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Karen Johnson (U.S.)

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The Rainmaker
The Rainmaker
von John Grisham
Preis: EUR 5,99

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4.0 von 5 Sternen What's what bashing history teachers?, 9. Februar 2000
Rezension bezieht sich auf: The Rainmaker (Taschenbuch)
Being a John Grisham fan, I enjoyed this legal drama, but felt disappointed with the ending. Not only does Rudy give up being a lawyer after such a short time of dealing with the real world, he thinks his new future might be as a history teacher. "It shouldn't be hard to do. After all I have seven years of college." Being a history teacher myself, I am offended by Rudy's comment, and hope that it doesn't reflect John Grisham's own bias about teaching. Going to college for seven years, with a degree in law, does not make one a teacher. It takes years of specific training to be qualified to teach, and being a good teacher is much more than having a background as an attorney. Aren't teachers maligned enough in our country without a popular novelist contributing to the fallacy that teaching is a simplistic task, one that is far less stressful than being a lawyer in a major legal battle? Does that mean since I have seven years of college also, I can be a best-seller novelist?
I would love to share these thoughts with Mr. Grisham, but have been unable to find an email address for him. If anyone knows how I may do this, please respond to kbjohnson@chicago.avenew.com

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