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Books/Authors with unusual plots/characters

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Veröffentlicht am 16.03.2013, 12:07:01 GMT+1
For those who enjoy political thrillers this book hits the ground running and doesn't let up.

Hidden In Plain View
Gabriel Horn loved to kill. It felt like a lovers kiss, sweet and satisfying in its embrace. But when Sir Adrian Gold offered him £40,000 to kill the Prime Minister and his deputy, he thought he was joking.
"Cost you one million pounds," he laughed.
Sir Adrian didn't hesitate. "Agreed."
Horn stared at him. He was deadly serious.

Veröffentlicht am 16.03.2013, 14:17:59 GMT+1
Anniken meint:
Try The Door to Ambermere (The Ambermere Trilogy). It is free until March 18. Itis a fantasy that is character driven. There are a few princes, but this is more Alice in Wonderland than Game of Thrones

Veröffentlicht am 22.06.2013, 00:22:29 GMT+2
Tony meint:
New short SciFi story Earthspan Free to download on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of June 2013

Delia would consider herself to be the perfect woman, living in a perfect world. She has a beautiful daughter and They share a wonderful life. Today Could turn out to be quite special, possibly even the perfect day. After all, what this time forth. This was Delia time!

Science Fiction Short Story: 5,000 words

Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 24.06.2013, 17:55:53 GMT+2
Hi Edith, first of all don't be mad at me for telling you about my own book, The Blacksmith. I wouldn't dare do so if I hadn't received 2 five star reviews on Amazon.de from customers who I haven't influenced in the slightest. The reason I put the book out there was because it just had to be out, not for the money so I'm not really crazy about sales. But I read your post and I think that you might enjoy TheBlacksmith (by Ana Calin). It's themes range from the ugliest mysteries of the human mind to unlocking human potential. It includes mysteries related to genetics and physics. I'd call it an applicable Sci Fi or contemporary fantasy, with a powerful romance touch - a woman falling for a younger man, endangering her marriage. However, there's a twist. Also, I don't recommend it if you're under 18.
One of the readers said one has to be patient in the introduction phase but swears it's worth it. Nevertheless, I don't know if the plot is 'unusual'. Unpredictable, yes, but rather grounded. I'll let you be the judge of that if you choose to.

All the best,


Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 24.06.2013, 17:58:06 GMT+2
Sorry about spelling mistakes in my previous comment, the computer autocorrects, it drives me crazy. I meant 'ITS themes', of course, and people 'whom' I haven't influenced

Veröffentlicht am 28.06.2013, 14:42:06 GMT+2
The Dancing Boy

A gripping thriller.
An amended version of a dark side of Afghanistan that tells the story of innocent young boys sold by their parents to wealthy men and forced to be trained as dancing boys

When Ex-soldier Tom Gillet, discovers that the kid who saved his life from an IED had been sold into sex slavery as a dancing boy, he returns to Afghanistan in the hope of finding him and offering him the chance of a better life. Surviving a series of staggering events, he is betrayed by those closest to him and handed over to Al Qaeda. Taken to the Tora Bora caves on the Afghan/Pakistan border he discovers his son has been taken by Islamic extremists in the UK. Threatened with the death of his son, and his own life taken by beheading, he is forced to appear on video discrediting the coalition.

Veröffentlicht am 02.07.2013, 11:56:13 GMT+2
Zuletzt vom Autor geändert am 02.07.2013, 12:01:45 GMT+2
Markus Stabe meint:
Try The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman . A bit short but very enjoyable - it's about a small boy who's parent's get murdered, but with luck, he escapes to a graveyard and grows up there with the help of the ghosts living there.

Veröffentlicht am 16.07.2013, 16:43:37 GMT+2
Gozeul's Dark World Toy Box: Dark Fantasy

Antwort auf einen früheren Beitrag vom 16.07.2013, 20:04:55 GMT+2
WM meint:
Hi Edith,
How about a ghost who investigates his own murder?
GHOSTBOUND - Love is Stronger than Death (GHOSTBOUND-Series) is foremost a romance with paranormal aspects, but also a murder mystery. I found it a very interesting and unusual combination :)



Veröffentlicht am 30.07.2013, 01:05:51 GMT+2
Michael meint:
Free for the next couple of days:

The Prodigal (The Callan Chronicles Book 1) (English Edition)

Veröffentlicht am 31.07.2013, 01:08:04 GMT+2
This is not fantasy but a true story called WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME.....

