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4,0 von 5 Sternen
4,0 von 5 Sternen
Veronika Decides to Die
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 9. Mai 2017
Der Schreibstil gefällt mir sehr gut, so wie bei allen Büchern von Paulo Coelho. Das Buch hat auch eine interessante Wendung und zeigt was wirklich wichtig im Leben ist und dass man auch ruhig mal mutig sein darf.
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am 25. Juni 2017
I really relate to this book. It really describes the expectation to fit within thought patterns created by others, instead of discovering and accepting the beauty of our uniqueness. Thank you so much, no time to waste in my life to discover my uniqueness.
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am 16. Februar 2006
This book by Paolo Coehlo is about a young women called Veronica. She lives in Ljubljana and thinks a lot about the sense of life. Although she has a boyfriend, a well-payed job, she means that she is an unimportant person living in an unimportant country. One day she decides to take a overdose of sleeping pills but she survives the suicide and is taken to a mental hospital. One day, in the hospital, the doctor tells her, that she has only four days left to live. Through this horrible message Veronica starts to think about the life again and comes to the decision, she doesn't want to die. For the first time of her life she wants to fight for surviving and falls in love...
I think a lot of people can find themselves in this story again. It is about life and how people feel. It says that superficial relationships and a well-payed job can't make people feel happier. We need more to stay healthy!
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am 3. Juli 2000
Beginning with his novel's intriguing title, "Veronika Decides to Die," Brazilian author Paulo Coelho, promises something he does not deliver. As Veronika fails as a suicide, so does this parable of madness fail as a narrative. Rhetorical devices abound in this contrived comedy of errors: irony, interior monologue, metaphor.
For followers of the writings of Che and Camus, who may view the choice of suicide as revolutionary, political, and existential act, Veronika not only fails but also reawakens as an artist for whom the personal is apolitical. For fans of Sylvia Plath's "The Bell Jar," Veronika's angst may not ring true. For fun-seeking free spirits who love Ken Kesey's "One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest," the sane/insane reversals of society/mental asylum may dull in comparison. Nonetheless, this book does have appeal as a fairy tale.
Rather than Veronika, the most interesting character is Dr. Igor, a psychiatrist who views the mental institution as "Skinner box." Through him, in but one of his numerous ironies, Coelho presents his exposition of "doctor playing God," or "God as puppeteer." However, Coelho's hagiography, replete with tortured rendition of Mary as second Eve, reveals his lack of iconographic insight.
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am 4. Februar 2007
If you think you are mad, if your friends or colleagues say you are mad or if you want to die then hold on and read this book first. This book tells two stories in only one context.

One part of the story concerns about the definition who is mad and who not. Paulo Coelho let you look in your own mirror and you have to decide in which world you would like to live. Either in the normal world which is full of life and well organized or in the world of a mad person in a lunatic asylum. You will ask yourself which is probably the right world? Is the mad person in the lunatic asylum really mad or are we mad? The other part of the story tells us something about your own abilities to manage depressive situations in your life and what love will move.

The story begins with the decision from Veronika: She wants to leave this world because she does not know what she should do in this - in our - world. But Veronika's suicide fails and she wakes up in a hospital - in Vilette. Her doctor, Dr. Igor, told her that she is save for the moment but she will die within the next five days for hart attack reasons. In the next five days Veronika finds new friends and her love Eduard. Eduard is a son of an ambassador and schizophrenic. He spoke nothing since he was in Vilette. Veronika falls in love and Eduard changes his own decision to be schizophrenic . . .

