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4,4 von 5 Sternen
Audrey Style (Beaux Livres)
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe|Ändern
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am 16. Mai 2014
Dieses Buch ist wirklich sehr schön gemacht!
Es geht, wie der Titel schon sagt, vor allem auf Audreys unverwechselbaren Style ein.
Obwohl ihre Outfits aus einer ganz anderen Zeit stammen, sind sie doch immer noch eine Inspiration.
Ich persönlich liebe es, in diesem Buch zu blättern und mir die tollen Bilder anzusehen.
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am 31. August 2013
Möglicherweise hatte ich eine zu enge Vorstellung von Audrey Style, dachte eher an Kleidung und Aussehen allg., weniger an Verhalten in der Gesellschaft. Um einen Zugang zur kompletten Person zu bekommen, ist das eine sehr gutes Buch, dann sollte es aber vielleicht anders heißen, so fühle ich mich auf einen falschen Pfad gezogen...
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am 17. Juli 2000
This is a very attractive coffee table book to own, and one you are sure to enjoy thumbing through time after time. It also goes into more detail on Audrey's style and wardrobe than most other accounts. However, the book was a little disappointing on a few fronts. A main feature of this volume is its numerous photos, yet frustratingly, all the photo captions are in the back, all are very terse, and many contain no dates or identifications. The introduction by Givenchy is elegant but very brief, so one should not expect a long and descriptive essay. And while I enjoyed reading the text and learned a number of things from it, I found it seemed to create a rather too idealized picture of a very complex person, and to be repetative in its descriptions (how many times is the word 'gamine' used?). At times I also sensed the author chose to interpret things in an overly romantic way to further this image--for example citing Audrey's inability to eat during times of stress as her reverting to her girlhood days in war-ravaged Holland when she had to do with little or no food. By all accounts, Audrey was an incredible human being, but I recommend reading this book along with other accounts of her life to obtain a more balanced description.
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am 2. Juli 1999
Forget about the monthly fashion magazines that grace the bookstore shelves and which become dated within a few weeks. If you want to learn true style and eternal beauty, THIS IS THE BOOK. Yes, I have been an Audrey Hepburn fan since I was seven, but regardless of one's feelings about her, anyone can learn a thing or three from this book about how to live life in a way that reflects the simple beauty within each of us. The book is rich in insight regarding Audrey Hepburn's life and philosophy, which influenced her style tremendously. Ms. Keogh doesn't set out to tell us how to BE Audrey Hepburn, since of course that would be impossible as there could never be another one like her again. Rather, she tells us how she developed and found her style, and how we too can find our very own, in the true spirit of Audrey Hepburn.
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am 15. März 2000
Audrey Style is a stylish, attractive coffee table book. However, it's just that: a coffee table book, best enjoyed by keeping it around (preferably on a coffee table), thumbing through the pictures every so often, and merely skimming the text in a couple of places.
The pictures, of course, are great. After all, they're pictures of Audrey Hepburn! There's an enormous amount of pictures of her at various points in her career, and most of them truly seem to capture the grace, sophistication, and effortless style inherent in Audrey (and apparently missing in the world today.)
The actual writing, though -- the "book" part -- falls short. It's a good read, and you'll learn a thing or two about Audrey, but nowhere is it genuinely insightful or analytical. The book is peppered with anecdotes that will make you think "Oh, how nice!" or "Oh, how funny!" ...but I'd like to think that there was more to Audrey than that.
Too often, the book goes for unneccessary glorification. Every so often, you'll come across a quotation such as this:
"Audrey Hepburn was really great. She was nice and beautiful and stylish and everybody wanted to be like her. There can be no one else like her." -- Someone From Hollywood
Audrey Style is adorned with this sort of fluffy adoration, and even if the praise is due, it gets a little stale after being repeated so often.
I'm also a little disappointed that a book titled "Audrey Style" is more of a biography than an analysis of her style; although the "style" part is present, I would have liked to see much more.
To sum up: it's a good book, but it isn't that profound. The pictures make it worth buying, however; buy it for the pictures, keep it on your coffee table, and be dazzled by the glory that is Audrey. Just don't expect the words to capture her essence nearly so well.
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am 16. Oktober 1999
The text is very original and inspiring because for the first time it describes Audrey as more than a legendary film star and a physical beauty, and focuses on her personality and her own life's philosophy that any human being can achieve. One should remember that what made her an enduring star and a legend (#3 in AFI's film legends) was her winning personality and wit. Audrey stands for the premise that what counts is the inner beauty regardless of the physical make-up that one is born with. To this effect, there are a lot of pretty faces that do not even show in the charm department. What really counts is the enduring charm that anybody can develop as a good spirited human being. In the charm department, one's effort to attain sophistication in earnest can make up for whatever the physical appearance.
The single picture that I would like to remark is on page 12: when Audrey's gorgeous energy and infectious smile are captured with a huge jump in the air.
I also recommend the book "ADIEU AUDREY". It has the best qulity pictures I have ever seen, in a thick quality paper, and in sepia tint that will satisfy to any photography buff.
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am 26. März 2007
Der großformatige Band ist reich bebildert und ausgezeichneten Texten versehen, die sich gut lesen lassen und gleichzeitig sehr informativ sind. Aufhänger des Buches ist - wie der Titel schon sagt - der Stil von Audrey Hepburn. Schwerpunkt ist ihr epochenprägender Kleidungsstil in ihren Filmen in den 50er und 60er Jahren (viele schöne Fotos!), was gleichbedeutend ist mit einer Hommage an Hubert de Givenchy, der sie in dieser Zeit fast exklusiv einkleidete. Doch das Buch geht weit darüber hinaus, beschreibt Audreys Leben und Stilwandel bis zu ihrem Tod. Und letztendlich steht die Erkenntnis, dass Stil sehr viel mehr als nur Kleidung und Mode ist, sondern eine Einstellung und eine Art zu leben - eine Kunst, die keine so vollendet beherrschte wie Audrey Hepburn. Ein sehr lesens- und sehenswertes Buch!
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am 20. September 1999
Visually perfect, inspirational, so moving it made me cry, this book is the most exquisite thing to look at, and one of the most entertaining and yet spiritually profound reads. Highest reccomendations, and a suggestion: Buy extras, you will end up "loaning" your copy away. You can never have too many of this book.
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am 4. Mai 1999
This is a lovely valentine to Audrey, part biography (most of the facts without any innuendo or scandal) and part guide to how her style made her memorable. Conclusion: she knew herself, what she liked and what looked good on her. Some extraneous interviews with celebrities who never knew her but many from those who did (rare insights from her companion Rob Wolders). Lots of photos even this lifelong Audrey fan had never seen before. Audrey's true beauty (of spirit) came from within. In the end we learn, alas, that's where we must find ours. Recommended to start or add to a collection of Audreybilia.
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am 4. Mai 1999
As an avid admirer of Audrey Hepburn, I have long been aware that she was not just exceptionally beautiful, but genuinely kind and generous as well. This book serves as not only a tribute to a personal grace, beauty, and stylishness beyond compare, but manages to also capture her history as a great humanitarian. I was enthralled by the elegant photographs and the insightful prose accompanying them. Like Audrey, this book is the epitome of grace, beauty, style, warmth, and substance. Exceptional subject AND exceptional author, indeed! I will return to this volume again and again for many years to come. It deserves 5+ stars!!
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