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4,3 von 5 Sternen
4,3 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 20. Dezember 2015
This. Book. Is. Wonderful.
It took me awhile to read it. Normally I try to catch up Cecelia Aherns stories pretty much in time after the release.
But I don't know what happened that I needed two years before getting it but now I'm done and it was one of her best.
Sometimes it is important to read something special at the right time not to flash through but with the feeling for the upcoming.
It was the first time I read Ahern in English. I have always so much respect before I start a book in english not because I wouldn't understand but it's more special. To know that these were the original words not the translator who may changed something to make it fitter for the German grammar.
Anyway, back to the story.
I felt for Adam and was with Christine. I don't want to get into details of why but during the reading I made many pauses. I had to think about what I read. I had to rethink everything. Life, Love, Death. It all just came up.

This book ... I cried, laughed and just knew how they felt. Both of them.
Read it.
If you need something for the heart and mind, read it. If you have personal problems or issues or you know someone who has ... read it. It is wonderful and sweet but heartbreaking. At the last few pages I even bit my nails down because I was so nervous. I couldn't put it down and even didn't realise that my husband went to bed.
A few days ago I actually got the chance to meet Cecelia Ahern. It was overwhelming and I still can't believe it ... but I had the opportunity to talk to her. Even I have lost my knowledge in speaking I told her that I'm reading "How to fall in love" and she said 'maybe I will fall in love after reading' , I said I'm married since eight years. so she was a bit surprised but said kindly 'maybe you fall in love with him a bit deeper.'
Thank you Cecelia for that advice. But maybe it isn't just about how to fall in love (deeper) maybe it's about how to fall in love with life again. Maybe it is something between the whole thing.
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VINE-PRODUKTTESTERam 1. November 2015
Ich bin als Mann vielleicht nicht die wirkliche Zielgruppe für Bücher von Cecilia Ahern.
Dennoch lese ich immer wieder Bücher von ihr, allerdings nur auf Englisch zu "Übungszwecken".
How to fall in Love liest man zügig und gern, aber irgendwie nimmt einen die Handlung nicht so mit wie in anderen Geschichten.
Hier und da sind die Plots vielleicht auch etwas zu konstruiert.
Aber die Titelheldin ist auf ihrer manchmal tolpatschig hilfsbereiten Art durchaus liebenswert.
Wie gesagt, nett zu lesen, aber es gab schon fesselndere Geschichten von ihr.
Interessanterweise war auch schon in einem früheren Buch "Love Rosie", der jetzt gerade verfilmt wurde, und das ich stilitstisch fantastisch fand, der Name der Hauptakteurin auch Rosie.
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am 11. August 2015
Ich liebe Cecilia Aherns Bücher! Auch dieses ist mal wieder gefüllt mit schönen, lustigen, traurigen, rührenden Momenten. Ich hatte zwar ab und zu Phasen wo ich es weg gelegt habe und nicht so verschlungen habe wie andere von ihr, doch es hat mich immer wieder in den Bann genommen.
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am 24. Februar 2014
Meiner Meinung nicht der allerbeste Ahern-Roman. Es hat lange gedauert, bis ich mit den Charakteren halbwegs warm geworden bin. Also war das Buch nicht so ein Page-Turner wie manche andere von Cecilia Ahern. Als Fan natürlich trotzdem Pflicht und alles in allem auch nett zu lesen, wie immer. Aber eben bei weitem nicht mein Favorit.
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am 16. Juni 2014
Wunderbar, wie bisher alle ihrer Bücher... Wer ihre bisherigen Bücher mochte, dem gefällt dieses auch. Ist der gleiche Stil: leicht, aber auch ein wenig nachdenklich und am Ende ein klein wenig überraschend.
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am 5. Oktober 2014
I do enjoy the writing of Cecelia Ahern and devoured quite a few of her books by now. When I heard about 'How to Fall in Love' the storyline instantly reminded me of 'Me before You' by Jojo Moyes, which kind of made me cringe and any enthusiasm to read this new novel fell over board. I passed the book in a shop time and time again, I considered purchasing it on one of my trips, but didn't....and the thought sat at the back of my mind the whole time, so when I was at the train station to get back after a few days I hoped and prayed that the shop would be open on a Sunday. It was and so my journey with 'How to Fall in Love' began. First off, the cover is simply gorgeous – stunningly cute yet deep and somehow melancholy.

The storyline itself turned out to be nothing like 'Me before You' at all. It might have the same keywords ”planned suicide - trying to save - beauty of life - falling in love” but everything around it, the whole structure built around it is just unique. I loved the story of Adam and Christine; I was caught up in their story right from the start and felt with them. They are both lovable characters with some edges, while their story tackles various issues. The way this novel deals with a sensitive topic such as depression and suicide is wonderful. Despite the respectful approach the story will not leave you feeling down and heavy-hearted yourself.
Adam and Christine develop a special bond which helps them to find themselves again while the reader explores both of their stories and backgrounds.

'How to Fall in Love' bears the hallmarks Cecelia Ahern's characteristic writing style that you could tell apart from anyone else. It's magical in its own way by turning the most mundane things into something special and bewitching.

I thoroughly can recommend 'How to Fall in Love'. It will make you jump through a variety of emotions – happiness, sadness, curiosity. It will make you laugh, cry and get you thinking about your own life.
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am 13. Juli 2016
Ich finde, dies ist eines der besten Bücher von Cecilia Ahern. Es bringt einen zum Schmunzeln, zum Nachdenken, zum Lachen und manch einen vielleicht auch zum Weinen. Ich habe das Buch mehrfach gelesen und höre mir auch immer wieder gerne das Hörbuch davon an. Es macht Spaß, das Buch zu lesen.
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am 24. Juli 2014
I thought the book would be as promising as the cover. Unfortunately C.Ahern has not been able to write a Story as good as P.S I love you was. Her stories get more and more boring. I have not managed to finish reading this book and I would not recommend it. I think she can do much better.
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am 30. Juli 2015
I have read several books of writer Cecelia Ahern and enjoyed all of them so far. Especially this one, I enjoyed the most. The story is very romantic and I was smiling on many occasions while reading it. Absolute page-turner and will make you fall in love!
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am 30. Dezember 2013
Sehr spannend geschrieben! Jede Seite bietet mitreißende Überraschungen, sodaß man sich immer wieder auf die nächsten Seiten freut. Wirklich empfehlenswert!
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