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L. Ponder "linsfolly" (Hamilton, Ohio USA)

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Mr. Perfect
Mr. Perfect
von Linda Howard
  Gebundene Ausgabe

3.0 von 5 Sternen Comedy, Romance.... Murder, 27. Juli 2000
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Mr. Perfect (Gebundene Ausgabe)
Mr. Perfect was a great book for me--for about a third of the way through.
I've never read a book of Ms. Howard's, with so much humor. And I enjoyed the byplay between characters, especially Jaine and Sam. How Jaine and Sam meet, is for me, the most enjoyable part of the book. But, romance occurs swiftly (there's no romantic conflict) and the murder/mystery occurs. It's at that point in the book, where it falters, for me.
If you find one of your best friend's been murdered--do you feel like making love...as fear and possibly murder, surround you. The sex scenes are sexy, and well done. But they occur too soon, too frequently, given the circumstances.
Sam's a typical Linda Howard hero...BIG, handsome, alpha and sex-driven. Jaine's gifted with a smart mouth, brains, beauty...And, I did enjoy them as a couple. The secondary characters are interesting; (including the murderer) but there may have been too many of them to give any individual attention.
The mystery will be a surprise...and there is a feeling of doom (when the comedy or sex isn't going on). I guess, this is a very mixed review....

McClairen's Isle: The Ravishing One
McClairen's Isle: The Ravishing One
von Connie Brockway
Preis: EUR 6,99

5.0 von 5 Sternen A Trip to McClairen's Isle, 12. Juli 2000
The last installment of Connie Brockway's McClairen's Isle trilogy is an exciting, passionate read. While reading this book, Ms. Brockway carried me away, and I visited that Isle, and its fascinating inhabitants--including that villian I love to hate, Lord Carr.
While much of the action takes place in London, the last half of this book is back on the "Isle", when Thomas Donne "abducts" Fia, the ravishing one. Thomas and Fia, have a past, present, but will they have a future?
Fia is a tormented heroine; she's very much like Ash. Because of her father, she doesn't feel deserving of good things. And Thomas, has an agenda that may make a romance between him and Fia seem impossible.
I only put this book down when I had to, and when I finished it. And, I hated the fact that I may have taken my last trip to McClairen's Isle. In the Ravishing One, you get to revisit all the "special" inhabitants--Ash and Rhiannon, Raine and Favor, as well as Gunna and Lord Carr. With it's beautiful scenery, charismatic characters, grand adventure, and beautiful love scenes--this is one special read!

von Julie Garwood
  Gebundene Ausgabe

2.0 von 5 Sternen Electrifying?, 8. Juli 2000
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Heartbreaker (Gebundene Ausgabe)
A blurb on the cover of Heartbreaker describes it as being "electrifying". Not to me. I like my thrillers to thrill, my romances to be romantic, and my suspense novels to be mysterious. To me, this book was none of the above...I found this book very boring...None of the characters add thrills, suspense, or romance to the story. And, never for a moment, was I excited, terrified, or immersed in this book.
I've read Ms. Garwood before. Her male characters are usually charismatic, her heroines entertaining, her love scenes, sexy. I saw none of that, in this book. To me, two stars may be high. But, the book has a good flow, and the writing itself, is fine...

The Burning Point
The Burning Point
von Mary Jo Putney

2.0 von 5 Sternen A Contemporary Romance?, 21. Mai 2000
Rezension bezieht sich auf: The Burning Point (Taschenbuch)
A Burning Point focuses on a difficult subject. Having gone through this situation myself, I believed the premise. My problem was the book itself.
Ms. Putney's characters, for me, displayed only surface emotions. I never understood their behavior patterns--the problems that drove them apart. Or, the problems that drove them together. And, probably as it SHOULDN'T be, I actually liked Donovan better than Kate.
Secondly, I found the story going in too many directions, with too many characters. The problems of Tom, Kate's brother, may have belonged in another novel. Also, the secondary romance, while nice, distracted me from what was probably meant to be the "burning point". Add to that the "mystery?", you've got a book, that is, only half done--in several places. Also, I found Ms. Putney's contemporary-speak, uneven.
Will I try another contemporary by Ms. Putney. I kind of doubt it. For me, it wasn't the subject, but the story, which made this a read I didn't enjoy.

