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4,8 von 5 Sternen
4,8 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 16. Januar 2000
this is by far the greatest book i've ever read. and i hate to read. but after i saw goodfellas 970000000 times and learned every single line, character, actor that was in the movie, song that was in the movie, etc. and become known as the "guido movie girl" to friends (this is my favorite godfather 2 is my second) i knew it was time to read wiseguy. i started reading it and i just had alot more apreciation for the story and even the knowledge i had of the mob. i felt like i had been the one who tapped into the famous john gotti phone conversations not the cops. maybe i had such an appreciation because i am also sicilian like everyone in this book or maybe it is because i grew up hearing lots of stories (we will leave it at that) knowing lots of people, and watching the john gotti stuff on tv. but wow, for the naive little jerks that dont believe in the mob, tell them to read this book, then ask them if they believe.
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am 17. März 2000
The outsider's nonchalance of chief narrator Henry Hill and Nicholas Pileggi's highly restrained hand in helping him relate his story has resulted in a book which shuns any sense of melodrama and emotional attachment. Instead, we get a highly intelligent, insightful, and funny look at Mafia life, stuffed with fascinating details.
As befits his reporter background, Pileggi stays at a distance. Unlike its offspring movie GoodFellas, where director Martin Scorsese effortlessly blended the smart-aleck text of the book (incorporating it into the film as probably the best voice-over ever written and performed) with elements of suspense, poetry, sensuality, visual comedy, and energy. In Pileggi's book, it's all cerebral. Hill's magnetic personality and storytelling talents make this book an addictive read. Pileggi also flaunts a real editorial talent, skipping out of Hill's first-person account and delving into journalistic mode at the most suitable moments, giving background where necessary, and stepping back to let the reader make the moral judgments as s/he sees fit.
Different from, but the equal of, GoodFellas. I'd take the opposite stance from other people by saying that it's probably better to see the film first; the emotional investment Scorsese weaves into the story offers a rich contrast to the book's neutral tone. And reversing the process will also facilitate the viewer/reader in seeing through the outdated accusation of "This didn't really happen" when watching the film.
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am 27. März 2000
From looking at my rating of the book, it is obvious that I to find the book enjoying. It is important, however, for me to emphasize that the book, apart from being very interessting, differs from many other good books about the mafia in its view towards organized crime. The Godfather helped creating a stereotyped view of what the mafia is all about, and one of the main qualities in this book is that it shows us that there is much more involved then your typical clichees.
I especially like the fact that Pileggi shows us what it is that atracts Henry Hill to the mafia. By showing us the money, the glamour, and the respect these mobsters receive, we get a hole new understanding of this world. It does not preach by saying that crime is wrong and that we should all live in peace and harmony. It portrayes the mafia world in an almost neutral way. In my opinion that is what incaptivates us during the reading of the book, and that is what made me rate the book as being worthy of five stars.
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am 2. März 1999
What can't I say about a book that has too many dog-eared pages and the most ragged cover this side of an original copy of "The Canterbury Tales?" Nicholas Pileggi gets the reader further inside the mafia than any writer before him, made all the more chilling by the fact the story is true. Allowing two of the protagonists the opportunity to tell their own stories is nothing short of brilliant and makes the reader feel as if the tale is just for them. Growing up in the shadow of the mafia in Youngstown, Ohio (aka Eddie DeBartolo Jr. & Sr.'s "legitimate business" stomping grounds), I've been infatuated with the gangster lifestyle for as long as I can remember and "Wise Guy" repeatedly reminds me exactly why. I'm also glad I finally know where all those clothes came from at the sales my family and I occasionally went to at the Howard Johnson's banquet hall.
P.S. Loving GOODFELLAS only makes the book better.
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am 17. November 1999
Hey, what can I say? I was in Chicago, waiting for Amtrak to show up, and I bought this book because it looked like it might be interesting enough to kill a half hour with. Five hours later, on the train, I was still flipping pages, totally hooked.
Some schmuck said once that truth is stranger than fiction. Well, here's a news flash - it's more compelling, too. Henry Hill's life is simply more interesting and gripping than all the Godfather stories and movies combined; and I've always considered The Godfather to be one damned fine book. Hill's story tells itself, and Pileggi wisely adds little embellishment, allowing the reader to enter, through all of Hill's thoughts and nuances, the mind and life of a low-level Mafia functionary.
In short, if you want art set against a backdrop of fictionalized organized crime, go buy The Godfather. If you want to be in the Mafia for a few hours, get this book.
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am 29. Juni 1998
Actually folks I can't say enough good words about this book. It's brilliant and more, It's beautiful. I don't read many books, I've been busy playing video games, I didn't know what I was missing. In a way, after reading this book, I now believe that the early Scorsese's 'Mean Streets' is one of the greatest mob films ever. I used to think it was okay but not as brilliant as other mob films like 'The Godfather' and 'Good Fellas'. In fact I am going to watch 'Goodfellas' in a day or two, I've seen it before, but now it's different. Now I know Henry, Jimmy, Tommy and Paulie. I know the background stories that could not all fit into the film. I will watch people I know. Pileggi is a great storyteller. The book ranks high. Enjoyable all the way through. I've just finished it and I can't get enough of it. I'll probably order 'Casino' next.
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am 8. Februar 1997
"Sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll". People say that's what its all about today, and Nicholas Pileggi's book "Wiseguy" exposes the life and times of a man who got to ride this free-wheeling, unadulterated, kill or be kill rollercoaster of a life. From the mid 1960s to the 1980s the reader is captivated by the real life and times of Henry Hill and his rise in the Luchesse crime family. Anyone who reads this book will immediately notice big names and big people involved, like the abduction of Sophia Loren or the heist at Lufthansa. Pileggi gives an authentic, brutishly realistic view of life in the mafia that pulls you in and leaves you breathless
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am 26. Juni 2000
One of the two times I actually am glad I saw the movie before reading the book (the first time being with Silence of the Lambs). Doing so allowed me to "hear" the real-life characters speak so realistically in relationship to the actors who portrayed them in "Goodfellas."
I opened the book on a Sunday afternoon at 4 p.m., and between working and reading, I didn't put it down utnil 5 a.m. Monday, having just read the last line.
Nicholas' selective dialogue is superb, and the interaction with Henry, Karen and others involved made this true crime story be one that was just so easy to really believe as truth.
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am 12. Mai 2000
As great as "Goodfellas" is as a movie, "Wiseguy" is as the book it is based on. At least by his own account, Henry Hill wasn't the baddest, most clever or most successful gangster ever, but he was certainly one of the most pathetic. Not because he was incompotent, but because when the gig was finally up he turned in his closest associates before they could do him in. Pileggi's account of Hill's activities is more detailed than the film and provides some important perspective. Pileggi is an excellent writer, and "Wiseguy" is one of the best true crime books ever written.
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am 12. Januar 1998
After watching Goodfellas, my favorite movie of all time, I felt compelled to read the book it was based on. The book did an incredible job of revealing the roller coaster life of a mobster in captivating detail. The strech of the mafia's power was absolutely fascinating. I found myself always cheering for the bad guys and their carefree lifestyles. In the end, however, we find that crime does not pay. It was a shame to watch Henry Hill rat out every friend that he ever had. This is a tremendous book for anyone who enjoys reading about the mob, or crime in general.
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