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English YA by Indie Authors - Shameless plugs

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Veröffentlicht am 23.04.2011, 04:02:17 GMT+2
sweetmoncheri meint:
Fateful is a vampire tale for those who are sick of them, but will also appeal to those who aren't, and to those who may actually be suffering from withdrawals of those sexy fanged creatures.

A huge fan of Jane Austin, Danielle hopes to find her own Mr. Darcy when she leaves Colorado to attend art school in London. Of course she knows it’s silly to wish for that, naive even. But she’s met enough males who lacked respect for women, a growing trend it seemed. And at nineteen...well.... However, on only her second night there she gets lost and is threatened by a stalker who proves to be immune to her martial arts training. Before she is completely overpowered, she is then saved by Ethan Deveroux.

While Danielle does find the romance she seeks in Ethan, he’s no Mr. Darcy. Her hero is held by a spell which fractures their chance at a happy ending. During the day Ethan is closer to mortal than immortal and can date her like any other man. Yet, as the sun sets, the powerful magic of an ancient curse returns and the evil of that spell is revealed. When that magic begins, Danielle's fairytale romance ends because Ethan Deveroux is a vampire.

Veröffentlicht am 23.04.2011, 02:56:33 GMT+2
Hi Marise,

Thank you for this thread. I have a YA book to add titled Pure.

Sixteen-year-old Katie Wickliff lives quietly in the small town of Elspeth's Grove, unaware of the troubled past that forced her grandmother to flee Russia when Katie was only a child. When people in the town begin to disappear, and Katie's own home is attacked by a terrifying creature, Katie and her grandmother return to Russia to find answers.

Pursuing them is the handsome William - who just might be a vampire. Soon, Katie is forced to confront the question she wants to face the least: Is William her otherworldly protector, or is he the creature who killed her mother?

Thanks very much.

Veröffentlicht am 22.04.2011, 23:42:29 GMT+2
I have several ebooks that are available for 99 Euros.

Mixed Bag 13 stories and a few drabbles. SF/F/H/R/Lit. A sampler of my work. Something for everyone.

The Tales of Abu Nuwas Abu Nuwas sits in the bazaar on his threadbare rug; a cup and sign proclaim him a teller of tales.

First Duty Nyra chooses between her duty to the military to which she's sworn an oath or her family when long-held secrets are revealed.

Quest for the Simurgh Four students search for their kidnapped teacher and find themselves in a battle between good and evil.

Tales of a Texas Boy Little Eddie spins his tales about growing up in West Texas during the Depression, but he always has a humorous take on life.

Eagle Quest A Native American boy searches for his roots through a vision quest in the Klamath Wildlife Preserves.

Veröffentlicht am 22.04.2011, 20:00:24 GMT+2
Body Trapped by Shirley Elmokadem

After a car accident twelve year old Lee wakes up in hospital in fifteen year old Gary's body. Gary is now in Lee's body and is critically ill.
Lee is at once thrust into Gary's world of gangs and drugs. He has a new family and a well fit girlfriend called Rosie. Can Lee convince them who he really is? And can he get his body back before Gary dies?
This is a gripping tale of love, hatred, revenge and disloyalty.
A fantasy paranormal adventure for ages 11+

Veröffentlicht am 22.04.2011, 19:53:55 GMT+2
Body Trapped by Shirley Elmokadem

After a car accident twelve year old Lee wakes up in hospital in fifteen year old Gary's body. Gary is now in Lee's body and is critically ill.
Lee is at once thrust into Gary's world of gangs and drugs. He has a new family and a well fit girlfriend called Rosie. Can Lee convince them who he really is? And can he get his body back before Gary dies?
This is a gripping tale of love, hatred, revenge and disloyalty.
A fantasy paranormal adventure for ages 11+


Veröffentlicht am 22.04.2011, 18:51:31 GMT+2
Simon Gould meint:
My debut thriller "Playing The Game" - adapted for the Young Adult market ...

