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am 8. Juni 1999
You simply cannot find a better introductory book than this one on Visual InterDev 6. Michael Amundsen gives an oustanding tutorial on the InterDev environment, then moves on to build a solid understanding of planning, designing, and implementing web applications.
This book will quickly and easily bring the beginning web developer up to speed on Visual InterDev 6, HTML forms, Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript), Active Server Pages (ASP), and delivering database content to the web... everything you need for real-world server-side web development.
The author walks the reader through tons of step-by-step hands-on examples with crystal-clear explanations. And the organized format of the book makes it a great reference that I go back to again and again.
When I set out to learn ASP, I wanted to learn the only integrated development environment (IDE) that was built for ASP - Microsoft's Visual InterDev. Take it from me, a professional web application developer... this is THE book to get started with.
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am 20. Juni 1999
After all the nice reviews this book got, I was looking forward to "read and learn"....BUT I was dissapointed. If you now the basics of HTML and VBScript, you can skip the first 400 pages. After them Amundsen does every lesson in way "you are a student and therefore stupid"-way. I dont see any relavance in telling people how to add a ASP page to their project in EVERY lesson. Some of the lesson doesn't work the way he said it would, he doesn't cover servervariables very good, he "cheats" in some of the lessons (not writing what he ACTUALLY did to get to the result), it's almost impossible to get the "downloadables" from the support website and his coverage of Active X Documents in connection with VID is VERY skinny. I think that I would recommend this book to VisualBasic programmers going for the web or absolute webbeginners, but thats about it.
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am 26. April 1999
This book will provide you with a fast way to get up and going in Visual Interdev. Coverage of the basics of DTCs is excellent. VID has a lot of breadth and requires knowledge of ASP, which you will be better equipped to understand after you read this book. After reading this book I found the on-line ASP docs from Microsoft sufficient. Mr. Amundsen's book provides some very nice information on ADO. You get information on using it both at a low-level and using DTCs. Learn the low-level approach first and the DTCs will make much more sense. The author supports a mailing list and web site with some great tutorials and a FAQ area. The list and site with the author's support constitute a great resource for learning the more advanced topics.
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am 27. August 1999
When I bought this book, I realized that it was for beginners. That was what I was looking for. But this book assumes you're retarted. Every example starts by telling you how to open a New Project. After doing it 10 times, you don't realy have to be told, Click on File, then New Project, then name the project.
Also, the database section is far to vag to be of use. One of the most importand aspects of InterDev is its Database abilities. Unfortinatly, there is only a few chapters on how it works. I also had problems getting some of the examples to work.
If you are a complete beginner, with no widows experience, this is the book for you. If not, then I would suggest a different book.
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am 30. Mai 1999
This is an excellent book if you've never used Interdev and want to see what it's all about.
The chapters on databases are especially well written. It does a great job of showing you how to manage your odbc database from within VID. However, intermediate ASP programmers will find that most of the examples are somewhat simplistic and aren't enough for a real world web application.
The book's heavy emphasis on using DTCs is great but I was left wondering how to modify the code written by the wizard to allow for more flexibility and that's just not covered in this book. However, it's still worth the read--if only for the database stuff.
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am 18. Januar 2000
This book will serve it's purpose well for the beginner, it touches some very important and interesting issues that were covered in other books, and the author uses that claim in far too many subjects, in my opinion. It features a lot of text that involves the very important issues of using InterDev, but what about the technologies that make it all work? ASP, VBScript, SQL, ADO, HTML are all beeing discussed, but in a manner to make you ask for more... much more. It's a good book to play a first step, but if controlling InterDev isn't your problem... you'll need another book.
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am 16. September 1999
If you are a beginner to intermediate this book is for you. It explains every tool and menu item of the programming package with easy to follow steps and examples. It explains the problem, the line by line coding, the options available and the results. It also gives you real live examples and tips. I'm a beginner and I love this book. I went through 5 different books before this one and they were either to hard for me to understand or too far away from the subject. This is a great book.
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am 11. August 1999
This was a nice little book...Definately aimed at beginners. There are no advanced topics, but this book is definately a good introduction and helps prepare the reader to move on to advanced topics...
By the way...One of the other reviewers stated that it took "many hours" to debug the DB portions of this book...Well, all I have to say about that is that nothing in this book should take many hours and if it does, then that person is in the wrong business.
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am 20. März 1999
Probably the best source on VI6 out there now. Starts a bit slowly by operating on the assumption that the reader knows little about Web development. However, it gradually progresses into much more advanced topics including ASP, ADO, database integration etc. The example code is very helpful, easy to follow, and actually works! It doesn't come with a CD, but all of the source code is available from Amundsen's Web site.
Overall, well worth the money
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am 2. August 1999
I gave the book a 4 star rating because of the nice layout and numerous examples (most of which work!). The only information missing is how to configure the client and servers. The author assumes that you have a system, network, and database admin whom have set everything up for you in advance. Good luck getting the data bound controls to work if you don't have prior understanding of NT and SQL Server authentication!
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