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About Pickup Locations for Amazon Deliveries

Pickup locations (e.g. Hermes Paketshop, DHL Packstation, DHL Postfiliale, Post.at Wunschabholstation or Wunschpostfiliale) provide you with a free alternative delivery location where you can collect your Amazon.de parcels. Pickup locations are available within Germany and Austria.

During checkout you'll see the option Abholstationen in Ihrer Nähe (Search for a Pickup Location near you) if all items in your shopping basket are eligible for delivery to one of these locations. If you've chosen another delivery address already and there are Pickup Locations near the chosen address you'll see a notfication before sending off your order Lieferung an eine Abholstation möglich (Or choose a pickup location); to choose a Pickup Location instead of the chosen delivery address click on Wählen (Choose)

If you want to use a nearby DHL Packstation as a pickup location you'll first need to register online without any charge at www.packstation.de [external link]; if you want to use a DHL Postoffice ("DHL Postfiliale Direkt") please register here: www.paket.de [external link]. As a registered customer you will be given a special numerical code ("Postnummer") needed for placing an order to the respective pickup address; DHL will send you an SMS once your parcel has arrived at the Packstation.

Our Pickup Location Eligibility Help page provides information about the items that can be delivered to a pickup location. For pickup locations within Germany you can select Standard or Premium Delivery, for pickup locations in Austria only standard delivery.

Pickup Location Delivery Options


DHL Packstation, DHL Postfiliale

Hermes Paketshop

Standardversand or Premiumversand


Post.at Wunsch-Abholstation

Post.at Wunsch-Postfiliale

Standard Delivery or Premium Delivery

Depending on the pickup location and its availability, we'll display the delivery options that apply to your order. If your preferred delivery option isn't available, you should select a different address for your order.

Once your parcel is delivered to the Pickup location, you'll receive an e-mail notification with a pick up instructions. Depending on the pickup location, you may need a pick-up code, identification and/or a signature to retrieve your parcel. If you parcel requires a pick-up code, this will also be available in the tracking information for your order.

If you're not a registered customer with DHL Packstation but you'd like to receive a message by SMS when your parcel has arrived, you can register for SMS messages on our website. For more information (in German) go to our help page Sich für SMS-Benachrichtigungen anmelden.

We're adding new pickup locations across Germany and Austria every week. If there are no pickup locations currently available in your area, you'll see a message that says "No pickup locations were found matching your search criteria" when you search for a pickup location, and you'll need to select an alternative address to place your order. Next time you place an order, we recommend you search again to see if we've added a new location in your area.

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