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The Art of Fielding: A Novel
The Art of Fielding: A Novel
von Chad Harbach

5.0 von 5 Sternen Not only Baseball, 8. Januar 2014
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I always thought that the German language is my favourite reading language. I thought will never fully enjoy and soak up an English language book, simply because I find the German language absolutely beautiful (Obsttörtchen), thoughtful (Augenblick), touching (Geborgenheit), odd (krass) and funny (Dreikäsehoch).
Enter Chad Harbach.
I loved the book for the beauty of its language, for its story, the characters, the emotions and it was a joy to read.
This book seems to be a baseball novel, all characters somehow involved with the sport at fictive Westish College in Wisconsin. I do not know enough about baseball to even like or dislike the game, for all I know it is like cricket, quite boring, but the book managed to get me hooked, because it is not only about the sporting aspect of the game.
In a small town the slender shortstop Henry Skrimshander is being discovered by the huge batter Mike Schwartz. Mike gets Henry into Westish College and onto the baseball team and the two characters will have a tight coach-student relationship. They will be best friends but I always felt that Mike is looking out for Henry like a big brother. Henry's room-mate Owen, also part of the baseball team, is gay, charismatic, tidy and loves books. Then there is the president of the College Guert Affenlight and his daughter Pella who just left her husband and returned to live with her father at the College. These five characters are taking centre stage in the book, all stories are revolving around them.

This book is about friendship, ambition, all kinds of love, sport and complications of (college) life. I admire the writer for the detail in storytelling, the quirky connections and hints (Henry Melville's 'Moby Dick') and the imagination that went into creating this wonderful book. An absolute highlight for me.

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5.0 von 5 Sternen Lesegenuss für Deutsche in Australien, 16. Februar 2013
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Beim Surfen im Kindle Shop bin ich zufällig auf dieses Buch gestoßen. Name und Preis (0 euro) überzeugten mich, es sofort herunterzuladen. Schon nach den ersten Seiten war ich total in den Bann gezogen, und ich musste sofort mehr über den Autor herausfinden. Friedrich Gerstäcker war ein Weltreisender, der sich durch sein Schreiben finanzieren konnte. Am bekanntesten sind seine tagebuchähnlichen Aufzeichnungen seiner Reisen in Nordamerika.
1849 reiste er mit dem Schiff nach Sydney, Australien. Sein Plan war es, mit einem Kanu auf dem Murray River, Australien's längstem Fluss, die Strecke zwischen Albury und Adelaide zurückzulegen.
Das Buch ist absolut faszinierend für mich, vor allem durch die Beschreibungen Sydney's, der australischen Landschaft, der Ureinwohner und des Alltags von Aussiedlern, Goldsuchern und Farmern. Gewürzt ist das Ganze mit einer ordentlichen Prise Humor und Sarkasmus und ich habe oft laut gelacht. Selbst in gefährlichen Situationen wie bei Angriffen von Aborigines, halsbrecherischen Fahrten in der Postkutsche oder der Verlust seines Kanus, bewahrt der Autor seinen Humor und sein frohes Gemüt. Er besuchte viele Orte, die ich auch kennengelernt habe, allerdings 150 Jahre später. Einige Dinge haben sich sehr verändert (Zustand der Strassen) andere überhaupt nicht (Anzahl betrunkener Frauen auf denselbigen).
Ein Lesegenuss.

Life with Picasso
Life with Picasso
von Francoise Gilot
Preis: EUR 9,99

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5.0 von 5 Sternen Art and Love, 16. August 2012
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The first time I consciously came across Francoise Gilot was when I read a newspaper article in the Sydney Morning Herald in 2011. What caught my eye and made me read the article straight away were the photographs of the then 90 year old lady.
Her personality strikes me as elegant, confident and intelligent, her life interesting, Picasso plays the most widely known but not the only part in.
The book was written eleven years after she had left Picasso, she was the only woman to do so. They met in 1943, she was 21 he was 61. The book accompanies the 10 years of their relationship, the birth of their two children and their separation.
For me the book is about two things: art and love.
What I found most interesting was the conversations between Gilot and Picasso about art and its creative process. Gilot explains Picasso's approach to designing an artwork, his way of thinking, his intentions and finally the process of creation. She describes in detail his techniques of painting, lithography and sculpture. I only have a very basic knowledge about art, but this book changed how I am looking at art now.
The book is about absolute love, passion, happiness and sadness, exhaustion and desperation. Picasso was a very difficult person to be with and the book shows how Gilot devoted her life to him, how she dealt with his moods, how she could laugh about him and how much she loved him.

Gilot is a fantastic witness of the time and her book is so much more than the story of her relationship to Picasso, it is also a historic document of that time.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs
von Walter Isaacson
  Gebundene Ausgabe
Preis: EUR 21,95

5.0 von 5 Sternen Absolutely perfect, 30. Juli 2012
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Last Christmas I had asked Santa for a Samsung smart phone. Apart from an ipod, I don't own any other Apple products and felt the brand is trying to make you buy all of their devices. Would I have wanted an iphone after reading the book?

I had ordered the English version of the book on Amazon, something I strongly recommend. The computer related terms are English words anyway and the author's style is straightforward and without the use of complicated sentences.
It took me a couple of weeks to read through the 600 pages of the book. It is like reading a drama: somehow I was waiting to read about all the products we are so familiar with now: the ipod, iphone and ipad. Once the book reached these chapters, I slowed down a bit, as if a climax had been reached.

