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3,2 von 5 Sternen
3,2 von 5 Sternen
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am 6. November 2002
Dieses Buch ist eine absolute Perle! Es hat sich lange, lange Zeit auf allen Bestsellerlisten gehalten, und seit ich es gelesen habe, weiß ich auch, warum. Es hält einen von der ersten bis zur letzten Seite an in Atem, und auch wenn es Fiktion ist- wie so oft bei Ken Follett denkt man sich am Ende: so unwahrscheinlich ist das gar nicht, was wäre wenn...
Ich kann dieses Buch jedem bedenkenlos empfehlen!
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am 18. Juli 2000
This is the kind of book you want to read when no other matters can keep you from reading yet another chapter. It does not have the depth of "Pillars of the Earth" nor the charme of "A Dangerouse Fortune" but is definetely the most gripping thriller I have read - and there have been a few. The right book if you are in the hunt for some superb entertainment.
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am 24. April 2012
Trotz einzelner etwas langatmiger/lahmer Passagen ein 'Non-Trash'-Follett. Hochaktuell wegen der Diskussion über genetische Manipulation, somit ein lesenswerter Beitrag zum Thema 'Science and Technology'. Übers Wissenschaftliche lässt sich bei Fiktion immer streiten.
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am 13. August 2005
ich habe das buch im englisch-lk gelesen und es hat mich und auch die anderen sehr fasziniert. wir konnten es kaum erwarten, in der nächsten schulstunde endlich weiterlesen zu können. der handlungsverlauf ist sehr spannend.
alles in allem ist das buch sehr lesenswert und ich empfehle es mit gutem gewissen weiter.
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am 7. Juli 2000
I've read quite a few Follett novels, and must admit this is not my favorite. The plot is more contemporary than some of his former work, dealing with biotechnology and cloning issues, rather than the more history-based work he's done in the past. And I do like his work, this just isn't one of his best.
The plot centers around a genetic researcher who is doing a study on criminal behavior, using twins as her core group. She comes across a series of identical twins who are raised apart, ideal for research. As she goes along, she discovers that not only were they raised apart, they were born of different mothers! During this process she comes under the scrutiny of some very powerful men and runs afoul of their political plans.
All in all this is, as a previous reviewer states, a good beach read. It's face-paced, easy to digest, and moderately entertaining. Looked at on its own, it's fine. But from the perspective of some of Follett's other work, this is not up to his usual caliber. So, if you're not a huge fan of his, go ahead and buy it, but if you are, be aware you may be slightly disappointed.
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am 4. Oktober 2002
Dieses Buch wurde in meinem Englisch-Leistungskurs (Klasse 11) als Lektüre ausgewählt. Wegen Zeitmangel am Ende des Schuljahres konnten wir es leider nur teilweise besprechen, dennoch habe ich es freiwillig bis zum Ende weiter gelesen. Trotz der englischen Sprache ist der Roman leicht zu lesen, mit einem Wörterbuch kann man sich an manchen Stellen Verständnisschwierigkeiten aus dem Weg schaffen. Der Autor schildert sehr oft, wodurch man meinen könnte, direkt ins Geschehen verwickelt zu sein. Das Thema ist recht aktuell und wird auch für Nicht-Biologen verständlich vermittelt. Weil sehr spannend erzählt wird und oft neue Schwierigkeiten auf die Protagonisten hinzukommen, wird es auf den über 600 Seiten nicht langweilig.
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am 12. Juni 1999
There seems to be a lot of mixed feelings here at Amazon about this book, but despite a lot of the negative reviews, I loved it! It's been a few years since I've read any of Ken Follett's books, but I decided to try this one about a year ago. I loved the controversial topic concerning cloning and genetics. The suspense, the characters, everything was great. True, if you are used to Mr. Follett's other books, you might wonder why the change in writing style. However, I found this book keeping me up late at night, wondering what would happen next. It's been added to my list of favorites. Give Mr. Follett a break; some of us thought it was a terrific read!
