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About Our Returns Policies

Amazon.de, and many Sellers on Amazon.de, offer returns for most items within 30 days of receipt of delivery. You can use this page to learn about our return policies. Most items sold on Amazon.de follow our general return policies, but some products have different policies or requirements associated with them.

Return Details

Important: The information on this page is only valid for items purchased directly from Amazon.de and/or shipped by Amazon. Information (in German) regarding the return of items purchased on the Marketplace platform, which have been shipped directly by the seller can be found here. Please do not return Marketplace articles to us if they have been shipped by the seller.

Information (in German) on our repair services for certain items can be found here.

The following information only apply to our voluntary 30 day return policy. Your statutory right of withdrawal (Widerrufsrecht) is not restricted. You may find further information (in German) with regard to your statutory withdrawal right in Sec. 3 of our AGB (Terms and Conditions).

To ensure the safe return of your items and the correct allocation of the items to your order, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Please use our Online Returns Support Centre (Online-Rücksendezentrum) to return all items that you have purchased directly from Amazon and all items that have been dispatched by Amazon (Versand durch Amazon):

(You will find English instructions on how to use the Online Returns Support Centre here.)
  • We will guide you through our return process. If you want to return an article within Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland or Portugal, we even supply you with a pre-paid return mailing label ("vorfrankiertes Rücksende-Etikett").
  • In the following cases the return of the items is free of charge: (i) Amazon has delivered a wrong, damaged or defective item. (ii) You are cancelling the purchase of an item within the right of withdrawal period of 14 days and the price of the item to be returned amounts to more than 40 Euro (please note: The amount of 40 Euro refers to the price of the single item to be returned and not to the sum of all items to be returned). For more information please visit our Terms and Conditions page (in German). (iii) You return an item from our clothing or shoes shop within our voluntary 30 day return policy.
  • If you are not using our pre-paid return mailing label please ensure that your package is adequately franked. In the above cases (i) to (ii) we will refund you the return costs.
  • Please use the Amazon cardboard box and the manufacturer's original package to return the item.
  • If the Amazon cardboard box is no longer available for the return of the item, please indicate the name of the person who ordered the item and the order number in the addressor field on the package.
  • If you return your item within Austria to the respective return centre you may return the package with no pre-payment.

If you wish to return an item within Germany that weighs more than 20 kg , please contact Customer Services. They will arrange for the item to be collected from you. Items from all other countries may be returned via mail regardless of their weight.


If you filled a product with flammable liquids or gases please remove the liquid or gas before returning the item (for examples remove the petrol from a lawn-mower or the gas capsule from a camping stove). For safety reasons, please return any items such as cutting tools and axes in a safe condition, preferably in the Amazon packaging material. Once you have successfully finished using our Online Returns Support Centre you will receive an e-mail confirmation with a link to your return summary. The e-mail will contain instructions for printing your return authorization, mailing your package for return and regarding your personalised return label. You can use this e-mail to access your return instructions or to print off your return label at any time during the 30 day returns window for your item.

When we have received the item into our Fulfillment Centre, we will notify you via e-mail of your refund. You can expect a refund in the same form of payment originally used for purchase. If you have chosen to pay by invoice and the invoice has not yet been paid, please disregard it when the items have been returned.

If you have used a gift certificate to pay for all or part of an item you wish to return, that part of your refund will automatically be credited to your gift certificate account, available to use the next time you place an order at Amazon.de.

Return Examples for Individual Product Lines

  1. You may return any cassettes, CDs (including audio books) or DVD/Blu-rays within 30 days as of the date of purchase as long as the plastic wrapping or seal is undamaged. Otherwise, we cannot accept the return.
  2. If you have purchased a software item please check whether it is the right version before you remove the plastic wrapping of the outer package or the seal. If you have removed the plastic or if you have broken the seal, we cannot accept the return. For the same reason, if you have bought computer games please check compatibility of the software with your computer, before you open the outer package or the seal of the article.
  3. Please make sure that all brand labels, guarantee cards and stickers are returned with the products. We reserve the right to charge you compensation for lost value if you return the article without the original packaging. Please make sure that you keep the original packaging for as long as you have decided to exercise your withdrawal right.
  4. It is to go without saying that clothing and shoes need to be tried on in order to assess fitting and size. Please make sure that you try clothing and shoes as if you were trying them in a retail store, which means for example for shoes that you shall not try such shoes in outside area. Shoes must be returned together with the original shoe laces. Please make sure that you return such clothing with direct skin contact, such as underwear, tights or beach wear without signs of use. Otherwise, we cannot accept the return or we may charge you compensation for lost value.
  5. Please make sure that you do not open the packaging of those articles which are wrapped with blister- or primary packaging for hygienic reasons. Otherwise, we cannot accept the return or we may charge you compensation for lost value.
  6. You may only return articles which - under their normal use - will be inserted in orifices of the body such as nose, mouth or ear or which otherwise come in touch with the body and its excretions (e.g. earrings, body-piercing items, tooth-brushes, sex or erotic toys, nosehair trimmers) if the primary packaging is undamaged and if they are unused. Otherwise, we cannot accept the return or we may charge you compensation for lost value.
  7. If you wish to return devices with storage medium (e.g. MP3 players, digital cameras, mobile phones, USB-sticks or laptops) please make sure there is no data stored on the device prior to returning. You are responsible for the deletion of all confidential and personal data prior to the return of the device.

Returns of Valuable Watches and Jewellery

Important: If you wish to return any valuable watches or jewellery items under our 30-day returns guarantee, you are required to use our free-of-charge collection service described in more detail below. Should you wish to withdraw from the purchase of a valuable item under your statutory rights, the use of this collection service is not mandatory however we recommend you use it so that the return is insured and can be tracked.

When returning an item, use only the jiffy bag and return documents you received with the valuable item(s). If you no longer have these, please request a jiffy bag and return documents for valuable items from our customer service department.

Please complete the return documents and place your goods inside the jiffy bag supplied with your item(s). Seal the bag with the security seal provided.

Note: The jiffy bag supplied with the item(s) must be used to return these items!

Register your return with the Online Returns Centre. Based on your order information, our system will identify that it is a valuable item being returned. The Online Returns Centre will also provide you with the necessary information for returning the item(s).

You may choose the collection time for your return within a 2-hour window Monday to Friday. You can select the time slot at the Online Returns Centre. Our customer service department will contact you to confirm the collection time or to propose an alternative one.

The return package will be collected by DHL Express. Please note, that it is not possible to return the item(s) via a branch of Deutsche Post DHL or another provider. We will initiate a refund or replacement within 14 days after you have announced your return.

Return of Heavy and Bulky Items

For returning heavy and bulky items a carrier will schedule an appointment with you to pick the item up. You will learn whether an appointment is necessary or not, when you use the Online Returns Support Centre (Online-Rücksendezentrum).

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