Veröffentlicht am 22.04.2011, 17:38:59 GMT+2
Laura Lond meint:
I have a YA fantasy trilogy, The Adventures of Jecosan Tarres. Book 1, The Journey, is only $0.99. Here is the description:

His father killed in war before he was three, his mother unexpectedly dying when he was eight, Jecosan Tarres is young and poor, yet he has something not many men have: a faithful heart, a strong spirit, and the knowledge of truth taught to him by his mother and Priest Shaledan. Alone for a year, but later befriended by Dalian the blacksmith, he has already beaten the odds of being destitute and forgotten, but clearly something or someone is at work in his life. With his faithful dog Gart and his friend Dalian, he sets out on a life defining journey after a messenger visits him with a commission to go to Kanavar, the ancient capital of Meoria, where he is to enter the king's service and somehow prevent the war that is about to break out in his country. There are powerful forces interested in his journey, both to fail and succeed. Join young Jecosan as he struggles along, escaping sudden traps, facing prison and captivity, fighting pain and despair, losing and making friends.

Veröffentlicht am 22.04.2011, 16:42:17 GMT+2
Alice Arzaga meint:
If you like urban fantasy, you must try Chris Howard's Seaborn books. The first book, Saltwater Witch is now EUR 0,99

Saltwater Witch (Book #1 of The Seaborn Trilogy)
Seaborn (Book #2 of The Seaborn Trilogy)
Sea Throne (Book #3 of The Seaborn Trilogy)

Veröffentlicht am 22.04.2011, 16:25:06 GMT+2
The Elf Vampire: Love, War and Sorrow Book 1


Being an elf can be fun except when you are royalty. My tribe calls me Princess Vellandra. I am a 17 year old female with long dark blue hair and blue eyes. Only the royal family has blue hair. I will stop aging when I turn 20, and die on my 300th birthday.

I live in an invisible Kingdom in one of Russia’s Siberian pine forests. My ancestor’s named it “Ninaly”.

My enemies killed my parents and I made an extreme decision.

Pay a vampire to turn me into a fearless half-elf, half-vampire Princess.
The Elf Vampire: Love, War, and Sorrow Book 1 (vampire series - elves series) (English Edition)

Queen of Fear: Ninaly's Vampires Book 2 (The Elf Vampire Series)


My vampire habits earned me the name “Queen of Fear” in the elf world. Livia told me my own tribe called me that behind my back.

My kingdom was now known as Ninaly’s Vampires. I am convinced that becoming a half-vampire was a terrible mistake. I decided to leave my kingdom for the sake of my tribe. Dimitry and Daniela left with me.

A young elf King named Kevin is going to help me realize that second chances exist. Queen Frea takes control of her dark kingdom again, and war reignites.

I learned from Kevin that a beautiful elf girl named Yazira is determined to marry Areek to become a Queen.

Will Areek fall in love with me again?

Or is it too late?
Queen of Fear: Ninaly's Vampires Book 2 (vampire series - elves series) (The Elf Vampire) (English Edition)

Veröffentlicht am 22.04.2011, 16:22:46 GMT+2
Vampire Crusade: Travelling to 1886


I pushed a dusty chest that was In the "unfinished basement" of the house my mom and I just moved in. To my surprise a drawing was underneath. It was a circle with three triangles inside.

Each triangle had an angel holding a cross. The weirdest thing of all was the fact that the red drawing smelled like fresh blood.

I did not think twice and I erased it with a broom until it was nothing left to see.

Little did I know that a vampire named Nathan Jones was trapped underneath the drawing and thanks to me he was free to kill again.
Vampire Crusade: Travelling to 1886 (English Edition)

Antarctica's Secrets: Scientists Conspiracy


Kalei Aneko is a 22 year old reporter dedicated to find and cover real stories. There have been numerous rumors about a military cover up in Antarctica and she intends to find the truth.

Kalei waits patiently in New Zealand for an opportunity to board a navy aircraft going to Antarctica.
Kalei finds out that a young naval officer named Shawn Michael Nolan the II was flying the CH-60 Seahawk helicopter “solo” back to Antarctica carrying supplies. This was the perfect chance for her to hide between the multiple boxes full of food and beverages.

