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John Brackin (Greensburg,Pa.)

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The Proud Tower: A Portrait of the World Before the War, 1890-1914; Barbara W. Tuchman's Great War Series
The Proud Tower: A Portrait of the World Before the War, 1890-1914; Barbara W. Tuchman's Great War Series
von Barbara W. Tuchman
Preis: EUR 16,27

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3.0 von 5 Sternen A Good Look at Pre-World War One, 15. März 2000
I have always believed that one of the great questions of the 20th century has been what were the underlying causes of the First World War.I don't believe there was a greater watershed of events in the 20th century. From the chaos emerged the totalitarian state and hence the nearly 80 year struggle with Western Democracy. Barbara Tuchman doesn't try to answer why Europe happily plunged into a four year bloodbath(maybe no one can)but her book takes a good look at the 25 years prior to the war. Contrary to popular belief,pre-World War One society wasn't a peacefull,contented world. From the Anarchist movement to the horrible conditions of the poor and to the terrible racist divisions in France durning the Dreyfus Affair,Tuchman shows that this world was on the brink of collaspe. It was only a question of whether its death would be a slow drawn out affair(where a peacefull,evolutionary replacement could be born) or a violent,revolutionary one. Unfortunately we know the answer.From World War I came Lenin,Stalin,Hitler and the deaths of close to 100 million people. This most violent of centuries was born in the blood of World War I. Read The Proud Tower to begin to understand the history of the 20th Century.

It (Signet)
It (Signet)
von Stephen King
Preis: EUR 10,00

5.0 von 5 Sternen The best novel by Stephen King, 4. Dezember 1999
Rezension bezieht sich auf: It (Signet) (Taschenbuch)
I first read IT when it came out in the mid-80's and have reread it twice. The book is an excellent story that keeps you reading and reading. Even knowing the plot and the outcome doesn't prevent you from enjoying this book. For anyone who hasn't read a King novel-start with IT.

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