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4,2 von 5 Sternen
4,2 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 5. Juli 2003
Just a great Christie-thriller ! A moving story that touches the reader and makes him spellbound. Old Mrs Boynton is a real tyrant who constantly torments and tyrannizes her step-children. But not with blows or insults (after all it are adult children !!!) but with small psycho-tricks turn the young people into nervous wrecks. Even Mrs Boynton's own daugter has a bad time of it so that she gets ideas of madness. Neither an attractive beginning lady doctor nor a famous psychologist are able to help the children. So it is no wonder when the old lady dies at mysterious circumstances during the holiday. But who of the family was it ? All seem to lie and Hercule Poirot bets he was able to clear up the murder within twenty-four hours. It goes without saying that he is able to do it but no one would have imagined at his craziest dreams who finally will turn up as the offender.
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am 5. Juli 1998
As in some of her books, Christie explores the issue of moral standards. Is it okay to kill someone if they are truly evil and oppress everyone around them? This is the case in a slightly unusual and intriguing book.
Who would be so desperate to kill their mother and grandmother? The question stays at the center of the book as you realize each family member had ample motive. After all, the grandmother that was murdered controlled her relatives while slowly choking the life away...
You will find yourself questioning the situation and wondering what you would do if you had to do either the oppressed--or as the law.
Christie takes this book beyond frivolous murder and into a perhaps even controversial set of events. It is worth reading as her efforts to produce an above-average mystery are apparent.
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am 29. Februar 2000
I have read most of Ms.Christie's books in my native language and after learning English I want to read some of them in English.This one is my first choice and I could recommend everyone.. The mistery in this book is different from her other books, unpredictable as usual,more psychological factors and strong characters in it.2 main plot which I like most , one of them Poirot overhear some conversation from an open window and the other is their mother's unsuitable reply to young pyichologist on the hotel entrance...
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TOP 500 REZENSENTam 18. Januar 2013
Irgendwann nach dem ersten Weltkrieg in Jerusalem belauscht Poirot in seinem Hotel eine Unterhaltung, die mit den Worten "You do see, don't you, that she's got to be killed?" endet. Er wird hellhörig, weiß aber nicht, wer diese Worte gesagt hat und reist weiter nach Jordanien in die Nähe von Petra. Dort macht die amerikanische Familie Boynton im selben Hotel Urlaub wie Poirot. Mrs. Boynton ist eine ehemalige Gefängniswärterin und nun, da sie verwitwet ist, sind ihre teils erwachsenen (Stief-)Kinder ihre Gefangene und werden auch so behandelt. Poirot erkennt in Raymond Boynton denjenigen wieder, der in Jerusalem diese schicksalshaften Worte ausrief, schicksalshaft daher, weil Mrs. Boynton auf einem Ausflug nach Petra stirbt: Überdosis ihres Herzmittels Digitalis, ein Einstich im Handgelenk. Alle sind verdächtig, jeder hatte ein Motiv und dennoch, kann man ihnen verdenken, dass sie endlich frei sein wollten?

Einerseits ein spannender Fall, denn wie Dr. House so schön sagt: alle lügen. So auch in diesem Fall. Alle Lügen auf die eine oder andere Art um sich oder andere zu schützen. Doch anhand der Lügen kommt Poirot dem Täter dennoch auf die Spur, denn es ist immer noch genug Wahrheit enthalten, die ihm genügt. Leider hat man selber keine Chance auf die Lösung zu kommen, man kann sich durchaus denken, was das Motiv war und welche Personen es sein konnten, aber die Hauptinformationen werden bis zum Showdown verschwiegen, das mag ich gar nicht.
Es gibt einen kleinen Bezug zu „Mord im Orient Express“, als sich die Verdächtigen darauf berufen, dass Poirot bereits einmal lieber die offizielle Version unterstützt hat und die Täter ungeschoren davonkommen ließ, ansonsten gibt es keine Bezüge zu alten Fällen und dieser Fall ist wie alle anderen Fälle in sich abgeschlossen.
Erneut spricht John Moffat Hercule Poirot und auch die anderen Rollen sind sehr gut besetzt. Bei BBC Hörspielen sind mir bisher auch noch nie schlechte oder amateurhafte Sprecher aufgefallen, wie das bei deutschen Produktionen häufiger passiert. Die Stimmen der Sprecher sind teilweise recht ähnlich, da aber die Figuren recht übersichtlich sind, hat man kaum Probleme, der Handlung und den Konstellationen zu folgen, nur einige der weiblichen Rollen können durchaus mal verwechselt werden.

dramatised by Michael Bakewell
Directed by Enyd Williams
John Moffat
Miriam Karlin
Jill Balcon
Connie Walker
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am 17. Januar 1999
This was my first Agatha Christie book, and I got it only after I realised that Hercule Poirot was the hero! Poirot has been the subject of a series of well acted TV programmes, each of which portrays one book. The actor who plays Poirot is superb and inspired me to read the books, hence my choice to buy "Appointment With Death". My previous preference for Mystery books has been P.D.James, who is also excellent (Her book "A Taste For Death" kept me hooked from start to finish!)
The book added to the TV version/image of Poirot but Agatha Christie's writing really makes you feel as though you were there. As I was reading about their trip to Jerusalem, I found myself feeling the heat and the pent up frustrations of the characters. I also came to intensely dislike the murder victim and I am sorry to report that I thought the mother should have been murdered years before!!
The end had a good twist, and the epilogue is also great. I recommend this as a good buy, especially for a new Agatha fan.
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am 31. Dezember 1998
I first read this book over thirty years ago and because of the book I had to see Petra, the Rose Red City. I saw Petra thirty years ago and it was spectacular. I would have never known, but for the book. In addition, the story is typical Christie, a wonderful read!
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am 7. Januar 2000
APPOINTMENT WITH DEATH is a perfect example of Agatha Christie's work; exotic locale, cast of interesting and varied characters, and, of course, MURDER. There are other Christie books that are more exciting or more clever than this, but she is in top form here. Characterizations have a bit more psychological depth here than in her other books; the monstrous mother and the near-psychotic daughter, in particular, stand out as memorable creations.
Read the book and the play; Christie adapted the novel for the stage herself, and made two changes: she removed Poirot, and changed the identity of the murderer. Typical of Christie, both versions of the story work equally well.
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am 4. Juni 1999
"Appointment with Death" is full of shocks as Agatha Christie's books usually are, but is nowhere near as interesting as "Death On The Nile" or even "Evil Under The Sun". For "Appointment with Death", I would recommend renting the video (starring Peter Ustinov as Poirot, featuring Lauren Bacall & Sir John Gielgud, Director: Michael Winner 1988) which, strangely, has more shocks than the book! Not at all bad, but not to be read before the thrills of the Nile river and the Orient Express trip.
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am 16. November 1999
I thought it was a little boring, but I must admit it has a great twist at the end that will literally shock you! The setting is in Jeruselem and in Jeruselem, murders are happening..........can you solve the mystery? I thought i could to, I guess that's what makes it a good book to read. There were many times when I thought the book had to much tallking and not enough action. But all in all it's an ok book.
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am 20. November 1999
"Appointment with Death" definitely was different than any other Poirot mystery I have read but it was definitely a good read. The exotic location and superb developement of the characters made the book enjoyable and engaging. Certainly worth your while, especially if you are a Poirot fanatic.
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