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am 9. Januar 2015
Buying a cute notebook to write down pregnancy memories would do the same or it would be even better as it would look more personal. The information included can also be found at the book. I bought the journal but didn't use it.
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am 25. Oktober 2013
I had What to Expect when you are expecting during pregnancy and liked to read month by month so I bought this one for the first year. It gives me a lot of answers to my questions and I am very happy with it. I will also buy the edition for the second year when the time comes.
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am 26. August 2015
Was recommended by a friend. Lots of information but not necessarily relevant for all. Not bad for all first time moms.
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am 12. Dezember 2014
Unnecessary. I thought it'd be a great idea for my first pregnancy, but I never use it. It does have nice, helpful lists in it (what you need for the baby's room, what you need to take to the hospital, etc).
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am 26. November 2013
It is quite clearly explained what to expect! :) Of course, you never know what the parenthood brings, before getting a child, but i found it quite useful! :)
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am 6. November 2013
The book is really good. We raise our daughter according to it and our personal feeling and we have a very happy and relaxed baby.
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am 8. Dezember 1998
I loved the book What to Expect When You're Expecting ... reading it cover to cover through BOTH of my pregnancies ... referring to it often ... recommending it to friends. I truly enjoyed following the month by month outline of 'what to expect'. And I found answers to many small questions that I never seemed to remember to ask when at the doctors office.
BUT!!!!! The more I've learned about breastfeeding ... and the longer that I've breastfed ... the less and less I like the "What to Expect" series information on nursing. To me it seems VERY inaccurate and even misleading at times. I find it hard to beleive that an author who is so knowledgeable about prenatal health and general nutrition can be so ill informed about breastfeeding. I would think that much of the information would be discouraging to new moms and to mothers who encounter difficulties. Rather than encouraging us to find alternatives or solutions to problems the books seem to say ... "Oh well, it may not work for you."
So while I do feel that this book and it's follow-up books are valuable prenatal and childcare resources, the amount of incorrect information they contain concerning breastfeeding prevents me from buying the book for friends who are expecting, or even from recommending the book to them. I hope that the author will consider providing more factual breastfeeding information to her readers in future editions of the book ... or at least leaving out the negative misinformation.
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am 30. April 1999
I used this organizer through my entire pregnancy, logged in questions, feelings, appointments, test results and so much more. The nice thing was that I had everything in one place. It will be a great source to refer back to when going through subsequent pregnancies to see where I was at the same time with the first pregnancy.
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am 19. März 1998
This book is a real mind saver and a real time saver for all expectant parents. It is so nice to have a book where you can keep track of all the things you need to remember, want to remember, and even those things that you didn't know you needed to remember. It becomes a precious keepsake as soon as the baby is born and something a child can later look at to understand what led up to their birth. It is a great way book to help keep you organized and help keep you on the right track throughout your pregnancy. A bonus is it is small enough to put in your purse and take everywhere, from the doctor for all your questions you have written down, to the baby store for all the items you still need, to the hospital for all the names you have chosen and the people you need to contact. A real joy for any pregnant family to have to help them along the way.
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am 14. Juli 1998
This is the perfect way to keep a detailed record of one of the most important times of your life. I can keep a track of all my doctors appointments, scan pictures, feelings, and memories of this pregnancy and then present it to my child when she is older. I love this diary, it is excellent and I carry it everywhere!!!
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