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4,1 von 5 Sternen
4,1 von 5 Sternen
Named of the Dragon
Format: Kindle Edition|Ändern
Preis:5,49 €

am 11. Juli 2000
Lyn is a literary agent who has been haunted by the death of her baby for a long time. Lyn's friend Bridget writes children books. Bridget is tough, mad about men and loves to create scandals. She invites Lyn to spend Christmas in Wales with her and two other writers, James and Gareth. Bridget has her reasons for inviting Lyn along, but my impression is that a power much stronger than a best selling writer has something to do with her trip. Lyn feeling a trip would do her good accepts Bridget's offer. Once there she meets a neighbor who swears Lyn was sent to be a guardian and a writer who believes she is only there to convince him to sign with her company. Lyn finds herself pulled into a mystery that is beyond her control. Now her dreams are not just disturb by the haunting cries of her own lost baby, but by someone else's child as well. What do they want? Why does she keep seeing people in her dreams that do not exist?
Susanna Kearsley's writing impressed me greatly! The first page captured me immediately; once drawn in I couldn't let go. Although Named the Dragon is a contemporary novel, the historical aspects of Wales, its castles, its myths and its royalty, along with the quotes at the beginning of each chapter by Shakespeare, W.B. Yeats, and Lord Tennyson made the read that much more delightful for me as a historical buff.
Susanna Kearsley's writing has been compared to Barbara Michaels and Mary Stewart. I have to agree - it is that good.
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am 1. Januar 2005
This is yet another beautifully written book by Susanna Kearsley. Almost as good as "Marianna" and better than "The Shadowy Horses", both by Ms. Kearsley, this book is a highly entertaining gothic style novel.
A literary agent with a sad past, her client who is a children's author, another author romantically linked with the agent's client, and his brother, all spend the Christmas holidays together in the two brothers' farmhouse in Wales. Our literary agent starts having vivid dreams in which a woman from the past keeps asking her to protect a beautiful child she has with her. Meanwhile, a local, somewhat eccentric neighbor also perceives this literary agent to be someone sent to guard her own child from danger. She, too, has had haunting dreams.
Throw in a brooding Welsh playwright, some atmospheric surroundings, a lonely, wild country side, some romantic yearnings, haunting legends, and mysterious, inexplicable occurrences, and what you have is a gripping page turner. It is a book well worth reading.
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am 4. Februar 2000
A wonderful read. I was glued to this but made myself put it down so not to finish too quickly. I am now online looking for more books by Susanna Kearsley. I hope she is a fast writer! I also read Barbara Michaels and Diana Mott Davidson among a few so if you enjoy them, I think you will enjoy this author.
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am 1. September 2016
Für das Buch gebe ich 5 Sterne, für das Hörbuch lediglich 3.
"Named of the dragon" ist nicht mein Favorit, dennoch er ist wirklich gut. Typisch Susanna Kearsley: eine Mischung von Mystik, Geheimnissen und Krimi.
Der Roman entwickelt sich langsam, vor sich plätschernd, am Ende geht es aber noch rasant zu. Schöne Beschreibungen von Charakteren und natürlich die Landschaftsbilder, die einer guten Gothic Novel würdig sind. Die Autorin streut genug von dem Übernatürlichen hinein, aber nur so, dass jeder für sich entscheiden darf,wie real es ist. Eine moderne Gothic Novel? Vielleicht, könnte man so sehen...
Was mich etwas enttäuscht hat, ist der Mangel an Lebesszenen, wenigstens ein Kuß hätte ich mir gewünscht, aber die Romanze ist sehr glaubwürdig. Lyn und Gareth entwickeln dafür eine andere Art von Intimität, die Nähe der Seelen...
Und natürlich gibt es ein paar Schauerszenen und Bösewichten. Aber Ende gut alles gut, Lyn hilft nicht nur den anderen, sondern überwindet auch ihre seelische Trauma.