A Woman Scorned (Sonnet Books)
A Woman Scorned (Sonnet Books)
von Liz Carlyle

4.0 von 5 Sternen A strong heroine, great hero......, 12. Mai 2000
Rezension bezieht sich auf: A Woman Scorned (Sonnet Books) (Taschenbuch)
Cole tutors Jonet's children after the strange, mysterious death of Jonet's husband. Before too long, he becomes a bodyguard also, to Jonet and her children.
At first, Jonet suspect's Cole's motives. She's afraid he's a spy from her enemies. And, she has trouble trusting. At first, Cole suspects Jonet to be a possible murderess, seductress. As they overcome their suspicions, a romance develops.
Jonet is such an unusual and strong heroine. She loses control of her emotions, and her desire for Cole. It's an unusual slant, to read about a heroine pursuing a hero in the way Jonet does. Cole fights his attraction to Jonet; thus, he seems strong and vulnerable, at the same time. Both characters, help to make this book an excellent read.
My only problems with A Woman Scorned had to do with the wordiness, at the beginning of the book. However, with the great story, great characters, sexy love scenes--I'll keep the book anyway; and, I'll read it again.

On a Long Ago Night
On a Long Ago Night
von Susan Sizemore

5.0 von 5 Sternen In honor of, Honoria...., 12. Mai 2000
Rezension bezieht sich auf: On a Long Ago Night (Taschenbuch)
While traveling on a ship with her fiance, Derrick, Honoria becomes a captive of another "captive", Diego. She has bartered her innocence for the release of Derrick, and her maid.
Years later, James (Diego) returns to England to right the wrong done Honoria, by offering marriage. He also has a hidden motive.
The best part of this book, for me, was Honoria herself. She is such an entertaining heroine. Reading the conversations she has with herself, as she battles her attraction to James, made this a worthy read. Plot, secondary characters, as well as James, made this a "keeper" for me.
The romance itself, is told mostly in flashbacks. Sexual tension is created this way. It's not done in an usual "will they, or won't they" scenario. The romance builds, along with the story, through the flashbacks. Sometimes a method like this can be confusing to the reader. For me, it added suspense, as well as sexual tension, to create a page-turning read.
There are many secondary characters--Derrick, the fathers, servants, and villians. All add to the plot and, the romance.
I found this book a special read; and Honoria has become one of my favorite heroines.

Baby, Don't Go (Avon Light Contemporary Romances)
Baby, Don't Go (Avon Light Contemporary Romances)
von Susan Andersen
Preis: EUR 7,49

1 von 1 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
2.0 von 5 Sternen A Romance and a Comedy?, 11. Mai 2000
Nick and Daisy had a brief relationship in the past. He took Daisy's virginity, breaks her heart?, and leaves without any plesantries. Nine years later, Nick hires Daisy as his bodyguard. And, the fireworks are renewed.
Baby Don't Go was not a good read, for me. I had problems with the stereotypes. Daisy's a security specialist, wears combat boots, cuts her own hair with manicure scissors, skips makeup. Nick as a one-time rich, playboy-type, calls Daisy Blondie, etc.; and, he has nicknames for certain parts of his own person. Daisy's male secretary, Reggie, and Reggie's friends meet a certain stereotype also. Then there's the "goons", and the pillar-of-society bad guy. Maybe they are all meant to be funny, but the humor was beyond me.
Love/sex scenes, to me, seemed long, detailed, boring. I found myself skimming them. I just didn't see the relationship develop. I didn't see where the feelings Daisy and Nick had for each other, came from. Neither one, were characters I liked, or related to.
The plot, was secondary to relationships. The secondary characters, Mo (Nick's sister), and her husband Reid, were the reason I kept reading the book. And, Ms. Andersen's writing has a certain flow, that kept me reading, also. I just wish I had enjoyed the story, as much as the writing.

