VAT for APO-address holders or NATO troops

If you are an APO-address holder or work for the NATO troops we will be happy to refund all the VAT you were charged for your order. Please note that this does not apply to delivery addresses within Germany or for members of German troops.

For legal reasons we are required to ask you to submit the relevant completed form. You can get the form from your nearest VAT office or MWR office. Please send the completed form together with the original invoice to:
Im Gewerbepark D 55
93059 Regensburg

On receiving your mail, we will transfer the appropriate VAT to your payment method used. We will return your copies as soon as possible. Please note: If you have not purchased the items directly from but from a third-party seller, please contact the seller for all VAT requests. Please see your payslip/invoice for seller details.

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