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am 15. April 2013
We have bought and used this travel guide for our recent trip to Vietnam (roughly: Hanoi & Halong Bay - Hué - Hoi An - Hoh Chi Minh). Despite favoring the Rough Guide series (see e.g the Rough Guide to Vietnam) and the German Thomas Lose, we thought we might give the Lonely Planet another shot - the other ones were simply sold out when we decided to plan our trip.

Now having used the guide I would advise to look elsewhere for better travelguide options. This one certainly did not meet our expectations to the extent that I wanted to throw it away or burn it during our trip! Maybe you are more moderate than me when it comes to guidebooks, but let me elaborate:

1) Directions / finding our way around town(s)
The maps and hints for directions e.g. in the city walks in this book are a big joke. The pull-out map of Ho-Chi-Minh City, even in combination with the smaller maps of a neighborhood are certainly not comprehensive, I suppose you would have to buy a decent map for this cause or google your way through it. However, the maps do not cover enough of a city to find your way and leave out important street names. I also note that "getting there" just does not seem to get as much attention and priority as in other guide books.

2) Ideas for travel / preparation
Alright, this book gives you a few hints of where to go and what to do. However, it rather seems to be written on the bright side of things, rarely mentioning a few downsides or when a widely advertised attraction may just be a bit overrated. Prepare to be disappointed every once-in-a-while. Just look up the section on Hoan Kiem lake in Hanoi (a concrete-lined lake within the city) or tell me what you thought about the Japanese Covered bridge in Hoi An. I suppose this is a question of taste, but again: For preparation, you could alternatively study one of the many excellent websites for this topic.

3) Hotel accomodation
I thought that the accomodation reviews where rather weak and do not reflect at all the huge selections available in Vietnam. Perhaps this reflects my preference for websites such as tripadvisor, but do you really need a guidebook to pick your accomodation in a country with an abundance of a hotels and co. and literally dozens of online reviews?

4) Context
The pages on food, language and history are - like in other guides - good, but never comprehensive. A good first point of orientation, but certainly not the reason to buy this book.

Anyway: Maybe most of my critique reflects my preference for web resources and I suppose that many of the points made here also apply to other guidebooks. However, consider this: You get WiFi just about everywhere in Vietnam, so using an online resource is not a problem if you travel like most people do these days, e.g. with some sort of internet-enabled phone or tablet computer. For orientation - seriouly, don't use this guide, it will drive you mad while you still have to carry it around. Finally, if you just want a copy to place it on display in your living room bookshelf, I can tell you that you can buy a cheap copy while you are in Vietnam.
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am 18. Februar 2013
Sehr guter und zuverlässiger Begleiter für unsere zweiwöchige Tour durch Südvietnam, mit Abstecher nach Siem Reap/Cambodia. Ich hatte mir vorher auch ein deutsches LP-Exemplar ausgeliehen, fand jedoch die englischen Version um einiges besser (...was auch an der neuer Auflage liegen könnte), da diese für meinen Geschmack viel ansprechender aufgebaut ist, mit einem kurzen Kapitel zu den Angkor Tempelanlagen in Cambodia und inklusive einer herausnehmbaren Karte von Saigon (und Hanoi). Insgesamt sehr empfehlenswert und hilfreich!
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am 3. Dezember 2013
Sehr guter Reiseführer, da es viele Details aufführt. Auch die Accomodation-Section ist aktuell und zu empfehlen.
Leider nur 4/5 Sterne, da das Nachtleben in Hanoi recht dünn beschrieben ist und scheinbar weniger aktuell ist. Habe dort 4 Monate gelebt und keines der aufgeführten Adressen besucht, da diese entweder schwer zu finden, geschlossen oder wenig populär waren.

Für eine Vietnamreise jeglicher Art, trotzdem unabdingbar!
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am 1. November 2016
Ich habe bereits mehrere Lonely Planer Reiseführer und bin immer sehr zufrieden mit Ihnen, da sie ordentlich aktualisiert werden und ich bisher immer von den Tips profitiert habe. Kaufe mir fast immer vor der Reise in neue Länder den passenden Lonely Planet dazu, denn neben den hilfreichen und sinnvollen Tipps erfährt man auch immer etwas übers Land, ich finde den Aufbau des LP super.
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am 19. Januar 2013
Praktisch zu benutzen da das Buch mit vielen Links versehen ist und somit navigieren kein problem ist und man schnell das Gesuchte findet. Inhaltlich sehr hilfreich.
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am 12. Dezember 2012
The informations in this guide book have the expected 5-star-Lonely-Planet-quality. But the e-book-version that I downloaded from Amazon for the Windows-reader has some problems. The links are sometimes difficult to follow, the maps cannot be showed in higher resolution so you can not always need them, and the numbers on the maps (points of interests, hotel etc.) have not correlation in the text. Makes 1 star less.
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