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Ultimate Fantastic Four - Volume 2: Doom (Englisch) Taschenbuch – 5. November 2008

3.5 von 5 Sternen 2 Kundenrezensionen

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Kindle Edition
"Bitte wiederholen"
Taschenbuch, 5. November 2008
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After a bizarre experiment unexpectedly imbued them with extraordinary powers, high-school genius Reed Richards and his fellow adventurers must learn to adapt to their amazing new situation. But before they can even begin to get accustomed, former classmate Victor Van Damme - who was caught in the same experiment that gave the Fantastic Four their superhuman powers - returns to exact his revenge!

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Format: Taschenbuch
Obwohl ich ein Fan der ultimativen Titel bin, werde ich aus dieser jüngsten fortlaufenden Serie nicht schlau, denn irgendwie präsentieren sich die UFV konzeptlos. Nachdem Bendis und Millar, die beiden Starautoren bei Marvel, sich an der ersten Storyline (UFF: The Fantastic TPB 1) die Zähne ausbissen versucht sich nun Ellis mit der zweiten Geschichte. „Doom" beschäftigt sich wie der Name schon sagt mit der Entstehung des vielleicht bekanntesten Bösewichts des Marvel Universums: Doktor Victor Van Damme. Nein, ich habe mich eben nicht gerade verschrieben, denn der aus dem klassischen Marvel Universum bekannte Doktor Victor Von Doom hat eine „Ultimatisierung" des Namens erfahren und nicht nur dieser wurde verändert, aber dazu werde ich weiter unten wieder eingehen.
Ellis zeigt zu Beginn, wie sich unsere vier Helden gerade von ihrem ersten Abenteuer erholen. Reed und Sue konzentrieren sich weiterhin darauf, ihre neuen Kräfte zu erforschen, was meiner Meinung nach schon den Höhepunkt dieser zweiten Storyline bildet. Es stellen sich praktische Fragen, die in irrwitzigen Situationen und Dialogen gipfeln:
Reed: „Sue might need to see you use the bathroom.
Ben: "Sue can bite me".
Reed: "She'd break her teeth".
Ellis frönt mit sichtlicher Freude dem Absurden, und schafft damit stellenweise sehr erheiternde Stellen. Währendem also die Vier sich mit ihrer neuen Existenz anfreunden, bahnt sich weit entfernt eine neue Gefahr an; es ist sprichwörtlich was faul im Staate Dänemark. Der seit dem verhängnisvollen Unfall für tot gehaltene Victor Van Damme plant „eisern" an seinem Plan sich an den Vier zu rächen.
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Format: Taschenbuch
in diesem comic ist einfach alles drin: action, gefühl und dramatik.
es ist obendrein gut gezeichnet, was man ja nicht von jedem comic sagen kann. der stil ist modern und spricht junge sowie alte leser an.
im gegensatz zum ersten buch, wo die ganze vorgeschichte drin ist, mit u.a. wie sind die zu den fantastic four geworden, dreht sich hier alles um die frage was ist aus Victor geworden.
lest einfach selber. ihr werdet spass dran haben :-)
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Amazon.com: HASH(0x94c45720) von 5 Sternen 10 Rezensionen
HASH(0x94b56b04) von 5 Sternen A fascinating Fantastic Four. Re-readable, exciting, funny, and uncompromisingly intelligent. 1. November 2013
Von Ben Culture - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Taschenbuch
This volume, actually, isn't THE VERY best arc of the series, but it's what I'm here to buy. My old copy of the book got water damaged. I don't often replace a damaged book I've read many times already, but this volume -- along with Volume 1, "The Fantastic" and Volume 3, "N-Zone", are essential reading and must-owns for anyone interested in this updated, hip, and smart version of Marvel's classic First Family of the Fantastic. UFF, along with Ultimate Spider-Man, is the best series in the Ultimate universe ("The Ultimates", in comparison, an updated Avengers, does not hold up to scrutiny at all, and "Ultimate X-Men" is pretty unmemorable.)
The creators aren't afraid to take a couple pages here and there for action-free, dialogue-based storytelling, exploring side issues and curiosities, such as "Where DOES Mr. Fantastic's eaten food go when he stretches?" The answer to this, and the biological details of his transformation, is bold and fascinating. Reed's body is changed a great deal more than you'd think! (In the next volume, we learn how Johnny Storm can be completely on fire without being burned, and that's cool, too.) We also learn, here and there, that Reed can stretch his eyeballs to see great distances, and even stretch his brain when tackling the most challenging problems a genius like him faces.
But the focus of this story is Dr. Doom, and he couldn't have been re-imagined in a better way. No longer is he just a brilliant man with a suit of armor. His origin is the same as the titular quartet's -- he's been physically transformed, and his old, burned flesh strips away to reveal a familiar-looking, yet somehow scarier, biological "armor", his soft organic matter entirely replaced. It's as if the accident which transformed the five of them understood their very natures, because one hideous power Victor now has is, he converts what remains of his internal organs into a fearsome poison gas he can project with his breath. In flashback, we learn that Victor Van Damme (his name altered from the unlikely "Von Doom") is a direct descendant of none other than Vlad Tepes of the real-life Dracula family. On Victor's tenth birthday, there was no celebration; he was merely assigned the chore of memorizing his descendants from "Vlad the Impaler" all the way to himself (600 years of genealogy!) He was taught that there are only two kinds of people: the "kings" (as he sees himself) and everybody else. Reed reminds the now-murderous Van Damme, "Your dad used to beat you like a runty dog, Vic. He travelled the world and you were stuck to his leg like a leech. He couldn't wait to scrape you off ... because you just weren't good enough." OUCH!
