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We can get a book for free? Great! Please post here!

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Ersteintrag: 19.03.2012, 20:48:02 GMT+1
sista A meint:
Hi guys,

I appreciate freebies as much as the next book junkie but maybe we could pool the announcements in this thread, please? This forum is SLOW, so if it gets flooded with a new thread for every free download, the actual discussions among readers get steamrolled.

We still want to know about it, so feel free to share :-).

I also would like to point out that amazon.de has a Meet Our Authors Forum which you can find here:


Thank you for your kind consideration.

Veröffentlicht am 20.03.2012, 22:36:32 GMT+1
John Duncan meint:
March 22nd book one of the Fel Wars Saga, The Knights of Arnoth by JD Ravynsmoon, will be a Free download! here is the link ... http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_athr_dp_sr_1?_encoding=UTF8

Veröffentlicht am 25.03.2012, 13:56:30 GMT+2
[Vom Autor gelöscht am 05.04.2012, 21:02:51 GMT+2]

Veröffentlicht am 31.03.2012, 12:02:46 GMT+2
Four Short Stories

Veröffentlicht am 01.04.2012, 20:36:03 GMT+2
David Paul meint:
If you are into horror/fantasy, then please feel free to help yourself to a free copy of Nocturnal. I'm giving it away as part of an Amazon promo. Enjoy!

David Paul

Veröffentlicht am 03.04.2012, 17:09:04 GMT+2
Lower Rhine meint:
2 stories, 3 days for free:

Veröffentlicht am 03.04.2012, 19:17:20 GMT+2
F Mundo meint:
Gary, the Four-Eyed Fairy and Other Stories is free right now. 12 short stories, all previously published in US university journals and anthologies.

Veröffentlicht am 04.04.2012, 14:49:21 GMT+2
Zuletzt vom Autor geändert am 04.04.2012, 19:51:48 GMT+2
My spooky thriller The Harrowing is free for Kindle today, 4/4.

Five troubled students left alone over on their isolated campus over the long Thanksgiving break confront their own demons and a mysterious presence - that may or may not be real.

Nominated for the Bram Stoker Award (horror) and the Anthony Award (mystery).

Also in German as Die Inschrift: Roman from BtB (but not free!).

Book trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFpRLP_2J1A

Veröffentlicht am 05.04.2012, 16:35:31 GMT+2
My spooky thriller The Price is free for Kindle today and tomorrow, 4/5 and 4/6.

A Boston District Attorney suspects his wife has made a terrible bargain with a mysterious hospital counselor to save the life of their dying child.

"Some of the most original and freshly unnerving work in the genre." -- The New York Times Book Review

"A medical thriller of the highest order; a stunning, riveting journey into terror and suspense." -- Michael Palmer

Also in German as Der Seelenfanger from BtB (but not free!). Der Seelenfänger: Roman

Book trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFpRLP_2J1A

Veröffentlicht am 05.04.2012, 21:06:23 GMT+2
Anwar meint:
The Wick of War: A Witch's Cry is free for today. It's a prequel to a more sinister plot. horror/dark fantasy with an alternate history leading into a sci-fi adventure. This story is chaotic and dark. Not intended for children.

Veröffentlicht am 06.04.2012, 18:59:03 GMT+2
Free on Kindle 4/6-4/7: very dark young adult/adult thriller The Space Between

A lonely girl who is dreaming of a massacre at her high school becomes convinced she can prevent the shooting with the help of a popular boy who is experiencing the same dream.

"Alexandra Sokoloff has created an intricate tapestry; a dark Young Adult novel with threads of horror and science fiction that make it a true original. Loaded with graphic, vivid images that place the reader in the midst of the mystery and danger, The Space Between takes psychological elements, quantum physics and multiple dimensions with parallel universes and creates a storyline that has no equal. A must-read. "
-- Suspense Magazine

Veröffentlicht am 07.04.2012, 07:14:22 GMT+2
Roger Weston meint:
Hi Everyone,

The Golden Catch will be free on Easter Sunday.

Veröffentlicht am 07.04.2012, 20:05:52 GMT+2
Zuletzt vom Autor geändert am 08.04.2012, 19:39:48 GMT+2
Phil Volatile meint:
Hi again everyone. I want to again thank you for this opportunity. This is somewhat a re-posting, but only to tell you that since the excitement around my White Elephant (English Edition) (collection of poems, short stories, and haiku of over 120 writings) publication here, that I've also added free of charge Flash Fiction 40+1: New Mexican Bread Aisle (English Edition) it is my flash fiction anthology of 41 short stories, 40 stories are 600 words or less, and many have a twist ending. I also added, free of charge, a short story single, The Most Amazing Product (English Edition) It is an eerie, twisting story of odd phrasings. (Can you discover what the most amazing product is?) These three titles will be FREE until 04.09.12

Thank you everyone very much for your interest and this amazing opportunity. Cheers!

