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Subway Art
Subway Art
von Martha Cooper

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5.0 von 5 Sternen Essential and important, 4. Mai 2000
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Subway Art (Taschenbuch)
The epitome of classic NYC graffiti, Subway Art has become the veritable Bible for this particular subculture that has exploded around the United States, and also the world ( just to name a few: Germany, Iceland, Denmark, Amsterdam, France, and Japan ). Contained herein are the masterpeices by the Kings of the Line, Dondi ( R.I.P. ), Blade, Lee, Kase, Seen, Lady Pink and a host of others. The pictures are large and there are some fold-outs, capturing the SIZE and LENGTH of what are basically moving steel masterpeices. There is a brief line or two about tags and throw-ups, but the book concentrates more on top-to-bottoms, window-to-bottoms, and whole cars. What is important about this book is its documentation of an up and coming subculture that basically gave a big EFF YOU to an environment that was comparable to some 3rd world countries by creating an art that was not only dangerous ( in its execution ), but creative, and beautiful. The message that "we are here, and WE SHALL BOMB", in SPITE of Transit Authoriy and the indifferent system which placed them there is characteristic of adversity which spawns creativity ( the same adversity that created Hip-Hop ) . An important peice of work, and a must for art afficiandos and graf & hip-hop heads alike.

The Art of Getting Over: Graffiti at the Millennium
The Art of Getting Over: Graffiti at the Millennium
von Stephen Powers
  Gebundene Ausgabe

4.0 von 5 Sternen A word is worth a thousand pictures..., 4. Mai 2000
Stephen Powers, aka ESPO, gives to the world of publishing, The Art of Getting Over. No, it is not a self-help book, but a journal documenting the escapades and works of Graf kings past and present. Bound in black ( thus resembling a graf head's "peice book" ) it contains hundreds of full-colour and black white pictures, showing the different styles and forms of graffiti and the evolution thereof. Also, within the pages contains excerpts of the lives of the various artists, from the interesting ( The REVS ) to the near tragic ( GKAE from L.A. in particular ). Though at times one could get lost from the numerous crew & name dropping, it is noteworthy enough to warrant a place in Hip-Hop history. The highlight of this book is, of course, the amazing art displayed, featuring Mr. Powers' impressions of the various faces of graf: wether it be block letters, wild styles, throw-ups, to the basic tag. It would have been of particular interest to have put in words the aesthetics of graf in greater detail by someone who is active in the art ( especially to the laymen ), but we only have tidbits here and there scattered through out that leaves the reader wanting some more. An excellent addition to any Hip-Hop library, it might just make a graf head out of you.

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