The book is amazing, probably the best biography I have ever read. The is partly due to the author and his style of writing, but mainly the life and personality of Steve Jobs is what makes that book stand out for me. I did not know much about Jobs before and was not too keen to find out about him either, but now I have started reading newspaper articles and watched old clips on Youtube about him and the Apple brand. The story is simply fascinating.
It all starts out in his garage and ends up in one of the biggest brands of our time. Jobs could achieve this by being the person he was. The last biography I read was about Picasso and it is amazing how similar they might have been. Genius on one side, cruel, manipulative and mean on the other side.
Jobs had asked Isaacson to write this book in 2004, probably aware that someone will write about him if he dies of cancer and by choosing Isaacson (former chairman and CEO of CNN, author of biographies of Einstein, Kissinger and Franklin) he made sure to have one of the best writing about him. This is the way he choose people he wanted to work with at Apple as well, he just calls up the person who he thinks is best for a certain job.
Jobs did not want any control over the book, fully aware that Isaacson will also write about how mean he could treat even his closest fiends. Over two years Isaacson collected the material, doing many interviews with Jobs and people close to him. The book covers his childhood, private life and his career.

What made a big impression on me:
Jobs attention (you could call it obsession) to detail in everything (food, clothes, architecture, design, presentations, advertising)
The way Jobs built his team (choosing the best, firing who is not good enough any more)

What surprised me:
Jobs deep love for Bob Dylan

What I missed:
I would have wished for more background information about what happened elsewhere at the time of the early computing since there was not only Apple. This is probably a lot to ask, since one book would not have been enough. I googled some people and companies Jobs had dealt with in order to find out more about them to complete the picture. To Isaacson's credit: all the big names seem to have a place in his book and a brief summary on what they were doing at the time (for example Bill Gates). Once I had finished the book there were no open questions, sometimes the author deals with a different person in a different chapter and you find out about it a little later in the book.

After all I can say: I am very happy with my smaller phone and the open strategy works for me.

von Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington

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4.0 von 5 Sternen Getting to know Picasso, 11. April 2012
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Picasso (Taschenbuch)
When I returned home after I had visited the Picasso exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW, I remembered a book I had bought a while ago at the Rozelle markets. It is called 'Picasso: Creator and Destroyer' by Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington. After looking at the range of his work at the gallery and the different ways of expressing himself I got curious to find out more about this artist, even though I had never really warmed to his work. The book took me in straight away. The author did a thorough research and I got the feeling to get a good portrait of Picasso's personal life. That's what the book is mostly about. It does not go into the depth of his artistic creations but rather gives an impression of his social life, the people he spend time with and his torn personality. Picasso seems to have had such a powerful and charismatic appearance that people who met him wanted to be in his presence and were not able to withdraw from him and his magic. Picasso used his power to manipulate others and to promote himself as a genius of the art world. I don't know enough about art to lead a profound discussion about his artistic achievements and that's why the book is perfect for me. I am interested in his life as a man, husband, father and lover.
The things that I will remember from this book, that made an impression on me or that did surprise me:
1. Françoise Gilot, the strongest of his partners. I will read her book.
2. Picasso was a coward.
3. Picasso and Braque were best friends.
4. Picasso, being a communist, received the Stalin Peace price.
5. Picasso's passion for bullfights.
6. Gertrude Stein
7. Picasso's involvement with Ballets
8, Picasso's Productiveness

Der Beobachter
Der Beobachter
von Charlotte Link
Preis: EUR 9,99

1 von 3 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
3.0 von 5 Sternen Facettenreiche Charaktere, 11. April 2012
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Der Beobachter (Taschenbuch)
Nachdem ich durch eine Freundin Bekanntschaft mit Charlotte Link und ihrem Buch 'Das Haus der Schwestern' gemacht hatte, welches mir gut gefiel, freute ich mich, diesen neu erschienenen Roman zu lesen.
Ich brauchte auch nur 2 Tage um mich durch die 650 Seiten zu lesen. Wieder schafft es Charlotte Link die Spannung aufzubauen, indem sie die Charaktere sehr geschickt und umfassend beschreibt und durch ihre Erzählweise erlaubt sie sich, bestimmte Ereignisse von verschiedenen Blickwinkeln aus zu betrachten.
Die Geschehnisse kreisen um mehrere Morde, wobei alle Mordopfer in einer Beziehung zueinander gestanden haben müssen, und die Entwirrung dieser Beziehungen fand ich am spannendsten. Die eigentliche Person des Täters ist unerwartet, jedoch für mich unglaubwürdig und daher verliert die Überraschung an Wirksamkeit.

Was mir gefallen hat:
Ich finde, dass die Autorin ihre Figuren sehr facettenreich und mit viel Tiefgang beschreibt.
Der Roman spielt um die Weihnachtszeit und ich finde die Beschreibung des Wetters schön (zu vergleichen mit Martin Suter's 'Der Teufel von Mailand').

Was mir nicht gefallen hat:
Die Auflösung.

Alles in allem hat mir 'Das Haus der Schwestern' bedeutend besser gefallen, da diese Geschichte glaubwürdiger erschien, doch für mich wird Charlotte Link immer ein Lesevergnügen für zwischendurch bleiben.
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