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4,3 von 5 Sternen
4,3 von 5 Sternen
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am 19. September 2000
I picked this one up at the used bookstore and hoped I wasn't purchasing someone else's junk. The premise was intriguing--though a bit misleading on the front jacket statement--and the layout looked good, but I'm often disappointed by Christian fiction. (I keep trying to like it...I really do.)
Okay, this time I wasn't disappointed. I read the first two chapters, testing the waters like a wary swimmer, and next thing I knew, I'd summoned the courage to dive in. Two days later, I surfaced with this treasure clutched firmly in hand and a smile on my face.
Myers built his characters with adequate depth and added enough details regarding paranormal research for me to suspend disbelief. I appreciated his balanced, yet insightful, views of demonic activity and found myself whipping through the pages. The ending left room for a sequel while still wrapping up most of the loose ends, and Myers didn't shy away from showing that spiritual battle does have casualties--on both sides.
Why not five stars?
Though fast-paced and credible, Myers doesn't write with quite the tightness and craft of Peretti or the Thoenes. A number of times he stumbled over point-of-view problems, though not to the point of confusing the story. It was merely a distraction. One an editor could've easily cleaned up.
Myers comes up with some great premises and manages to fill them with practical and allegorical insight. His writing seems to be maturing, and I'll be hunting down his next books with unabashed anticipation.
Next time, I'll dive in without hesitation.
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am 3. Januar 1999
Having been a scientist nearly all of my professional life I found Threshold to be both technically and theoretically accurate. As well as an immaculately researched work it contains a deeply spiritual allegory--for those who care to think beyond the surface.
Having read the previous reviews I could not help but be astonished at the shallowness of one which rated the book with one star, commenting on its lack of substantive content. That reviewer said, for example, "...the attempts to tie theology to paranormal research were simply bizarre." This type of thinking would have undoubtedly labeled John Bunyon's Pilgrim's Progress as the product of a theologically overactive immagination and worthless for its lack of reality. Alegorical thinking, of course, is not for every mind, but is indespensible as a vehicle for conveying the deeper truths of the spirit, which Threshold does without sacrificing the entertainment value of the book. If that is the type of writing Mr. Myers incorporates into his children's books perhaps some of us more "simpleminded" readers who are "avid fan[s] of the Book of Revelation," as the other reviewer terms it, would do well to read Myers' books for children also.
By the way, is there something wrong with being "and avid fan of the Book of Revelation"?
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am 6. November 1997
I could tell you a lot about this book. The fact that it shows the thresholds we deal with... on an emotional level; on an intellectual level; on a physical level; and on a spiritual level.
But that's not the point. The point is this... this book will jar your sense of theology, idealogy, and reality.
Maybe you don't like it when the fiction of a story becomes a possible reality. Maybe you're the type to want to have a nice safe outline of events that you can leave with the book when you put it down. Maybe you're one of those people who likes everything to stay "fantasy" and not mess with your "theology."
Then maybe this isn't the book for you.
But if you like to be challenged, stretched, and probed when it comes to what you think about God, all while enjoying a great story along the way, then maybe this IS the book for you.
And maybe... just maybe... you have the courage to read it.
But be warned... you just might end up the better for doing it!
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am 9. Mai 1998
From the very first chapter you get the idea that Bill Myers should stick to kids' books. The same boring character "insights" are repeated over and over and over. You just get so sick of reading the same cliches and overly dramatic descriptions of everything.
As to the story itself, only the most avid fan of the Book of Revelation would find it interesting. It was just all too silly and repetitive.
Moreover, the attempts to tie theology to paranormal research were simply bizarre. In all, the book was just so poorly authored, so boring and tedious, so over the top in far too many places, and so worthless theologically, it probably isn't worth reading.
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am 9. Juli 1999
I ordered two books from Amazon last month. Bill Myers' 'Threshold' and 'The Fist of God' by A.T. Nicholas. I loved both of them so much, I'm going to buy a few more copies to give to my friends. Threshold was well written and it will remind you of Peretti's style. It was a great read. The Fist of God was phenomenal! It blow me away! The storyline was a classic good vs evil plot set during a presidential campaign, but there are some really cool twists throughout the book. The plot unfolds through the eyes of a homicide detective, who becomes a reluctant participant in the bloody battle for souls. A great book!
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am 10. März 2000
Threshold is the second of a series of three wonderful books with an entirely original treatment of the end days. Myers just may be better than Milton in justifying God's ways to man! Real people with real weaknesses are portrayed realistically in their trials to overcome evil with good. The characterization was as good as the plot, which is a rare find. The overall message was extremely thought-provoking and ultimately uplifting spiritually. I strongly recommend all three books: Blood of Heaven, Threshold, and Fire of Heaven.
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am 25. Mai 2000
This is the second book from Bill Myers that I read and I had as much trouble putting down this book as I did with his first one (Blood of Heaven).
The description and action in this one kept me interested all the way through...the ending of course spells sequel which I found in "Fire of Heaven". What I didn't know was that is would tie two almost unrelated stories together.
Bill Myers, I hope you continue to write more adult fiction. The characters and plots are well put together.
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am 24. Juli 1998
The style of this book reminded me very much on Frank Peretti's This Present Darkness. Myers does an excellent job bringing the characters to life, although a little more insight into the events surrounding Brandon's birth would have helped. This book was an incredible and terrifying reminder that spiritual warfare is a very real thing and that a day is coming when the world will experience trials never before imagined.
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am 24. August 1998
This book, although good fiction, changed my life. I've felt so often like the lead character Brandon that I felt like it was me going though the search for self. It helped me clarify some personal feelings, and I highly recommend it. I know not everyone will relate on this level, but I did. I only hope Myers keeps writing more stuff like this.
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am 6. Juli 1999
I found this to be a breath of fresh air amongst all the apocalyptic literature being produced today. It was well researched and very entertaining. I highly recommend this book, but don't read it until you've read the equally good book, "Blood of Heaven." You will miss some important connections if you read them in reverse order.
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