Not yet ruling his native Latveria, Doom has cleverly taken over an abandoned city in Copenhagen under squatter's rights, and is somehow providing free food, water, power, and tents to all his "subjects" who live there. He insincerely preaches that "love is all that matters", claiming he and these people are bound by love and loyalty. It's a gripping scene, as they chant "WE WON'T LET THEM TAKE YOU!" He has created a gun which instantly tattoos his subjects with a stunning luminous dragon, which can "mate with your brain stem", to provide Doom with the ability to control their minds. He collects junked devices such as cell phones and videogame controllers, and turns them into formidable weapons and controllers. He programs an army of lethal mechanical "insects" to fly from Copenhagen to the Baxter Building in NYC, to send back information on the FF and kill them. Johnny Storm and his fire-based powers are beautifully drawn in this battle. Reed Richards realizes that, despite this open hostility, he must TALK to Victor before he's arrested, to get the information he needs to reverse the accident that has left his friend Ben Grimm deeply depressed with his transformation to the Thing. We're treated to the introduction of the "Fantasti-Car", providing comic relief, something this wonderful and engaging series has never skimped on.
Start with Volume One, "The Fantastic", and buy this volume at the same time, because you will start feeling hooked. The 11-volume series will usually, and maybe always, keep you engaged.
HASH(0x9538b2c4) von 5 Sternen Ellis's Run is Off to a Fantastic Start 6. Dezember 2011
Von Joseph Born - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Taschenbuch
Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 1 Review
The second volume of Ultimate Fantastic Four begins Warren Ellis's run. With Stuart Immonen on art, this is a great combination.
"Doom" is the second arc in the Ultimate Fantastic Four series. Ellis's pseudo-scientific approach to writing and stories worked perfectly with Stuart Immonen's unique art style in Doom. After a tragic scientific accident, five teenagers were left with amazing superpowers. Four of them; Sue and Johnny Storm, Ben Grimm, and Reed Richards, have fended off an assault from their old friend Victor Van Damme. Van Damme holds the key to reversing the effects of the accident, and he won't give it to them freely. They travel to Europe to confront him. Little do they know how much power Van Damme now holds.
Warren Ellis spends the first two issues of his run explaining their powers and helping them prepare for their assault on Victor. I loved that Ellis took the time exploring how they truly got their powers. I didn't expect Millar or Bendis to do this, so it was an unexpected treat. I also enjoyed that Ellis makes this teenagers behave like teenagers. That's something Millar neglected to do with the Ultimate X-Men in his run of that series. He did the same with the first arc of Fantastic Four. Ellis corrects that. For example, Reed reveals the "fantasi-car." This promptly leads to Ben and Johnny mocking the "fantsi" name. Reed and Sue get serious with their relationship and the showdown with Van Damme was awesome. His dialogue is perfect and the plot moves at a steady pace. Stuart Immonen is one of my favorite artists. My reason is that he doesn't sexualize his art. There are no exaggerated proportions or riske poses. It has an animated feel to it.
Ellis's first arc is fun, witty, and interesting. Overall I give this a 4/5. If you like the first volume, this second one is even better.
HASH(0x9538b594) von 5 Sternen My Son Liked It 13. Juni 2014
Von BriWy83 - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Kindle Edition Verifizierter Kauf
Read it to my Five-Year-Old son. I've never been a FF guy but he expressed an interest after seeing Mr. Fantastic and Thing cameos in The Super Hero Squad. So I thought it would be an okay jumping on point/book. He loved it. I did have to read out loud with some artistic license as some of the printed words/phrases are verboten in our house. One time I missed one such instance. My boy said, "He said the 'S' word!".... that's right son. He said, "Shut up!" #DadOfTheYear!
3 von 5 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
HASH(0x949fa930) von 5 Sternen Justin Timberlake? Even better, volume two: "Doom" 3. März 2006
Von P. Hardy - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Taschenbuch
February 21st, I picked up volume two of "Ultimate Fantastic Four," sufficed to say that I was wowed by volume one. The story picks up here just a little more, revealing more about our genetically altered teenage scientists. The writer, Warren Ellis basically picks up where Bendis and Millar left off and adds more personality to the foursome and a nice conclusion to Reed's "estranged family backstory" melodrama. Reed is practically beating himself over what happened to himself and his friends, more in particular Ben Grimm, and wonders still where Victor Von Damne has vanished.

