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Why I Burned My Book (American Subjects)
Why I Burned My Book (American Subjects)
von Paul K. Longmore
Preis: EUR 29,49

5.0 von 5 Sternen Why I burned my book, 5. Dezember 2010
This book is a good introduction for anyone interested in Disability and the Disability Rights Movement.

It contains the following essays:

Analyses and Reconstructions:

- Disability Watch
- The Life of Randolph Bourne and the Need for a History of Disabled People
- Uncovering the Hidden History of Disabled People
- The League of the Physically Handicapped and the Great Depression: A Case Study in the New
Disability History
- The Disability Rights Moment: Activism in the 1970s and Beyond

Images and Reflections:

- Film Reviews
- Screening Stereotypes: Images of Disabled People in Television and Motion Pictures

Ethics and Advocacy:

- Elizabeth Bouvia, Assisted Suicide, and Social Prejudice
- The Resistance: The Disability Rights Movement and Assisted Suicide
- Medical Decision Making and People with Disabilities: A Clash of Cultures

Protests and Forecasts:

- The Second Phase: From Disability Rights to Disability Culture
- Princeton and Peter Singer
- Why I Burned My Book

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