Wrong Place Wrong Time

Veröffentlicht am 07.08.2013, 11:07:49 GMT+2
After receiving invaluable comments from readers, this book has been re-edited. I have also added a new cover – thank you, Bryden.
If you like down-to-earth British thrillers with rough edges and full of black humour. Like your stories close to the bone? Like to call a spade a spade? You will like,

Hidden In Plain View
Gabriel Horn considers himself a London boy. But part ownership of the Back to Front Club, a gay bar in the centre of Soho, doesn’t somehow generate the same excitement as his previous employment, an active operative for MI5. When Sir Adrian Gold, Shadow Minister for Defence, offers him the opportunity to repay the government for the shoddy way they forced him out of Thames House, he accepts. His mission: to assassinate the leading Ministers of the British Government. Trouble is, when the body count begins to rise, those closest to him begin to die. Tracked by Scotland Yard and MI5, it isn’t until the CIA become involved that he finds himself trapped in a jigsaw of murder and treachery to avoid an international scandal capable of bringing the British Government to its knees.

Veröffentlicht am 10.08.2013, 15:43:37 GMT+2
[Von Amazon gelöscht am 23.09.2013, 16:33:09 GMT+2]

Veröffentlicht am 10.08.2013, 22:03:27 GMT+2
Tony meint:
Stanley's Life

Stanley is living two different lives. In one life he is handsome, rich, famous and about to marry the girl of his dreams. In the other life Stan is broke, insecure and struggling to survive. Can one man really live two separate lives? You are about to find out!

Welcome to Stanley’s Life.


A romantic black comedy by Tony Passarelli


Review from amazon.com:

Stanley's Life is a short story about a man who has lost control of his life in reality, but has created a successful life in an online fantasy world. There he is rich, successful, funny, witty, charming and romantic--all the things he has not been able to achieve in real life. In Dreamland he has met and fallen in love with KTBABE. He has planned an elaborate wedding in Dreamland, paying attention to every detail.He has bought his bride an exclusive island as a wedding gift. The guest list is being made and the invitations will be sent out shortly. It will be the event of the year in Dreamland.

In real life KTBABE is Kate Wate. She is married to Gavin Wate. The relationship has turned to dust and Kate has found enjoyment in Dreamland, living out her fantasy of a happy life with Stanley. Stanley has fallen in love with her after seeing her picture and corresponding with her on line. When she presses him for a picture of himself,he finally sends her a picture and a romantic poem. The poem is his--the picture is not, for Stan looks nothing like his brother Andrew who is handsome and trim. When Kate receives the picture and the poem, she decides to leave her dolt of a husband and surprise the charming Stan. She is in love with this wonderful man.

Stan's world collapses when he realises that she has arrived at his door. She is a beautiful woman who fell in love with the Stan who lives and works in Dreamland, but he knows the real life Stan is nothing like him. He goes to drastic lengths to avoid seeing her dismay when she meets him.

After they finally do meet Stan's life changes forever. Everyone expects Kate to turn tail and run, but Kate is not your average woman. To find out what really happens you have to read "Stanley's Life."

For me there are lessons in this story. The internet and online gaming makes it easy for people to escape into a fantasy world, but reality is still what it is and eventually they have to face it. On one hand the choices they make in their fantasy life can be a reflection of what their potential could be in real life, if they learn to believe in themselves. On the other hand reality can be more painful than they can deal with when they are forced to face it and the results can be tragic.

Take a chance and read something different. Read STANLEY'S LIFE and consider his world from your own point of view.

Veröffentlicht am 22.08.2013, 03:29:07 GMT+2
An American Literary Agent's wild adventures with his dog Slush Pile Inspector

Veröffentlicht am 14.09.2013, 16:02:40 GMT+2
[Von Amazon gelöscht am 23.09.2013, 16:36:45 GMT+2]

Veröffentlicht am 16.09.2013, 14:39:15 GMT+2
[Von Amazon gelöscht am 23.09.2013, 16:36:57 GMT+2]

Veröffentlicht am 17.09.2013, 15:03:05 GMT+2
[Von Amazon gelöscht am 23.09.2013, 16:37:08 GMT+2]

Veröffentlicht am 23.09.2013, 15:28:42 GMT+2
[Von Amazon gelöscht am 23.09.2013, 16:32:04 GMT+2]

Veröffentlicht am 03.10.2013, 21:18:33 GMT+2
SkyMama meint:
Promised Land: A Galatia Novel (The Galatia Series)

Here's an unusual epic fantasy fiction novel.

Veröffentlicht am 16.10.2013, 12:52:50 GMT+2
Prince of Senthabia (Senseland Trilogy #1)

http://amzn.to/OBcBYj (US)
http://amzn.to/GV0qD0 (Germany)
http://amzn.to/17nfaAq (France)
http://amzn.to/1fu7yEu (Italy)
http://bit.ly/1ekgJEs (Brazil)

The Trilogy is set in a mountain kingdom called Senseland, ruled by the five Sense kings. They await the sixth force, as prophesied, who will secure the golden palace of Senthabia from the dark lord, the Great Cosmoner. Four young princes and a princess of Senseland team up to save their kingdom. A lesser known Clairvoyancer-the prince of Noland, a neglected province of Senthabia-joins them in the Journey of Death. To reach the Black Castle-where the dark lord lives-they must pass through the Magical Forest, Doosland and the Black Mountain. On their way, they come across various magical creatures- Axer-twin, Rattor, the Mirrorians, the Fingerchippons, the four armed Fooda, the tribe of the Similarians, Yogi Trees and the mermaids, Headlandoos and Ghostarians, the Threesome Soldiers, and many others.

