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Programming Perl (Nutshell Handbook)
Programming Perl (Nutshell Handbook)
von Larry Wall

4.0 von 5 Sternen Perl Programmer? Buy this. Point blank., 10. April 2000
First off, If you want to be a Perl Programer, you _MUST_ own this. Thats a point blank statement.
As many of the other reviews may argue, its either for or not for beginners. They are both right. The book is not designed to teach, but to explain. Its a reference book that is superb, especially when it comes to the things that you need every day, but forget (the arguments to a particular function, for example, or certainly various characters on regular expressions).
My first edition was dog eared. This edition I had to bind, because the cover fell off. (I actually own two, one for work one for home).
Its lacking some of the humor, but thats to be expected when you expand a topic. My biggest complaint is that you really need to buy both the Cookbook and Programming Perl.
Any Perl programmer worth his salt owns the "Camel" book, and its so vaery rarely in good shape.

Perl Cookbook
Perl Cookbook
von Tom Christiansen
Preis: EUR 30,29

5.0 von 5 Sternen A must have for beginners and Experts, 10. April 2000
Rezension bezieht sich auf: Perl Cookbook (Taschenbuch)
I missed the examples 'chapter' when the 2nd edition of Programming Perl was released, and this certainly is an expanded and worthwhile. The book is not precisely a reference, but it acts as a reference, when you have a problem and dont know how to solve it in Perl, the cookbook is always a sure bet.
One thing, be wary of syntax: there are multiple places in which syntax is incorrect in the book, perhaps because of typos (better testing and editing of the code presented would be suggested in any new printings).
All said The Cookbook is a wonderful edition to the Camel book.

Mastering Regular Expressions: Powerful Techniques for PERL and other Tools (Nutshell Handbook)
Mastering Regular Expressions: Powerful Techniques for PERL and other Tools (Nutshell Handbook)
von Jeffrey E Friedl

3.0 von 5 Sternen not enough examples, 10. April 2000
A good general book on Reg Ex, but the basic problem is that its too broad. Since so many regular expression engines can be different it doesnt really spend enough time on any one to let you 'master' them.
But its still a worthwhile read, and its a good companion for Programming Perl for the perl programmers.

Unix Network Programming, Vol.2, Interprocess Communication (Prentice Hall (engl. Titel))
Unix Network Programming, Vol.2, Interprocess Communication (Prentice Hall (engl. Titel))
von W. Richard Stevens
  Gebundene Ausgabe

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5.0 von 5 Sternen As always, Stevens is worth every penny., 2. November 1998
Ok, I will admit to be biased. Stevens is a unix programming god. Or mine anyway.
However, I will dare say that again he has improved his previous good work. I felt that he improved and showed a lot more in his second edition of Volume I, and I felt the same way about volume II. While his was HARDLY the first serious book on thread programming that I have read (I also suggest programming with Posix Threads, if it interests you), his was very informative, from both a beginner and advanced standpoint. If you have only one author to buy, this is it.

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