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Ersteintrag: 10.05.2012, 10:39:35 GMT+2
The axe of the Dwarf Lords (fantasy) is FREE Thursday and Friday (10-11 May)

The Axe of the Dwarf Lords (Chronicles of the Nameless Dwarf)

The Axe of the Dwarf Lords is the second book of the highly acclaimed Chronicles of the Nameless Dwarf.

1. The Ant-Man of Malfen The Ant-Man of Malfen (Chronicles of the Nameless Dwarf)
2. The Axe of the Dwarf Lords The Axe of the Dwarf Lords (Chronicles of the Nameless Dwarf)
3. The Scout and the Serpent The Scout and the Serpent (Chronicles of the Nameless Dwarf)
4. The Ebon Staff The Ebon Staff (Chronicles of the Nameless Dwarf)
5. Bane of the Liche Lord (tbr)

Following the massacre of the dwarves in their ravine city, the Nameless Dwarf pursues the survivors to the brigand town of Malfen, where he learns they have crossed the mountains into the lands of nightmare. His only intention is to save his people from extinction, but he's the last person they'd want to find them.

"I can say with no hyperbole that D.P. Prior is one of the most promising fantasy writers emerging on the scene today. Featuring a style that's intelligent yet accessible, imaginative yet concrete, the books in his Chronicles of the Nameless Dwarf series are a must for anyone hoping to get a sense of what's next in the fantasy genre. All of the books are highly rated and backed by respected reviewers ..." (The Kindle Fire Dept)
“… drew me in quickly, captivated me with its characters and kept me reading feverishly until the very end.” -- Media Man

“ … fantasy adventure at its most pure. … Prior packs in a massive amount of world-building and history.” -- T. Edmund Jenkin

“If you like Moorcock, Melville or Hobb, read this.” -- Kristan Dawkins

“All of the characters were skillfully drawn by the author so that they came off the page fully developed and ready for action.” -- Red Adept Reviews

“… steeped in the tradition of good old-fashioned swashbuckling fantasy, reminiscent of Robert E. Howard.” -- Valmore Daniels, author of Forbidden the Stars

Veröffentlicht am 15.05.2012, 20:10:08 GMT+2
A big thanks to everyone who downloaded The Axe of the Dwarf Lords, and to the readers in Germany, the UK and the US who've taken the time to write reviews.
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