Will Kalei uncover a military cover up? Or are the Antarctica scientists causing an intentional global warming to receive large amounts of cash to cover “other kind of experiments”.
Antarctica's Secrets: Scientists Conspiracy (English Edition)

Veröffentlicht am 22.04.2011, 16:20:09 GMT+2
Lycan Island: Running with the Pack


“18 year old Lexie Woods was sent in a cruise to Bahamas to celebrate her brother’s 25th birthday. The cruise ship wrecked and went under water fast separating Lexie and her brother Billy forever. Lexie found herself inside one of three life boats that were tied together.

The twenty four survivors were taken to the shores of a beautiful island and they all felt lucky to have found such paradise.

To their horror they soon learned it was a Lycan Island and the fight for survival began”
Lycan Island: Running with the Pack (werewolves) (English Edition)

Mar the Pirate Vampire


The English Captain of the “Medusa’s Lair” pirate ship gets killed in battle leaving his only daughter “Mar” with the dilemma of taking the Captain title. The crew does not seem to accept her as a Captain because she is a young female.

What the crew does not know is that she was attacked by a vampire on the night of her 22nd birthday and she is now a pirate vampire. After a demonstration of vampire power the crew does not dare to question her abilities and start calling her Captain right away.

Mar is going to find true love, learn charity and meet Yargo the waterling who was once a warlock during her sailing adventures.
Pirate Vampire (vampires - teen paranormal romance - teen book - pirates) (English Edition)

Myka the Goddess Witch: Zeus Secret


When the father of all gods Zeus discovered his beloved daughter Athena was pregnant with Apollo’s baby, he ordered all gods and goddesses to keep it a secret because he wanted all mortals to believe Athena was an eternal virgin.

The moment I was born Zeus gave me away to a loyal mortal “witch” named Maia which means “nursing mother”. My father Apollo had to have a special magic spell done by Maia because he was the god of truth who can’t speak a lie. Zeus also asked Maia to cast a spell on my mother so she would not fight him when he gave me away.

Maia lived in Mykonos, Greece and decided to name me Myka. She was careful to cast the biggest magic spell on me. I was going to be a mortal girl until the day of my 18th birthday.
Myka the Goddess Witch: Zeus Secret (Greek Mythology - fantasy and magic) (English Edition)

Alex Reed: And the Mysterious Caverns


Our high school took us on a field trip to “Carlsbad Caverns” where I found a red butterfly painted on the wall. I decided to touch the painting and as soon as I did the cavern walls started moving around at a crazy speed. I felt like if we were inside a Rubik's cube.

My friends Nick, Eddy and I along with two popular sisters who made the mistake of being curious about the butterfly are going to visit strange worlds, fight beasts and meet interesting people thanks to the caverns riddles.
Alex Reed: And the Mysterious Caverns (English Edition)

Veröffentlicht am 22.04.2011, 16:13:30 GMT+2
Twin Vampire Witches: Reign of Blood and Magic


"Victoria and her twin sister Valeria are half witches and half vampires and when they witness their parent's horrible deaths at the hands of vampire hunters they swear revenge against them and anyone else involved. What they did not expect was to fall in love with the handsome twin brothers Prince Alexandru and Prince Andrei of Romania"
Twin Vampire Witches: Reign of Blood and Magic (English Edition)

Nailah the Egyptian Vampire Sorcerer


I was born in a wealthy Egyptian family one stormy night. According to my father it was not a good sign from the gods. Egyptians believed in magic and almost every man woman and child in Egypt who could afford it wore a charm or talisman.

As soon as I was old enough my parents hired a famous old sorcerer to teach me magic spells and potions. I was turned into a vampire when I was 19 years old. My name is “Nailah the Egyptian vampire sorcerer” and this is my story.
Vampire Sorcerer (vampires - vampires and werewolves - paranormal romance - fantasy and magic) (English Edition)

My Handsome Vampire: Falling in Love


My name is Ruby Kennedy; I was 17 years old when I was killed by a vampire.

I didn't crossover and turned into a ghost. I met a handsome vampire named Ulysses Anderson who was willing to help me.

We found out that an Egyptian vampire sorcerer named Nailah could help me. During our journey to find her, Ulysses and I fell in love.

Will I be able to crossover without Ulysses?

