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This book provides an excellent introduction to philosophy. There are also many beautiful photographs, which add to the quality and general appearance of the book. Bryan Magee captures the essence of the thought of literally dozens of philosophers who lived over a span of more than 2,000 years. He is able to translate complex ideas into a format that is interesting to the nonprofessional. If one could read just one book on western philosophy, this one would be a good choice. As someone who has studied philosophy at both the undergraduate and doctoral levels, I can say that this is one of the best books I have read on the subject. Magee's writing style is to be commended. He makes reading a pleasure. I have added most of his other books to my list of books to read.
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am 4. März 1999
The teacher in me, and the student in me, LOVES this book. I like the way it's organized, the pictures, the perspective. It's a beginner's look at the subject without being simplistic or patronizing. Easy to read - straight through or in parts. I wish I could buy this book for my own reference library, but it's not available!!!???
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am 25. Oktober 1999
This is quite simply the easiest and best one volume introduction to philosophy there is. All the major philosophers are covered in concise and beautifully illustrated essays. It is a shame that it is out of print, but one can still obtain it through the Quality Paperback Book Club.
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am 8. September 1999
If you are interested in philosophy and wish to buy a book which can clearly introduce the subject, this is the one you need! You certainly will enjoy reading it.
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am 10. März 1999
Great book. You can get it through the above club at 800-348-7128
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am 10. November 1999
I present myself as a lover of philosophy, so this review does not reflect upon the topic...
This book will remind you of your school textbooks... pretty, interesting pictures, and banal, forgettable words. There is hardly any joy in Bryan Magee's thoughts, there is little reflection of the wisdom he achieved through the hours he dwelled within the chambers of mankind's greatest temple: philosophy.
How a man can sit in an ivory tower and toss down such forgettable summaries of these human beings, The Grand Philosophers, and the sublime thoughts they produced? His abilities as a writer just do not seem equal to the task...
This book was produced for the masses. Well, Mr. Magee and DK Publishing, there is no such thing as "the masses". There are only _individuals_ in this world, and we deserve to be shown the beauty of philosophy, for our time on this earth is short. Reader, if you wish to discover the great thoughts, you should begin somewhere else, and use this book as a reference only... there are no quotes from philosophers beyond sound-bite size sentences. The pictures are beautiful, but philosophy is "words" and the only words here come from Bryan Magee, a rather dull lecturer.
More importantly, I believe strongly that the author and publisher should be censured for their theft of the title, "Story of Philosophy". They wish to ride upon the back of the saint of history, Will Durant, and that is unacceptable... comparable to another modern hack purloining the title "Crime and Punishment" and affixing it to a dimestore mystery novel.
Reject this book, and discover the true "Story of Philosophy". Search again, under the name "Will Durant". I care for you, Reader, and I hope you discover the ecstasy that can come from beautiful thoughts and ideas... all to be found within the mansions of Philosophy.
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