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3,3 von 5 Sternen
Webmaster in a Nutshell (In a Nutshell (O'Reilly))
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am 25. Juni 2000
As a part-time web designer, I'm always looking to learn more "web tricks" and WebMaster In a Nutshell allows me to do just that. The second edition of this book covers so many different aspects of web development. It devotes chapters to new developments in HTML (HTML 4) and JavaScript. There are also chapters devoted to Cascading Style Sheets, XML, CGI, Apache modules, and HTTP itself.
All current HTML tags and attributes are listed, along with JavaScript event handlers. Tables, frames, character entries and color values are also covered in various chapters. Very handy material!
While this is definitely not a tutorial book, it does contain lots of reference material and I learned a few new tricks reading through this book. It's one I'll know I'll refer to again and again when I have a question about how to do a particular task while working on one of my websites.
Also recommended: HTML 4 Visual Quick Start Guide by Elizabeth Castro; and UNIX in A Nutshell by Arnold Robbins.
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am 15. Dezember 1999
Its 8:00am on Monday. Your boss pulls you into his office and looks you over seriously. He says: Thompson, I want to put our company on the web. Do you know how to do that? I've been told I need to hire a Webmaster, where do I find one? You, being egar to please, tell her/him that you can put the company on the web and you can be the Webmaster. The fisrt thing you do is go out and buy this book. But that is the only situation that I can recommend this book for. I keep it around as a reminder of what my job is but it doesn't go into enough detail about any of the topics it covers. It may have been more apropriately titled: Your responsiblities as a Webmaster. Good Reference, but not good enough for the experienced.
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am 9. Januar 2000
I think the gentleman who gave this book 2 stars missed the point of the the entire In a Nutshell series. Most, if not all, of them are meant as a ready reference. They were never designed to teach. They were however designed so that you could say "Now what parameter can be used with that tag?" and find the answer. In this role, the Webmaster in a Nutshell, really shines, since you can leave it on your desk and not have a seperate reference for HTML and Javascript.
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am 23. Juni 2000
This book is seriously a MUST have! I was so impressed with the first edition (1996) that I bought the 2nd, and I am even more impressed. I love both these books SO much that I literally carry them around with me. Probably the BEST and most compact reference you can buy!
Let me remind the readers that this is a REFERENCE book. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT buy this book if you are expecting to learn everything inside it from scratch. You will pull your hair out. Buy this book if you already grasp the basics of HTML, javascript, CSS, CGI with perl, and server config. (Basically what an average webmaster should) - You will not only consider this your 'golden' book, you will use it over and over until the pages wear thin.
Countless times I found myself forgetting a simple thing - such as the name of a certain HTML tag or the return type of a specific function, so I pulled out this book and got my answer in seconds. Don't pass this one up! DON'T! I promise you that this little Red and White book will forever be your best friend!
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am 7. Januar 2000
As an avid fan of the first edition, I was delighted to discover that the second edition covered HTML4, Cascading Style Sheets, XML and the new JavaScript functions.
The book excells as a quick reference to these and virtually all other webmaster areas, including Apache server configuration, CGI variables and much more. You just can't beat it. It replaces half a dozen books costing thirty or fourty quid each!
Once you've grasped the basics of HTML and JavaScript, this may well be the only reference book you ever need.
Now on to the nitpicking... and why I only gave it 4 out of 5 stars.
I was exceptionally disappointed to see that the Perl Quick Reference that I had been so fond of in the first edition had now been replaced with a mere overview of the cgi.pm module; and that a quick reference to the PHP scripting language appeared to have taken Perl's place.
Yes, I have other Perl references. Heck, I've *already* got the Perl Pocket Reference, Perl In A Nutshell and Linux In A Nutshell (which includes a Perl Quick Ref). But that's not the point.
The second edition, like the first, sells itself as the only book you'll keep on your desktop (as opposed to on your shelf). Sorry, but with the Perl Quick Ref missing, this just isn't true anymore. Perl is the number one CGI programming language and the number one quick fix language. Whatever you want to do, you can rattle up a quick and dirty Perl solution in seconds. PHP just isn't up in that category. I need a Perl Quick Reference on my desk at all times.
I just don't understand the decision to cut the Perl Quick Ref, since it only took up a dozen pages or so. It was as vital to any half decent webmaster as the HTML or JavaScript sections.
O'Reilly, *please*, put back the Perl Quick Ref and earn yourself the full five stars.
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am 29. Juni 2000
If you already know the web and just need a book to look up particular things, because hey, no one can have it all memorized, everybody has to look something up once in a while, this book is for you. I have seen no other book that can pack that much information in such a small space and still be easy to look up just what you need, it has tables on everything from HTML to PHP3 and even the new XML, if you need to look up a tag in HTML because you cannot remember it's properties, just go look in the table, if you want to quickly learn a new topic, it can help you there too, organized in sections from HTML to Apache Server Administration, this book is the ultimate resource for the web professional.
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am 18. Mai 2000
This book like all of the books in the Nutshell series is great reference material. They seem to know just what and how much material into the book to make it one of the best. It covers basics on all the concepts you need to know for web mastering. When you need to look something up, this is the first place I recommend you go. Almost every time you'll find what you are looking for here.
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am 10. Februar 2000
This book is the first by O'Rielly that I've picked up and is definately not the last. It is an excellent reference book. I know some about webmastering but this book showed me things I didn't know. It isn't a tutorial, but it does cover the most used aspects of web development.
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am 15. Dezember 1999
The reader from Osaka, Japan is reviewing the first edition of this book, printed in 1996. Obviously, it is obsolete; that's why we wrote the second edition! Chapter 11 is no longer CGI Variables, it is instead now a tutorial on Javascript. The 1.1 variables are updated. We also no longer cover NCSA in the latest edition, but instead concentrate more on Apache, 2 chapters worth.
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am 15. Februar 2000
This book does an excellent job as reference material for any web designer or web server admin. I bought this book quite a while ago and since that time it hasn't left my desktop. I reccomend this book to anyone who deals with web sites or web servers for a profession.
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