Sue basically tries to deal with Reed's determination to run himself into the ground, while trying to drag him into the Bio-scanner, Ben mopes in quarantine area and Johnny flaunts his good looks to girls and impersonates Justin Timerlake (without acting like him). We discover during Sue's bio-scan that Reed has no internal organs and his body utilizes another way of supporting itself (Reed is promptly freaked out by this discovery). The story progresses when a back story of Van Damne is introduced along with himself, quite affected by the mishap of Reed's giant machine. On the sidelines he gathers a group of people, willing followers or curious friends of followers, in an abandoned part of town in his own homeland. Enraged by his transformation "Doom" unleashes a horde of android insects to take care of Reed, unaware of his own changes.

The book's storyline is nicely played out through all collected issues #7-#12, the focus being much on Doom's plot to kill Reed and Reed's determination to change his friends and himself back to normal, as the old lore goes. There are defiantly funnier things in this TPB than the "Sue wanting to see Ben use the toilet" joke; For instance the revealing of the "Fantasticar" and Ben and Johnny's reaction to it was hilarious, Johnny's need to give himself a superhero name and Ben intimidating one of the soldier's posted at the Baxter Building got a sure giggle outa me. However, once in action, the fantastic four really shine as immature would be heroes. Sue and Reed take initiative as leaders, while Ben and Johnny's usual "muscle" and background banter shines in this volume. Doom basically shows that he's not afraid to kill the Foursome (perhaps borderlines on "gone-mad" just a bit) and with some measure of impressive "firepower" to say the least. He ends up getting a good time Beat-down by "Mr. Fantastic" when he touches his girlfriend. One small character problem: Dr. Storm has went from slightly interesting to "annoying adult" in a span of six collected issues, truly sad.

It took some time to get used to Stuart Immonen's style of artistry, but all in all his style does fit the chosen storyline if anything. The action is described nicely in each frame, the emotions of each character are displayed greatly in the frames as well. And the action that takes place throughout the issues is better than its predecessor. But all in all The "Doom" Trade Paper back turns out to be a winner in my book also. Highly recommended reading. --- [a 5 out of 5]
4 von 7 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich
HASH(0x94c45aa4) von 5 Sternen Ultimate Doom 9. Januar 2005
Von N. Durham - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com
Format: Taschenbuch
After Marvel Ultimate universe vets Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Millar introduced readers to the Ultimate version of Marvel's first family, both writers departed to make way for a new ongoing scribe, and that writer is none other than comic legend Warren Ellis. Ellis, who gave comic fans classic stories with his Transmetropolitan, Orbiter, and Planetary series, writes these four young heroes as they are still learning their new found powers. We see Reed go through trials and tribulations as he copes with becoming the reluctant leader of the group (his revealing of the Fantasticar is hilarious), and we also get to see just what happened to Victor Van Damme. When Ellis finally reveals the Ultimate version of Doctor Doom, it will send chills down your spine. The story is excellent, and the art by Hulk artist Stuart Immonen is great as he has much improved over his previous works. Ellis seems to be a perfect fit in Marvel's Ultimate universe, as his current mini-series Ultimate Nightmare is amazing, and his upcoming mini Ultimate Secret looks even more promising. All in all, it looks like Ultimate Fantastic Four is shaping up to maybe be the best the Ultimate line has to offer, and with Warren Ellis at the helm who knows what heights the title will go to.
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