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Jennifer Fowler (Plainfield, IL United States)

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Information Architecture for the World Wide Web (Classique Us)
Information Architecture for the World Wide Web (Classique Us)
von Louis Rosenfeld

5.0 von 5 Sternen Very informatitive; Presents info in a new light, 6. März 2000
For myself, this book really helped me find the best way(s) to group and lable content - - something that when dealing with a 'catch all' intranet can get out of hand.
For my boss & co-workers, this book provided me with a better way to present information architecture to them. These are people who think that IA is just something that anyone can go out there and do, whether they have internet developement experience or not. They believe that IA is not really important.
After reading some of this book and taking notes, I was able to present my ideas and the book's ideas in a way that made it clear to my boss and co-workers that IA isn't something that can be skimmed over.
I haven't finished the book yet but already I feel I've gained a bunch of insight and new ideas on how to work the information architecture angle of a site, and from there, work to build a better site.

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