählten menschlichen Kulturgütern zusammen ins All schicken sollte, um mögliche Außerirdische zu beeindrucken. Die sich ihr Inneres Kind, hoffentlich, bewahrt haben. Nur, bitte, nicht in Übersetzung, denn man lese nur - mit Staunen - folgenden Satz: "And now let the wild rumpus start!"
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am 2. Juli 2000
In my opinion...this is one of the best children's books ever written. The story as well as the illustrations are first rate and absolutely timeless. I have never met a child who did not love this book to death. Every family needs a hardback to copy to love and read time and time again (which I guarentee you will). I have so many memories attatched to this story ... I can't say enough about it. So again I repeat - BUY THIS BOOK FOR YOUR CHILDREN! (or anyone who needs more wild things in there life).
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am 31. März 2000
When Max is sent to bed without any supper because he is acting like a monster, his imagination really takes off. This book shows how an angry child can channel his emotions into imagination. Max magically transforms his room into a jungle, an ocean and an island where he becomes the king of the wild things, and has quite an adventure. Max does realize that at the end of the day, there is no place like home.
This is a classic written in 1963 by Maurice Sendak. The New York Times claimed that Maurice Sendak was "one of the most powerful men in the US" because he was able to help shape the fantasies of millions of children. The illustrations in this book are startling and amazing. This would be a great book even if it didn't have any words, the pictures alone are great. This book was the winner of the Caladecott Medal for the Most Distinguished Picture Book of the year.
This is a great story that both adults and children will enjoy alike. But I would recommend it for kids ages 6 and under. My son is always asking to read this book at bed time.
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am 18. Februar 2000
It is a great book! I am 19 and still enjoy the great illustrations. It reminds me of my days as a youth when I fantasized about being in total control in a whole different world when my parents sent me off to my room and I was mad because I was being punished and felt I didn't deserve to be sent to my room. I like how Max becomes king and all the monsters are nice to him, I think that the way the monsters react to Max tells kids that they don't have to be frightened. If you're a beginning reader, read it! If you're a parent of a young child, read it to them! The vocabulary is understanding, and Max's wild imagination is very heartwarming to anyone who reads it. If you're my age, just beginning your years as a young adult, perhaps you could consider writing a book like this. It's not very hard, everyone has a little creativity of their own. Nobody should miss out on this title, Maurice Sendak has always had great illustrations. My father read it to me as a little boy, and I wondered why the last page saying "and it was still hot." had no pictures.
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am 3. November 1998
This was a favorite for all three of my children (not to mention countless children I babysat before them), especially my youngest son, Max, who dressed as the King of all Wild Things his first two Halloweens. Now I frequently give it as a baby shower gift, for I truly believe no child should be without it. It can be appreciated on so many different levels. Small children learn the simple yet enchanting text by heart. My boys loved yelling "Let the wild rumpus start!" and "Be still!" Years ago, the librarian at my oldest son's school pointed out to me how the pictures grow in size as Max nears the land of the wild things, fill the pages while he is there, then diminish once again as he returns home. But the book also teaches us that monsters can be conquered, that children who misbehave can be forgiven. It is the book against which all other children's books are to be judged.
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am 30. August 1999
My mother picked this book up when it was first published in1963. Max was my first hero. The library branch she borrowed it fromwouldn't see Max and his wild thing friends again for almost a year. Every night, my mother read it to me until i could recite it along with her. I learned to read from this amazing book. It has been 36 years since i first cracked open the new spine of this wonderful book. As a journalist I have had to read thousands of books to keep up with events, changing historys and the latest in new fiction, and of all those books, this still remains the finest, most thoughtful book i have ever read. It lives at #1 on my top ten list, where by the way it has made a very cozy home because it's chances of being moved are non-existant. It is the first book i buy my family and friends new children, it always has a home beneath my christmas tree, on my book shelf and most of all in my heart.
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am 30. November 1999
My mother first bought this book for my oldest son. It has endured as a beloved favorite to all three of my boys. I think that children can really identify with Max and his thoughts. When he is sent to his room for misbehavior, his imagination helps him to run away to where the wild things are and collect his thoughts. I believe that the author must remember what its like to be a child and feel like no one understands, and not quite understanding yourself. Ruling the wild things helps Max understand that he just wants to feel loved, and helps parents to keep in mind that such outbursts from children are generally cries for attention--for someone to love them best of all. Mr. Sendak understands children! When you read this book it will transport you back to your own childhood and you will remember that lost feeling of being a child. Bravo, Maurice! You are my hero!
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