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Anna Mnatsakanyan

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Kaffir Boy: The True Story Of A Black Youths Coming Of Age In Apartheid South Africa
Kaffir Boy: The True Story Of A Black Youths Coming Of Age In Apartheid South Africa
von Mark Mathabane
Preis: EUR 17,89

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5.0 von 5 Sternen Excellent Biograghy, 20. Januar 2000
This was an autobiography about an African American growing upduring apartheid South Africa. Who would have thought that we wereforced to read a book and actually enjoyed it? I found this book to be very interesting. Because even though Mark Mathabane was young and remembers his life vividly he does an excellent job describing the hardships that he went through. This book is also a good motivational book because his whole life he did not give up at his goals. He thought about giving up but never did because his mother motivated him. If his mother were not there he would never have never been what he is now. This book can also be used as an inspirational tool. It would be good for inspiring and having Mathabane as a role model because he went from scholing in the most cruel streets of South Africa's ghettos with a hard won education raised himself from humiliation to win a scholarship to an American university, which was almost impossible in South Africa during the apartheid era. This book was written so well that you could not get confused and understand everything very well. Mark Mathabane describes his life so detailed in this book that you can picture everything that you are reading happening in front or you. Untie I started reading this book for humanities I had never heard of the age of apartheid in South Africa where it was like slavery had not ended where the whites were treated like royalty and the blacks treated like trash. I thought that that they were all living together. This opened my eyes a little more because now I know that it was not only in South Africa that a race was treated so harsh but also in other parts of the world. Mathabane discusses the living conditions that the blacks had to endure, the poverty that they were in and how they were treated like animals. I think that Mathabane wrote this for the mature audience so the will understand what is going on in the world.

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