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R. Mattis Cederberg "Quesonegro" (Köln)

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Dead Beat: The Dresden Files, Book Seven
Dead Beat: The Dresden Files, Book Seven
von Jim Butcher
Preis: EUR 11,32

4.0 von 5 Sternen Entertaining page turner!, 31. August 2013
Verifizierter Kauf(Was ist das?)
This last summer I've been going through the Dresden series at a fast pace. It's engaging and has a nice flow to it, makes me want to find out what is going to happen. The "sleuthing wizard" shtick works real well and Butcher handles the magic and it's implications in a convincing and entertaining fashion. There are a bunch of supporting characters that are likeable, especially Karrin Murphy, Dresden's connection in the Chicago police force, a bad ass lady with firm integrity, as well as a plethora of supernatural beings and monsters. All in all a very entertaining mix! The one thing I find annoying is how Butcher insists on throwing in gratuitous descriptions of the "sexiness" of a lot of the women that dresden encounters. I realise that it's probably supposed to be a "wink" to the "hardboiled detective" genre but it still feels very unnecessary in a series that sports a lot of strong, able women characters. It seems that Butcher aims to play around with the man/women roles which is a nice idea but one where he succeeds less well than with his take on magic and the supernatural. That aside, I still enjoy this read and am looking forward to the next instalment.

Go the Fuck to Sleep
Go the Fuck to Sleep
von Adam Mansbach
  Gebundene Ausgabe
Preis: EUR 14,33

43 von 47 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen A children's book for GROWNUPS, 24. Mai 2011
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Go the Fuck to Sleep (Gebundene Ausgabe)
This is a book not for tiny tots but for us who put said tots to sleep every night, for us who love our children crazy and are driven crazy by them at bed time sometimes.
Beautifully illustrated and written with a lot of humor, this book lets us take a look at that voice screaming inside our head in frustration, even as we sit patiently caressing an unruly child who refuses to sleep for hours and hours, letting it know we love it and that all is well in the world. I like it! It's for me and my wife, not for our children, we have other great books for them!

The Incredible Book Eating Boy
The Incredible Book Eating Boy
von Oliver Jeffers
Preis: EUR 7,99

5.0 von 5 Sternen Found and never lost, 27. Dezember 2009
Rezension bezieht sich auf: The Incredible Book Eating Boy (Taschenbuch)
My first encounter with Oliver Jeffers was the book "Lost and Found" that we picked up at the local library. It was love at first read. Since then we have picked up all his childrens books and read them at home, frequently, a joy both for our 3 1/2 year old and for us parents. Beautiful artwork and really great little stories . I dig it big time!
Jeffers has a great touch and uses elements of non sequitur that are playful and liberating in a world where linearity often is the gospel truth. They're at the level with, but not looking down at children. Greatly recommended!

The Essential Joyce 1970-1996
The Essential Joyce 1970-1996
Preis: EUR 12,99

1 von 2 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
5.0 von 5 Sternen A Must Have, 4. Mai 2003
Rezension bezieht sich auf: The Essential Joyce 1970-1996 (Audio CD)
A great compilation from one of Brasil's great singers/composers.
If you're into brasilian music, this CD is a must, along with Jorge Ben, Elis Regina, Elza Soares etc...

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