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If I buy it, which accessories are necessary?

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Ersteintrag: 08.11.2011, 18:16:08 GMT+1
R. Kaiser meint:

it would be great if anybody could share recommendations about accessories. What's essential, what's not really needed for basic usage?

* Do you really need an ultra-quick ultra-large SD card or will a fast 8GB one as used in DSLR cameras do as well initially? Anyone experienced problems with too slow memory cards?

* How long will the battery hold typically? Is it essential to have a second/third with you, or not for a typical day trip where you film 2-3 hours at max?

* Anything else you might easily forget to think of?

Thank you very much!

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DerIng meint:

I think a ultra-quick SD card is not needed since the camera is using H.264 video codec (high compression means small file size or less KB/s transfer rate). What you need is a very fast computer to watch the movies (or a graphic card with a H.264 hardware decoder + a supported player, e,g, recent nVidia + VDPAU enabled mplayer on Linux)

If you charge the camera via USB connector of a PC the battery will not be fully charged (due to the 500mA restriction of USB port). So a separate power supply is recommended. Typical the battery lasts for 50-70 minutes depending on external temperature etc.

*Anything else:
GoPro states that the housing is waterproof until 60 meters. But the camera can not fix focus underwater with this case. So for underwater usage you need a separate housing with a flat lense (the standard case is useless underwater!).


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