Das Hörbuch hat mich amüsiert, und dafür ist die Sprecherin verantwortlich. In einem amüsierten und zynischen Ton liest sie fast alle Szenen, die im Buch auf mich ruhig und nachdenklich wirkten, im Hörbuch entsteht einen völlig anderen Eindruck. Und deswegen bekommt das Hörbuch weniger Sterne, denn die Sprecherin darf nichts etwas ganz Neues kreieren. Dennoch ich hatte meinen Spass, das Hörbuch hat mir eine andere Erfahrung beschert, aus einem sehr beschaulich und ernsten Roman wurde ein fast amüsanter. Unpassend, ich weiß.;) Und hätte ich den Roman geliebt, wäre ich empört und so hatte ich einfach gelacht. So trotz der Veränderung 3 Sterne...
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am 20. September 2015
After finishing the riveting 'Sophia's secret' I was delighted to find another novel by the same author on my kindle. But what a difference between those two books. Named of the dragon is unsuspenseful, slow-paced, with cardboard characters, and the 'solution'of the extremely far-fetched and unlikely plot is as exhilarating as watching paint dry.
The only thing that this book evoked in me was a feeling I should visit Wales again
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am 25. August 2014
Ich habe vorher "Der Ruf des Feuervogels" und "Das schottische Vermächtnis" gelesen und war begeistert, wenn ich auch teilweise die geschichtlichen Ausschweifungen quer gelesen habe. Dieses Buch kann bei weitem nicht mithalten mit den anderen beiden Büchern. Leider habe ich mich teilweise echt da durch gequält...

Amazon wie immer Top-Service.
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am 29. März 2016
Dies ist das erste Buch, das ich von Susanna Kearsley gelesen habe - und es hat mich beeindruckt! Die Geschichte der Literaturagentin Lyn Ravenshaw spielt in Wales zu den Weihnachtfeiertagen. Die persönliche Tragödie von Lyn wird immer mehr mit keltischen Mythen verwoben und es kommt zu einem fulminanten, für mich unerwarteten, Finale.
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am 19. November 2001
Named of the dragon ist definitiv ein Susan Kearsley Buch, unterhaltsam im besten Sinne. Nach Shadowy Horses, Mariana und Glanz und Schatten komme ich zu dem Ergebnis: Mir ist dies das Liebste. Weniger Romanze, aber dafür so viel näher an den Dingen, die man selbst glaubt erleben zu wollen. Darüber hinaus ist es Susan Kearsley in diesem Buch, mehr als in allen anderen, gelungen, ihre Protagonisten überzeugend zum Leben zu erwecken. Jeder der in GB (in diesem Falle in Wales) gelebt und sich der Faszination dieses Landes ergeben hat, fühlt sich auf jeder Seite wieder an die eigenen Erfahrungen erinnert. Die Geschichte tritt hier bescheiden zurück und begleitet nur. Für mich ein Maximum an Lesevergnügen, weil unaufdringlich.
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am 6. Oktober 1999
Author Bridget Cooper persuades her literary agent Lyn Ravenshaw to join her on a Christmas vacation in Angle, Wales. Bridget looks forward to spending some time with a famous playwright, whose name she refuses to divulge to Lyn. She wants Lyn to occupy a boy friend, noted writer James Swift. Lyn looks forward to meeting James because she loved his last work "The Leaden Sky" that she thought deserved a Booker.

After they arrive in Angle, Lyn learns that Bridget plans to have a tryst with the renowned recluse Gareth Gwyn Morgan, whose play several years took the world by storm. Gareth rejects the spotlights of the London stage and has not published anything since he was heralded as the greatest. When Gareth and Lyn meet for the first time, no sparks fly. There is only a squabble that occurs whenever they're together. As they see each other, they begin to fall in love. However, neither one can handle a relationship filled with love because their respective hearts are overloaded with guilt from their pasts. Adding to their problems is the continual dream that Lyn suffers involving a mother and a child.

NAMED OF THE DRAGON is a very interesting contemporary romance that centers on protagonists predominantly belonging to the world of literature. The story line is character-driven, which works because the prime players are different in temperament yet add much to the mix. Though the subplot involving Merlin's Prophecy (Lyn's dream) seems distracting at times, it ultimately works its way into the main plot. Susanna Kearsley provides her audience with a complex relationship drama that shows her ability to showcase her cast.

Harriet Klausner
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