Can the sorcerer help us make our love possible?
My Handsome Vampire (vampires - vampires and werewolves- paranormal romance - vampire romance - fantasy and magic) (English Edition)

Dragons and Griffins: A Medieval Fantasy Adventure


My name is Emma and I am a 16 year old orphan in charge of four siblings. Our parents died trying to protect us from a dragon attack and were killed instantly by the monsters lethal fire.

A reward has been posted for the safe return of young princess Victoria who was abducted by a sorcerer. I intend to win that reward if I don't fall in love first with her brother Prince Edward my charming and unexpected companion.
Dragons and Griffins: A Medieval Fantasy Adventure (fantasy and magic) (English Edition)

Witchy Wizardly Woods


My name is Isabel and I am 15 years old. I was captured by magic creatures living in an enchanted forest. They call themselves “Keemmzians”. Some of them are animals in kid’s bodies like butterfly girls, and coyote boys. Some others have water and stars silhouettes.

There are other young adults living in cabins made with flowers that were captured a long time ago. My mission is to find “Loli the star girl” to help us get out of Keemmzy to see our families again.

**This story is for teens and pre- teens 12 to 15 years old**
Witchy Wizardly Woods: A Magic Adventure (middle grade - fantasy and magic) (English Edition)

Veröffentlicht am 22.04.2011, 16:07:02 GMT+2
Astrid the Viking Vampire


The snow this winter is so deep that humans are not traveling as usual with their dog sleds. I have not had blood in a few days and I am feeling weak. Suddenly I smelled human blood. I spotted two humans from a distance. Fresh blood was slowly dripping on the white snow. They probably had an accident and were lost.

My immortal life gets complicated when a handsome 19 year old Viking vampire named Viktor asked for my help.

During our sea voyage to free Norway of English vampires, I started having feelings towards Viktor’s 18 year old brother named Iver.

I was born and raised an 18 year old Viking vampire. My name is Astrid and this is my story.
Viking Vampire: Victory or Death! (English Edition)

Heroic Sentinels: Battling Soul Thieves


My best friend was killed in a motorcycle accident. He was 18 years old like me when he died. I was invited to a lagoon and I decided to summon Jesse’s spirit while I was in the water. I didn’t know how to swim and I almost drown while calling for Jesse.

The moment I reached shore a strong realization came to my head. The only way that I could see Jesse again is by being dead like him!
People tend to summon a loved one when they die. Sometimes the right soul or spirit hears the summoning, but sometimes the ones listening are the Soul Thieves.

A Sentinel is in charge of guarding human souls from the Soul Thieves who sells them to a diabolic goblin named Azura. She eats the souls to stay young and powerful.

My name is Leila and I was named an earth Sentinel by my dead twin sister Lia. My mission is to battle Soul Thieves and destroy Azura with the help of a 19 year old handsome earth Sentinel named Max and his sister April. The three of us were given a special power to help us be victorious.
Soul Thieves (teens - teen romance - teen fantasy)) (English Edition)

Paranormal Hunters: Area 51 Inception


A group of scientists from “area 51” named me Lenora. I am a 19 year old paranormal hunter female with abilities. My inception began in one of their high tech laboratories.

My multiple powers allow me to do the job that I was created for. Hunting aliens, vampires, demons, werewolves, etc. is all what I do. My benefactors are part of a top secret “Paranormal Hunters Society” ruled by eccentric millionaires.

The society also has a highly paid group of human hunters that take care of medium risk jobs. Hostile paranormals all over the world are planning massive human attacks, and I need to stop them.

A few scientists gave me human emotions like empathy, anger, and love. I will soon feel a love so strong for someone that is going to make me the happiest paranormal alive.
Paranormal Hunters: Area 51 Inception (English Edition)

The Angel Vampire: A New Race is Born


My name is Anael and I am a female angel. My father sent me to earth on a mission to help a human boy. I was standing outside his window, trying to decide how to approach him, when all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain on my neck. I immediately fainted.

I don’t know how long I was unconscious. When I finally opened my eyes, I found myself in a strange dark cave. I touched my neck by instinct because it was still hurting. When I was getting ready to get up I heard an unfamiliar voice.

“Who are you? Your blood tasted different than a human and it’s making me dizzy.”

