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Die Muppets-Weihnachtsgeschichte
Die Muppets-Weihnachtsgeschichte
DVD ~ Sir Michael Caine
Wird angeboten von GMFT
Preis: EUR 14,99

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3.0 von 5 Sternen Fabulous film, but a very disappointing DVD, 6. November 2003
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Die Muppets-Weihnachtsgeschichte (DVD)
"The Muppet Christmas Carol" is one of my all-time favourite movies. Amazingly, it sticks quite close to Dickens' novel, and the use of Dickens' original prose is classy. Michael Caine does a supurb job as Ebenezer Scrooge, being quite believable as the heartless miser, as well as a man who is capable of having a change in heart. The Muppets themselves are great, and throw in just enough irreverance to give the movie its funny spots, and keeping this from being just another retelling of this tale that gets seen a few times and then shelved somewhere to collect dust.
That being said, I must say that I am quite disappointed with the DVD. First of all, this film should be available in widescreen. The sets themselves are so great that it's a pity to have so much of them cut out. Furthermore, there are times, such as in the song "Bless Us All" where they just can't fit all the characters in the screen.
The failure to have this film in widescreen, though, could be forgiven. However, the fact that at least one entire song was cut out "When Love is Gone" is a travesty. That is one of my two favourite songs from the film, and it helps show the point where Scrooge chooses the path he's going to follow. This song, with its scenes between Belle and Ebenezer is just not there. I couldn't believe it. When I buy a film on DVD, I expect the entire thing to be there, (or at least as much as was there on the videocassette that I own).
The other really annoying thing about this DVD is that it looks like they worked with two different German translations - one for the script, and then another for the subtitles. Listening to the film in German, I would guess that only one line in 20 matched what was actually being said to what appeared in the subtitles.
I love this film. I only hope that someday they decide to come out with a quality DVD of it.
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Life for Rent
Life for Rent
Preis: EUR 5,99

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4.0 von 5 Sternen A good second album, I wish I could bring the tunes with me, 2. Oktober 2003
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Life for Rent (Audio CD)
Dido's first album, "No Angel" is one that I can listen to over and over again, and so I was excited to hear that she was finally coming out with a second album.
The song "White Flag" has been a radio single for some time now, and it's a song that I've fallen in love with, which made me even more anxious for this album to come out.
"Life For Rent" is a good album, especially for those who really like the Dido sound. My favourite tracks are "White Flag", and the title track, "Life for Rent". There isn't a whole lot of new ground covered here, so if one is looking to see in which direction Dido's music is going, not much would be found. As a second album, that's fine. However, if this were her third album (or fourth..) the songs sounding so similar would really start getting repetitive.
Achtung! This CD has copy-protection on it. I'm kind of annoyed, because it works fine on my CD player at home, but it won't play in my portable player (RioVolt SP90). As I listen to a lot of music on the train, this is a huge drawback for me.

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5.0 von 5 Sternen A tragi-comedy, but wonderful, 23. März 2003
I loved this film. It's odd, because it's billed as a comedy, "The DDR lives on - in 79sq m", but overall, the tone is much more serious. Although the premise is a bit far-fetched - A very patriotic woman in the DDR falls into a coma in October 1989, and when she wakes up, the whole world seems to have changed. To try to protect her from the shock, her grown son is determined to keep her in the dark about what has happened, 'resurrecting' the DDR in the apartment the family shares. This leads to a lot of comical situations, such as searching for the old DDR brands of food products and creating news from the DDR, to things that would be funny if they weren't so tragic, such as shredding old DDR banknotes in frustration after missing the deadline for trading them in.
The entire cast was great, Daniel Brühl did a great job as Alex, the main character, and I was very impressed with Chulpan Khamatova as Lara, the young nurse-in-training from the USSR that Alex falls in love with, and with Maria Simon as Ariane, Alex's sister who is a single mother trying to survive, trading in her studies for "Thank You for choosing Burger King today". As a type of comic relief, Florian Lukas does a great job as Denis, Alex' co-worker and friend, helping Alex reconstruct a little corner of the DDR.
But how long can this fantasy last? And will Alex be willing to keep up the charade, even if it means straining the relationships he has with others. And in the end, Alex may not be the only one keeping secrets of elephantine proportions.

Helter Skelter: The True Story Of The Manson Murders
Helter Skelter: The True Story Of The Manson Murders
von Vincent Bugliosi

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5.0 von 5 Sternen One of my all time favourites, 30. März 2000
When i tell people that this is one of my favourite books, i often get weird looks, because they know that it is about the Charles Manson murders. This is the main focus throughout the book, but it is so much more as well. Helter Skelter is spellbinding, and keeps you entranced throughout the book, from the murders, to the 'motive' to the courtroom scenes, as well as everything in between. It was recommended to me because i am a Beatles fan, and it is interesting to see how it was interpreted and twisted by Manson. With all the talk about violence in the media, violent toys, etc, causing these spectacular school schootings, it is interesting to see how the Beatles' music could be interpreted as being one of the causes to these murders.

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