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The Day After Roswell: A Former Pentagon Official Reveals the U.S. Government's Shocking UFO Cover-up
The Day After Roswell: A Former Pentagon Official Reveals the U.S. Government's Shocking UFO Cover-up
von Philip Corso
Preis: EUR 7,49

2 von 2 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
4.0 von 5 Sternen Very fun to read, but I'm skeptical of motives..., 27. April 2000
Fun to read. Talks about the Roswell crash, the spaceship, our ongoing visitations from aliens, abductions, cattle mutilations, CIA/KGB, cold war, Apollo missions, U2 missions, etc.
Ultimately, however, I find that the author lacks credibility. "Spilling the beans" is entirely contradictory to LTC. Coroso's top-secret "need to know" military personality. By his own admission, Coroso was very skilled in counter-intelligence, misdirection, and deception.
I think this book is counter-intelligence aimed at the American Public for one or all of the following purposes:
1) Strenghten support for defense spending 2) Foster a feeling of dependency on the military 3) Convince the American public that they should not question to closely where defense spending goes. 3) Create a new national enemy now that the Russions threat is minimized.
I even question whether he wrote the book or whether it was a group effort by some military organization and he just put his name on it - as a last patriotic act.
Other things I find suspicious in or about the book include:
1) The author accidentally saw an alien corpse ten years before he became involved in alien technology. What a coincidence.
2) There is no way the information, dates, places, documents in this book could have been compiled without government assistance.
3) Quite a work for an 82-year old man, 1 year away from a heart attack.
4) Given Coroso's description of how the government works, there is no way this book could have been published without the implicit concent of the government and military complex.
5. The aliens had incredibly advance technology including laser weapons, and had malevolent intent. Yet they limited their interference with our space program to buzzing flights and jamming signals. Why didn't they just blow up our satellites one by one as we put them in orbit?
6. Why would the aliens let us land on the moon if they had a base there?
Anyway, fun to read, but I think it is a lot of strategic fiction interwoven with some fact.

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