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am 25. Juni 2014
Simply put, this beautiful book should be read by everyone who has so far and yearns to go back.

Bitter-sweet in tone, we follow Hanna as she returns home to assess her life following a crisis at work.

But this is no longer the home of her childhood. Her parents are not the immortal gods of her childish memory, and she is forced to confront the brutal reality that frailty and infirmity comes with age.

Her mother’s Alzheimer’s is wonderfully described and beautifully treated, and her father is grieving for the loss of his wife who is not yet dead. A man of his time, his obtuseness is a stark contrast to Hanna’s progressive and more left leaning values, and his daughter is left to struggle to do what is right by her mother, and honoring her father.

Whilst this is a fantastic tale of relationships, the real joy is in the subtext; through Hanna we are shown what our modern living costs us – how city life moulds us into people we do not necessarily want to be, and divides us from both ourselves, our friends, and the land.

This is a tender story of love and loss, but also of hope that, if we really want to, we can change who we are to become something altogether better.

A wonderful read and an enduring tale.
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am 2. Juli 2014
I loved Time to Let Go by Christoph Fischer! As we witness a family in crisis and the changes that occur when Hanna has to deal with problems centering around work that become magnified when having to cope with a mother (Biddy) caught in the cruel grips of Alzheimer’s. A slice of life that feels all too real. As a reader gets to know Biddy in the good moments and Hanna’s father (Walter), we become part of the family. The dialogue is often bittersweet, at once heartbreaking and humorous. There is a scene where Biddy reads from the paper and then tries to understand who the Taliban are that reminded me of my own grandmother – touching and hard, and yet I smiled. The author has done a great job making it realistic. He’s handled this difficult, and all too common, issue superbly, weaving it into an entertaining and important story. Simply wonderful. Highly recommended – 5 stars.
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am 14. Juli 2014
Another amazing read from one of my favorite contemporary authors Christoph Fischer. Based on the reviews, the subject matter of this novel clearly speaks to people who have had the misfortune to experience AD but it is also a moving read for anyone who is a son or daughter. Fischer's characters and stories have a universality that makes them easy to relate to. This is probably his strongest piece yet. The writing has become quite spare, with no words wasted. The mood is often somber but everything always feels authentic. 'Time To Let Go' is an intense, well executed exploration of family dynamics under pressure. Highly recommended.
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am 7. Februar 2015
Time to Let Go by Author Fischer is a very touching story. The book was recommended by a friend and had been laying around my Kindle for sometime now. Now that I finally finished it. I have to say that this is a wonderful story.

I have never experienced having someone in my family have this terrible disease. Up until recently when I heard that my dad's uncle has been affected by this.

The book had me reflect on a lot things in life. If you following the story thoroughly. You will realize that this novel is not just entertainment but also contains a lot of life lessons inside. That to me makes this book very valuable. I mostly read non fiction self help books. When I occasionally read a novel, I try and find life lessons inside.

I won't go into the details of the story and its characters. However, I will say that this book will help you appreciate the people around you. Take the time to read this story with an open mind. You will definitely enjoy the descriptive writing style of the author.
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am 4. Februar 2015
I've watched quite a few plays and films in which they've dealt with the terrible effects of this disease. Each has handled it with care and tenderness whilst exposing the traumatic effect it has on those close to the person suffering from it. Time to Let Go tackles this form of dementia with similar tact.

Hanna has taken leave from her job as a flight attendant after going through a traumatic experience when trying to save the life of a woman and failing. She returns to her parents and witness the decline of her mother's mental state and the heart-wrenching sight of seeing her father, Walter, having to witness his wife's suffering - the love of his life.

This is a multi-layered story that reminds us the fragility of life and how imperative it is to cherish it and not to wait to make sure our loved ones know that they are loved. With moving scenes, three dimensional characters and an engrossing storyline, Time to Let Go is a highly recommended read.
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am 13. Dezember 2014
This is simply a beautiful novel. It is very quiet and respectful in its plot and style. Dealing with dementia is not easy and this book realistically depicts the illness and the suffering of family members. Definitely a good and recommendable read.
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am 2. Februar 2015
This is a very profound book on dealing with dementia. Makes me realize I could one day, be faced with the same dilemma as my parents age. It gave me insight on what I could expect as a caregiver, and how I might deal with their care. Christoph Fischer’s book featured accounts of families dealing with Alzheimer's. It's fiction, but brings truth to the forefront of the terrible toll this devastating disease can bring to a family. It is a heart-warming, touching story, and I felt for Hannah, the main character. It is a must read and I highly recommend!
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am 4. Februar 2015
"Time to Let go" is a sad and touching novel centered on the struggles of Alzheimer's faced by a family. This a great character driven novel that shows the dedication of a husband that tries to treat his Alzheimer stricken wife with as much normalcy as possible and leaves a daughter contemplating her life as is. A truly enveloping and realistic tale that will move every bone in your body as you see the heartache and frustration Alzheimer's can elicit.

A recommended read.
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am 19. April 2015
Time to Let Go
Christoph Fischer

An exploration of emotions and issues of family dynamics when dealing with Alzheimers' disease.

The journey is true to life for many - it will deeply touch the hearts of those that have encountered the disease amongst family and friends.
Overall, a very well-written novel by Fischer.
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am 3. Februar 2015
Time to Let Go, by Christoph Fischer, is amazing. "TIME TO LET GO" is a book that will appeal to a wide reading audience. It is the 4th book I have read by him and his attention to the fabric of what makes a story engaging is on display yet again. In this novel, the author has brought out the essential elements implicit in dealing with a family member's slow deterioration at the hands of Alzheimer's. It is a disease which makes no distinctions of race or class. Presidents and Prime Ministers, prince and pauper, rich and poor have all been its victim throughout recorded history.

Fischer's character's are fascinating and realistically portrayed. Each one could easily be someone we know personally. We meet a strong-willed, highly principled and loving husband, Walter Korhonen. He and his wife, Biddy, have raised three children. There is Hannah, a flight attendant, Henrik and Patrick. Walter is retired and taking care of Biddy who is battling Alzheimer's. This forms the foundation of the story upon which multiple layers of engagement will be built on.

Again, what makes this set of characters engaging is its realism. We see denial, we see acceptance, we see "the good fight being fought." Each of these characters has a unique perspective, individually. Each has a life to live, with their own unique drama to resolve. How they do this is essentially imperfect, which is endearing as the book is not a "how to" manual on dealing with a family member with Alzheimer's. That is what makes this book worth the reading, because it clearly appeals to that which is human in all of us. In that sense, this book is highly recommended. There is something here for everyone.
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