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About A-to-z Guarantee

We want you to buy with confidence anytime you make a purchase on the Amazon.de website or use Amazon Payments; that's why we guarantee purchases from third-party sellers when payment is made via the Amazon.de website or when you use Amazon Payments for qualified purchases on third-party websites. The condition of the item you buy and its timely delivery are guaranteed under the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee.

This applies to purchases made on the Amazon.de website. For purchases made on third-party websites using Amazon Payments, go to Amazon A-bis-z-Garantie für Käufer on the Amazon Payments Help page.

Customers who pay for purchases from an Amazon seller via the Amazon.de website are eligible to receive up to EUR 2.500 of the purchase price, including delivery charges.

To file a claim please go to Meine Bestellungen, pick the relevant order and click on Garantieantrag stellen/anzeigen.

You can file a claim when all of the following apply:

  1. You've contacted the Seller through Your Account.
  2. You've waited three business days for a response.
  3. Your request meets one of our A-to-z Guarantee conditions below:
  • The Seller failed to deliver the item by 3 days past the maximum estimated delivery date or 30 days from the order date, whichever is sooner.
  • The item you received was damaged, defective, or materially different from the item represented on the product detail page.
  • The Seller received your return, but they haven't refunded you. Note: If you refuse the package and the return doesn't have tracking information, your claim may not be allowed.
  • The seller does not offer a return address in Germany, or refuse to pay for return shipping fees for a return to a location outside of Germany, or the fees paid for this return are insufficient.

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