Safe Harbor
Safe Harbor
von Antoinette Stockenberg

4.0 von 5 Sternen Searching for Eden...., 29. April 2000
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Safe Harbor (Taschenbuch)
Holly and Sam meet in Martha's Vineyard where Holly is an artist and a resident. Sam is searching for his ex-wife, Eden. Eden has taken an object of value from Sam's parents. Holly would like to find Eden also. Sadly, Eden has taken Holly's father. And life for Holly's mother, her sister, and herself has been thrown into turmoil. Sam keeps his identity hidden from Holly. And, for a while, he witholds himself from her completely. Holly pursues Sam, in spite of misgivings. And the relationship eventually progresses into a romance. The characterizations of both Holly and Sam, were very complete. However, I found the romance itself, lacking. Sam is almost rude to Holly; and, I couldn't see where their eventual feelings for each other, came from. The love scenes themselves, were more warm, rather than hot.
The main reason I would not give SAFE HARBOR a better rating is due to my own expectations (right or wrong). I wanted to get to know the "bad girl Eden" a little better. Unfortunately, she only makes a couple appearances. Also, I was looking for more confrontations between characters like Eden, Holly's parents, Sam and Holly etc. Instead, I read about Holly's sister, her sister's children, and her sister's bad marriage. The book had little good to say about any marriage, of any of the main characters.
Locale made this book a good read. Also, I enjoyed Ms. Stockenberg's writing. It's very easy to turn the pages of this book. Maybe not quite 4 stars--but, certainly better than 3.

Looking for Trouble (By Request 3's)
Looking for Trouble (By Request 3's)
von Anne Stuart

5.0 von 5 Sternen The "lighter" side of Anne Stuart, 18. März 2000
Looking For Trouble has "3" reprints of Ms. Stuart's Harlequin American stories. CINDERMAN is an unusual story--a reporter (Suzanne) tries to interview a scientist (Daniel) and ends up in an adventure with an "invisible" man. Romantic, funny, and so very different--this book is a worthwhile investment for this one-time HTF story, itself. CRY FOR THE MOON has Marielle inheriting a haunted? apartment building in New York city. Naturally the apartment inhabitants are strange and unusual. And, of course, there's a man...well, it's a romance and an adventure. CHASING TROUBLE might be the Anne Stuart-version of Bogey and Bacall, or a romantic caper. An heiress, hires a detective (Jack Diamond) to find a missing jewel and a missing sister. All three stories are Anne Stuart on the light side--and lots of fun. (And, there is a little dark, in each one too!)

A Scandalous Marriage
A Scandalous Marriage
von Cathy Maxwell
Preis: EUR 6,49

3.0 von 5 Sternen Maybe a comfort read...., 23. Februar 2000
Rezension bezieht sich auf: A Scandalous Marriage (Taschenbuch)
Leah and Devon (Viscount Huxold) fall in love at first sight. Unfortunately, their families are enemies; and Leah spurns Devon. A chance meeting brings them together again.
The best part of this book, for me, were the initial meetings of Devon and Leah. I found their comings together, passionate, entertaining and believable. I felt their pain when their circumstances separated them. However, when Devon happens upon Leah "where" he does, and "when" he does...it's too much coincidence for me.
Devon has a secret/secrets and Leah has a child. Besides these situations, there's the families' feuds. And, then an "old" secret is revealed. For me, there were too many problems, too many obstacles, too easily solved. I expected a more tumultuous read, a more passionate romance. Instead, it seemed a comfortable read with two pleasing leads. Even the love scene(s) seemed comfortable. I'm afraid I like a little more--passion?

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