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am 3. März 2000
I've never read Ken Follett before, but the premise of the book sounded kind of interesting so I'd thought I'd read it. Well...I wouldn't recommend it. 1. It's very, very poorly researched. I studied psychology in college, and I know that no psychology professor would be able to do the things that Jeannie did (have instant access to medical files via computer, study DNA etc.) 2. Jeannie's's relationship with Steven (a student at the college) gave me the creeps. I mean, isn't that a little unethical for a faculty member to have a intimate relationship with a student? 3. The fact that she couldn't recognize that the 'evil' twin wasn't Steven wasn't a little unrealistic (though there was a time when a man mistakenly thought I was his very tall, blonde girlfriend even though I'm a 5'3" brunnette.) But still, usually people can tell their better half apart from some lookalike. 4. Probably what turned me off most was that the villians were extremely cartoonish, and they did the stupidest things, like discuss all their 'top secret' matters in a RESTAURANT. Let's just say you didn't need a PH.D. to expose their sinister plans. 5. I doubt it was possible that science was advanced far enough to be able to clone human babies in early 1970's (though if it were, I can easily see the Nixon administration giving their unofficial nod of approval.) 6. And finally, I think the ending was a little too over-the-top for me. Like everyone else said, there are ways too many unrealistic coincidences and silly, contrived dialogue in this story.
I think this story would have been a much better read if it were set a few decades in the future (Follett would then be able to take the same liberties, but it wouldn't have been as unrealistic.) and Jeannie was a biologist or a doctor doing medical research. Also, I think the romantic relationship between Jeannie and Steven should be axed. It would have better if it were platonic, though I think it would have been okay to add some slight hint of romantic feelings.
All I can say is that Mr. Follett should seriously consider rewriting this story--it really needs it.
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am 30. August 1997
My very favorite line is "You're saying I'm a clone", not to mention "the notion of doctors experimenting on patients without permission was just the kind of thing to make her mad". Duh! I have always been an avid reader of Ken Follett's works, but I think he has been cloned, using the Multiplicity concept of over cloning. This book is the thriller attempt of the final clone. Did Follett get major endorsements for this book? We were bombarded with commercials for cars, clothing and Doc Marten boots. Why would a writer use real places and then throw in ficticious landmarks like the Richmond-Williamsburg airport? This kind of constant movement from the real to the invented is very distracting from the plot. The main character, Jeannie Ferrami, is without a doubt one of the best arguments against feminism that I have ever read. She is completely unlikable and unsympathetic. Her life history is inconsistent and her arrogance is unbelievable in this day and age. I am greatly surprised that the flight attendants' union has not filed a class action suit against Follett for malice. He uses the term "stewardess" repeatedly and refers to that job as a waste of education and a classic case of failure. This happens not just once but many times. Jeannie thoroughly believes that anyone who does not go into the history books with a major scientific discovery is less than worthwhile.
This cannot be the Follett who wrote "Eye of the Needle", please God! I, like another of the reviewers, have a policy about finishing what I read. This book was a strong test, but I just couldn't stop believing that at the end, he would say "April Fool". I would rather be tricked than believe that one of my favorite writers is using a software program to put together a novel
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am 30. Juni 1999
In light of the fact that some of his prior work is so good (in particular Pillars of the Earth and Eye of the Needle), I wonder why Mr. Follett chose to let this book go to print without doing more work to tighten up the characters, story line and dialogue. The story unfortunately is very weak. He has relied on some incredible and not really plausible coincidences to tie the plot together. I found myself thinking that many of the characters in this book were sorely lacking any real intelligence. They seemed to get themselves into problems which were readily avoidable. They also seemed to be incapable of solving some easily remedied problems that were presented to them. Unlikely coincidences and weak characters tells me that this book was somewhat thrown together. This is surprising since I found many of his other books to be carefully crafted and thoroughly enjoyable reads. The Third Twin unfortunately turned out to be a very unsatisfying read and my recommendation is that you pass on this book and go with either one of the spy novels he has done or the excellent Pillars of the Earth.
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