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Malcolm Howlett (Dreieich, Germany)

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Test Driven Development: By Example (Addison-Wesley Signature)
Test Driven Development: By Example (Addison-Wesley Signature)
von Kent Beck
Preis: EUR 42,95

13 von 20 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
2.0 von 5 Sternen Disappointingly lacking in substance, 3. Oktober 2006
As a developer I try to achieve a balance between producing a paper design that goes down to the level of code, and coding without having thought about the problem.

This book advocates 'code first - think later'.

The book builds on two examples in a fair amount of detail. In neither of them is there a clear definition of the problem. Neither of them has any statement relating to limits or accuracy (and anyone who has worked with currency conversions knows that how and when you do your rounding is critical).

Because he doesn't specify interfaces until he has finished his test - program cycle Kent Beck is advocating bottom-up rather than top-down development - how this succeeds in a project with more than a couple of developers is a mystery to me.

In any modern system the effort that goes into the user interface greatly exceeds the effort in the support routines but this book does not cover UI testing at all.

Given that the book is about 'testing to death', I found it especially irritating that Kent Beck's final example, which he added as an Appendix to show just how powerful TDD is, contains a glaring error.

The first example is in Java and the second in Python - I couldn't see any reason for changing the language in the middle of the book and, as he then goes back to Java again, it seems as if Kent Beck couldn't either.

On a purely personal level, the jokey style of the book annoyed me.

I award this book 2 stars rather than because the idea is interesting.

Finally, this is one of the few books where I have regretted my decision to buy it.

Software Engineering Project Management
Software Engineering Project Management
von Richard H. Thayer
Preis: EUR 115,99

2.0 von 5 Sternen Incoherent, badly printed, 9. Februar 2000
I was very disappointed with this book. From the general information about it, I had expected it to be a book that would teach me about managing a Software Project. Instead it is a collection of papers from a wide mixture of different authors, each perhaps worthy in its own right, but without any 'glue' to hold the whole book together. In addition some parts of it are so badly printed that it is not possible to read them. The articles have, mainly, been 'cut and pasted' from journals into a new format without editing out the irrelevant references to articles which we don't have, or referring to non-existant page numbers. For only the second time in my life this book has prompted me to write a letter of complaint to the publisher.

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