The stranger was an attractive vampire named Kendrick who thought I was a human girl.

The mixing of both bloods created a new race of Angel Vampires!
The Angel Vampire: A New Race is Born (English Edition)

Veröffentlicht am 22.04.2011, 16:02:18 GMT+2
Elina Jensen's: Unbroken Curse Book 2 (Vampire by Day Werewolf by Night Series)


Two years have passed since one of my curses was broken by Kitchi the strong attractive werewolf. Tristan the wise and gorgeous vampire and I were very happy living in Sirdal. One winter night Silver Fox paid us a visit to tell us about the arrival of a merciless vampire hunter named Grigore Enescu. Ironically his name means “watchful; vigilant”. Grigore changed my happy life forever.

My double curse returned the moment Kitchi’s daughter Kai was born. During a vision I learned why the curse was back. Nahuel the Moon clan’s chief wanted our land and war was declared. Hired vampires were soon helping him.

Will Nahuel win the war and destroy my clan? Or are we going to find allies of our own?
Elina Jensen's: Unbroken Curse Book 2 (Vampire by Day Werewolf by Night) (English Edition)

Vampire Triplets: Judges of Chaos Book 3 (Vampire by Day Werewolf by Night Series)


Norway and the rest of the world are in chaos. My clan and Nahuel’s are constantly fighting. Vampires and werewolves are turning humans in alarming numbers.

Gavril and Crina the masters of the elite vampire coven “Celebrus”. (Latin word for rich and respected) were genetic engineering three perfect vampire rulers. Gavril and Crina spent 400 years working their vampire genes via in vitro fertilization. After they were finally successful a surrogate human mother was chosen. The surrogate was a young healthy Romanian woman named Cecilia.

The triplets names are Aries, Aella and Alair. They call themselves “Judges of Chaos”. To keep order in the world the triplets kill those who display hostility. The rest of us are being forced to work as their slaves.

The perfectly engineered vampire triplets ignore their origin.

Will the secrets inside the brown box reveal where the surrogate is?

Is there hope for us to end slavery?
Vampire Triplets: Judges of Chaos Book 3 (Vampire by Day Werewolf by Night) (English Edition)

Celebrus Coven: Human Clones Book 4 (Vampire by Day Werewolf by Night Series)

The infamous “Celebrus Coven” is cloning humans with blood AB-, B- and O-. Those types of blood are rare, which makes them a delicacy. The riches vampires in the world were in line for such treat and didn’t mind paying large amounts of money for it.

Our regular heroes Elina, Grigore, Kitchi, Kai, and Silver Fox embarked in the same journey to free the human clones.

Aella discovered that she had the ability to control, generate, and absorb electric fields. Alair also discovered that he had the ability to astral project anywhere. They ignore the power that Aries has and were hoping they could defeat him and the Celebrus Coven.

An unexpected arrival will change Elina and Grigore’s life forever.
Celebrus Coven: Human Clones Book 4 (Vampire by Day Werewolf by Night) (English Edition)

Veröffentlicht am 22.04.2011, 15:54:06 GMT+2
Vampire by Day Werewolf by Night: Elina Jensen's Double Curse Book 1


Elina Jensen was cursed to walk as a vampire by day and as a werewolf by night, when she was in her mother's womb.

Elina had to deal not only with her double curse, but with her attraction for Arian the 19th year old human boy. Kitchi the strong Native American werewolf, and Tristan the handsome Romanian vampire.
Vampire by Day Werewolf by Night: Elina Jensen's Double Curse Book 1 (vampire series) (English Edition)

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Marise meint:
Authors if you've written an English Young Adult book please advertise here.

Here's mine: History of the Timelaws


Elizabeth is a practically normal fifteen-year-old. She goes to movies, teases her brothers, and belongs to a secret group of magic-wielding time travelers. When the rules that govern time travel are broken, chaos ensues, and it is up to her to restore the Timelaws. As rivaling Wizards and Darks scramble back and forth through time to claim victory in an ancient war, her past changes, and so does her memory of it. If Elizabeth can't make sense of the mayhem, her home, her family, and the universe will be destroyed.
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