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4,6 von 5 Sternen
4,6 von 5 Sternen
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am 13. Dezember 2015
The writing itself, the language, the slow and calm way that installs the entire picture and feeling of an Epoque and a country I don't know besides from movies and books. The lack of sensationalism makes it truly sensational, as it gets far deeper then a page turner. I read the book very slowly over several months to keep exactly this feeling and when I left it I had the impression like at the end of a journey, leaving a world of which I had been part of for quite a long while. I have seen so many movies, so much violence in language and in vision, the total absence of such as I discovered in Harper Lee's literature makes the feel of it even more profound. I recommend to those who wish to take deep dive into a literary delightful piece of art and all those who wish to improve their English language.
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am 5. Mai 2017
A timeless classic from which we can all take some life lessons. Written from a child's point of view, Lee's novel deals with themes of great importance presented through charming characters: innocence, accusation, civil rights, racism, prejudice and morality. The first chapters were tedious and took me some time, but starting from Tom Robinson's trial the story hook me.
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am 13. Juli 2017
Obwohl im Slang geschrieben ein “herzergreifende“ Roman. Der Literaturnobellpreis ist verdient. Ein guter Einblick in die 30er Jahre in einer Kleinstadt in Als Name.
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am 11. Januar 2017
Before you start reading, keep in mind that the book itself was written more than fifty years ago, so some of the language may appear outdated or downright offensive. Still this is a wonderful book - one that I picked up because I thought, "You should really read some of the classics, why not start there?" The characters are portrayed in marvellous ways, rural US-town life in the early twentieth century is very much alive for the reader and the young age of the narrator keeps us from having the moral finger pushed in our face.
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am 25. Juni 2016
The design of the cover is simple and stylish. The print is clear and well legible. One big flaw though: the spine bends easily, leaving a kink. 4 stars.

(The story of this book is truly a masterpiece. It transports one to the time and place of its 1930s Alabama setting. The social commentary is fascinating coming from an Alabama resident during one of the darkest times in US history. Everyone should read this.)
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am 17. April 2013
Das Buch habe ich meiner Schwester gekauft, da sie es für die Schule lesen musste.
Ich hatte das Buch bereits auf meiner Wunschliste und war natürlich umso mehr erfreut, als sie es dann dringend gebraucht hat.
Die Handlung ist toll und interessant, manchmal auch traurig, aber ergreifend.
Diesen Klassiker sollte man gelesen haben!
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am 6. April 2015
… ein Dokument für Toleranz und gegen Rassismus. Natürlich sind die Hauptpersonen Scout und ihr Bruder Jem, sowie ihr Vater der Anwalt Atticus Finch längst zu unsterblichen literarischen Figuren geworden, aber die Kindheitserinnerungen erzählt von der jüngeren Tochter Jean Louise liest sich auch heute noch wunderbar. Eine Südstaatenkindheit in Alabama – in Maycomb County – in der 30iger Jahren, mit Mutproben, Abenteuern und einer wunderbaren Familie, in der – obwohl die Mutter früh gestorben ist, der Anwalt Atticus als demokratischer, gebildeter Jurist und Parlamentarier seine beiden Kinder großzieht und versucht ihnen die Unterschiede von Gut und Böse, Moral, Toleranz und den negativen Auswüchsen des Rassismus zu erklären. Ich habe mich immer gefragt, woher der Titel „To kill a mockingbird“ stammt und interessanterweise tauchen diese Worte im Zusammenhang mit dem Geschenk eines Kinderluftgewehrs auf, wobei Jem ermahnt wird, möglichst keine Nachtigallen abzuschießen und wenn überhaupt nur auf Blue Jays zu zielen, die er wahrscheinlich eh nicht treffen wird. Ein dichter Roman, immer noch gut zu lesen.
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am 23. November 2016
It is always difficult to judge a book that is considered an undisputed masterpiece of modern fiction, a modern classic. I don’t even try. I just want to try to summarize in a few words what this book left to me.
It’s surprising that a book of fifty years ago “sounds” so modern while reading, especially if the events described are from decades earlier. It’s a quite short and uncomplicated novel that you can read and enjoy at any age.
The narrative voice is that of a little girl, and as she tells us the trivial facts of her daily life, she assists to events bigger than her, but she deals them with the simple wisdom and innocence that only a child can have. And so a racist incident in the thirties of the twentieth century, a racism that was still a sad reality in the time of the writing of the novel and that unfortunately partly still is today, becomes an opportunity to portray an overview of the southern United States, where things happen as everybody expects and where the little light of an almost heroic gesture at the end of the novel illuminates a resigned and disillusioned reality.

Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli, author of Red Desert - Point of No Return
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am 13. September 2015
Harper Lee was encouraged to write some of her childhood memories. What in the beginning seems like the story of three childhood friends in depression era Macomb, Alabama, turns out to be packed with insights to the makeup of human kind.
This story is intriguing on many levels from the history of the area to the stereotyping of people. Most of all every turn was a surprise as told in the first person from the view of Scout Finch. And instead of telling the story in a six year old vocabulary she uses an exceptionally large repertoire to describe the people and events. This story is not as slow passed as one may guess from first glance as every remark and every action will be needed for a future action.
A major controversial part of the story is the trial of Tom Robinson. Hoverer this is just a catalyst to help Scout understand the nature of people including her father Atticus and you will find that as important as it is it is just a part of the story with other major characters such as Arthur "Boo" Radley.
Even thought it appears that Scout is the recipient of the insights, I believe we the reader is the real recipient.
I can truly say that this book has changed my outlook in life.
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am 31. Mai 2017
I had to read it the book " to kill a mockingbird" in school and my first impressions were not really positive. The fact that the story is told out of the perspective from a 8 year old girl seemed really subjective and without good stuff about america in the 30`s (?). The first pages were pretty boring but the language is easy to understand and after the third chapter the story got more into detail with some interesting actions.
The language continues in a good level to understand (german class 11 th. year) and the story got some exciting actions wich were a good motivation to finish the book.
To put it in an nutshell in my opinion the book is nice to read and the message is really important in times like these where racism is always present.
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