This book will change your mind and will put a smile on your face.
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am 1. Juni 2000
The premise of this novel seemed intriguing. It promised to deal not so much with the events that would lead to Veronika's suicide, but rather the consequences. And not the effect on her friends and family (as most novels about the after effects of suicide are), but rather the effect her suicide would have on HER.  Not only that, by turning the death BY a person into a slow, agonising death OF a person, Paul Coelho has created an utterly involving and original idea. Indeed would it not be the ruminating and waiting that will haunt you to the end? Meaning, if you knew that you were to die in five days time, would it not a given that you would wonder and regret? Questions like "Have I lived my life to the fullest, have I done all I'd ever wanted to achieve, what more could I have contributed to the world, etc?" These questions pertain to life: what has been achieved and what could have been accomplished had one been given the chance to live? And so, because of this, "Veronika Decides to Die" is not a story of death, but one of life.
And there was the mistake, mostly on my part I guess. This was a story of inspiration. I expected one of death; one which dealt with suicide and the anguish, regret and horror.
Suicide is a very complicated issue, and seemed not to play a big part in Veronika's story. It (along with her impending, seemingly inevitable death) acted merely as a catalyst towards her expected desire to live and experience that which she had not before. Paul Coelho could have really pushed this issue, and come up with something very real and very dark. Instead, we are left with something very surreal.
The story also feels disjointed, with the author introducing four or five (if you include himself) characters to the story. We are given backgrounds to each character and told then how Veronika's desire for life in the face of death, changes each of them. By doing this, however, the reader is left feeling dissatisfied, having just been introduced to these characters, but learning little else about them.
Of course, Paul Coelho is too good a story teller to write a false sounding tale and taking that into account, I must admit it was extremely well written and the issues that WERE dealt with were thoroughly argued and acted out with enough irony to leave the reader smiling. The issue of madness, for example, was dealt with superbly and in light of that, perhaps the surreal feel of the story was appropriate.
Therefore, this was a story about life, not death, and about the madness of living life to the fullest. The insanity behind doing what you want, when you want, feeling however you wish to feel and loving with no other desire than to love. As opposed to conforming to what society deems as "normal" behaviour.
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am 14. Februar 2012
It's the very first book I read by Paulo Coelho, but it definitely won't be the last!
It's such a wonderful story, but it also made me think about the way I live my life. Is it really the way I want to live or do I live the way my parents want to?! I'm 21 yrs old and this is a very essential question for me right know. Should I do things others expect from me to do or should I do things I really want to do ?! What has more value: the word of the society or my word?! What is normal? Who is normal anyway? The story doesn't answer these questions, but it pushed me to start asking these questions. And that's a great thing, cause at the end life is freaking short for all of us...

I want to add, that I can recommend this book to non-native English speakers, too. Coelho has a very nice style of writing and I had no problems to understand it (I'm German).

This book will always have a place at my book shelf <3
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am 24. Mai 2000
When I heard of this story I was intrigued as to what Paulo Coelho had to say about a girl who attempted a failed suicide but knew she would still die within five days. The lessons learned here could be quite insightful and incredibly touching, especially since her fate has been pre-determined by her actions. Unfortunately, I found the author's use of the third person at the beginning of the novel to be rather pretentious, and the ending to be especially cliche. If Coelho hadn't put a twist on the plot, the ending would have had better closure and meaning. Instead, it became another hackneyed story about a girl committing a plea suicide, something much too familiar and far less memorable.
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am 29. Juli 2000
I am crazy about this book. In fact...I am crazy about life. And that's what this book want to let you know...if you think you don't belong to this world, or if you aren't sure about it, read this book. It will make you love life. I'll say this is a great lesson to anybody that seeks advice to give up stress, depresion, or sadness. Nothing worth stop your life. Keep on living and sharing with those you don't even know. Something else: if you have read other books from this author, this may be surprising, specially the way he talks about sex. Great book!
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am 21. Juli 2000
THIS is a cool book! I loved it right from the start and found the introduction of new characters throughout to be a smart and savvy way of keeping a serious story light. Yes, it's about suicide, but the author's psychological insight and plain common sense made me laugh and cry and nod my head, "yes!" Sometimes a hard blow is what is needed to wake us up, and Veronika was delt the hardest. How she emerged and what she thought about in the process is fascinating. This is creative writing at its best.
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