Veröffentlicht am 08.04.2012, 00:54:34 GMT+2
On Sunday und Monday for free

Veröffentlicht am 08.04.2012, 15:06:09 GMT+2
Karen McQ. meint:
Frohe ostern wünsche!

Nur Samstag Nacht (Eine Kurzgeschichte)

1978 - Eine Gruppe von Teenagern aus den USA besucht Deutschland und alles verläuft nach Plan; bis zu jenem Samstagabend, als ihnen ihre Lehrerin Frau Heller gestattet, ohne Anstandsdame auszugehen.

Veröffentlicht am 08.04.2012, 19:34:52 GMT+2
[Vom Autor gelöscht am 08.04.2012, 19:36:43 GMT+2]

Veröffentlicht am 09.04.2012, 23:58:44 GMT+2
David Paul meint:
Today and tomorrow, Nocturnal is free!!! Please help yourself to a free promotional copy. Please spread the word to any horror/vampire/fantasy lovers!

David Paul

Veröffentlicht am 11.04.2012, 01:10:14 GMT+2
The First Enhancer is a fantasy about a woman who is given a mission by a god to protect someone who has a magical power. Yes, I am the author.

It will be free for one day, starting in about 9 hours. (April 11th, USA west coast time, which is how Amazon starts counts their days.)

Veröffentlicht am 16.04.2012, 19:18:28 GMT+2
Zuletzt vom Autor geändert am 16.04.2012, 19:32:13 GMT+2
Sun Tzu's The Art of War: A 52 Brilliant Ideas Interpretation (Infinite Success)

Tales of Science Fiction

How the HECK Can You Earn $75 per Hour Playing 1-2 No Limit Texas Hold'em Live Games in Las Vegas!!! - Profitably Exploit the Insanely Lucrative Dead Money ... the Bottom of the Las Vegas Poker Pyramid!

Veröffentlicht am 17.04.2012, 12:49:41 GMT+2
Philip Chen meint:
Today is Tax Day in the States (albeit slightly delayed). Do you feel down in the dumps, bushwhacked, eviscerated, or just plain broke? Did the tax man take everything? Even the barrel? Well, I'm here to help you laugh it all off, by making my eBook cartoon box set, Scenes of Strangeness, free for the next two days.

You can download a copy and laugh away as the perplexed tax collector hauls away everything you own. Wouldn't that be sweet? My cartoons have been compared favorably to among others, James Thurber, Gary Larson, and Bill Watterson. Get your free eCopy at Scenes of Strangeness

Tell your friends, to paraphrase Arlo Guthrie: If the tax collector sees only one person laughing hysterically as they haul off your stuff, they might think the person is simply crazy. If they see thousands of people laughing their cares away on Tax Day, they might think its a movement: The April 17, 2012 tax massacree movement.

Just to make sure you get a chance to download your copy, I will keep the free period open for two days: April 17 and 18.

Veröffentlicht am 21.04.2012, 22:36:17 GMT+2
Expat meint:
Free for this weekend:

Rules of the House

A romance by Deborah Fenwick

Veröffentlicht am 22.04.2012, 09:06:30 GMT+2
Skywalker meint:
Legend of Ukotha is free today April 22th and/or tomorrow. Enjoy!

Veröffentlicht am 22.04.2012, 22:44:09 GMT+2
lisa meint:
FREE today and tomorrow:

Blue smoke and madness: that is what Alex finds when a being only she can see, touch and hear enters her life.

Clive is a demon. Not figuratively, but literally - a real life demon complete with red cat-suit and velvet horns. Initially playful and fun, Clive directs Alex's life deeper and deeper into darkness, despair and death. Is Clive real or is he just inside Alex's head?

My Demon: the new psychological horror novel from best-selling author Lisa C Hinsley.

Veröffentlicht am 28.04.2012, 20:01:19 GMT+2
I CANNING meint:
Sick Sad Little World by Ian Canning

This novella focuses on Johnny Scott, a young down and out, who is haunted by apocalyptic visions which gradually start to spiral out of control.
As Johnny starts to slowly descend into madness, he discovers that all is not right in the world in which he is living.


Thankyou :)

Veröffentlicht am 29.04.2012, 13:30:54 GMT+2
[Vom Autor gelöscht am 03.05.2012, 03:31:33 GMT+2]
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