Veröffentlicht am 29.10.2013, 14:42:24 GMT+1
Joyce DeBacco meint:
If you don't mind American English spoken by a backwoods country gal in the early part of the 20th century, So Wonderful as Want is women's fiction with romance.

The story centers around a young woman whose childhood dream of marrying well seems doomed until she meets an ambitious land developer who's interested in more than just her Southwest Florida riverfront land. Her dream within reach, she now must choose between the man who can make that dream come true, or the man who's been there for every joy, every sorrow in her life. Sadly, she chooses the dream. Years later, she's had it up to her jeweled earlobes with the grand life. Then the two men who love her decide to enter local politics, and she has another choice to make. Will she choose the candidate who wants to further develop the sun-kissed coast, or jeopardize her marriage by supporting the one who wants to preserve it for future generations?

So Wonderful as Want E-book or paperback.

"Joyce writes with such feeling and her knowledge of the south and the era is evident in her words. My emotions ranged from laughter to sorrow to frustration and even anger as I followed Dinah's journey over the course of 20 years. There is never a dull moment and I would be happy to read more. I would like to know what happens to Dinah over the next 20 years. I feel she is just getting started. I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone looking for a genuine taste of life and adventure."

Veröffentlicht am 15.12.2013, 00:35:43 GMT+1
BookWeek meint:

Here's a compelling book and gift for nonfiction readers. It's a true story about the training and eventual practice of a physician. That was a lot easier for her than what was going on in her home.

A Physician's Plight: A Memoir

Veröffentlicht am 17.12.2013, 03:45:22 GMT+1
Irma Fritz meint:
Confessions of a Predatory Lender -- KOSTENLOS bis Mittwoch -- Frohe Weihnachten!

Meet Christy. She's all about Palouse. She was born in the town of Palouse, in the Palouse region of Washington State. Her family name is Palus, and her father is a descendant of the Palouse tribe. Watered down to a few drops. Still, it's something she is proud of. If someone had told her that she will become a predatory lender, betray her best friend, fall in love with a thief, and help her bosses bust up the bank she works for, she would have laughed out loud. This is the summer of 2006, and everyone knows you can make a killing in mortgage lending. Christy and her BFF Megan moved to the big city of Seattle to do just that. While Megan is already dreaming of hot cars and designer clothes, "good girl" Christy's ambitions are more modest. At first!

Veröffentlicht am 20.12.2013, 11:06:48 GMT+1
Four action-packed stories for Christmas, e-book & paperback.
The story of a young Afghan boy sold into sexual slavery to a wealthy Taliban warlord and trained as a dancing boy.
The Dancing Boy
The army had no use for Tom Gillet after he lost a foot in Afghanistan. If it hadn't been for a young Afghan kid called Shafiq, he would have lost his life. With his life turned upside down, and suffering from PTSD, Gillet's family life crumbles. Then, from an ex- army pal he discovers that Shafiq has been sold into sexual slavery. Seeking one final fling Gillet grabs the opportunity to start his own personal war, and returns to Afghanistan in the hope of finding the boy. With his PTSD worsening, and betrayed by those closest to him, he begins to uncover the horrors of Bacha Bazi. Determined to finish what he has started events change when he receives news his son has been kidnapped by Al Qaeda and the trail of abuse leads him back to a dramatic climax in England.

Greed is good, if you live long enough to spend the money.
All In
Carla is a beautiful woman. The kind every man wants, and to achieve her goals she is more than happy to share her assets. Raised in humble surrounds and driven by the lure of big money, she learns to play poker with the best. Mentored by Fat Yang, a wealthy restaurateur she travels the world using her charms and skill at the poker table. Trouble is, she doesn't like to lose, and those who pose a threat have a knack of meeting an untimely death. But unknown to her, Fat Yang has something far more dangerous than a game of cards in mind for her.

If you like down-to-earth thrillers with rough edges and full of black humour, like your stories close to the bone, like to call a spade a spade? You will enjoy,
Hidden In Plain View
Gabriel Horn considers himself a London boy. But part ownership of the Back to Front Club, a gay bar in the centre of Soho doesn't somehow generate the same excitement as his previous employment, an active operative for MI5. Tossed aside by MI5 after an operation went wrong in Eastern Europe he wants revenge
A chilling encounter with a skilled assassin whose targets inhabit the corrupt corridors of government

History is more than about dates, it is about people.
Coming Home
An unforgettable account of friendship and loss while aged of 15 Thomas Elkin is forced to enter the trenches and brutality of WW1 as a sniper. This story vividly captures the desperation and horror along with humour of war as Thomas battles with his guilty conscience. Unknown to those around him he carries a secret so hideous that only death will release him from his torment.
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