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K. E. Woolfork "wolfprime" (San Antonio, TX)

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Hellboy Volume 2: Wake the Devil (Hellboy (Pocket eBook))
Hellboy Volume 2: Wake the Devil (Hellboy (Pocket eBook))
von John Arcudi

5.0 von 5 Sternen Mignola does it gain, with the help of a hooved detective., 5. Dezember 1998
If your'e a fan of goth, horror, detectives, stylized art, or good comics, this is one for you. Mignola delivers another great yarn in the Hellboy mythos. This time out, Hellboy comes face to face with what might be his true nature and purpose on earth. By way of a hallucination the story of his origin is recounted to him in visions. Hellboy is thrown for a loop when one of the visions adresses him directly. The fun of this series is in getting to this point in the story. And even more fun is seeing the humanity in the demon detective when he gives the apparition his reply. If you're a fan of art like I am, you'll love the guest pin-ups in the back. I liked this book because it presented us with a more in-depth look at the character's backround and it was consistently better than the offerings that preceeded it (which were all great!)If you like this book, there are other Hellboy books in print as well as a text novel by Christopher Golden with illustrations by Mignola. Not to mention the great body of work he's only illustrated. Why don't you stop reading this and order it already!

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