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am 24. April 2000
How far does the rabbit hole go? In the book, The Ships of Earth the rabbit hole went deep enough that you don't reach the bottom at the end of the book. Whether the character is the main one or simply a mechanical they all get explained and you understand exactly what they think as they travel through the desert in search of something the don't yet know. In this book the main character is Nafia a boy who is chosen by a "god" who is just a machine set up by their ancestors too keep the humans of a world call "Harmony" under control. This boys ambitions to make a difference in the world a clear and shinning with the authors clarity. This book creates a sort of bond between you that really "puts" you into all the characters shoes. The book shows you the feelings of a crippled boy who finally finds and a wife (which he thought could never be done is his case) like you'd see a sun rise of a clear summer day.It holds the truth in front of your face and lets you watch as almost all the characters desperately try find out. This book elaborates on problem after problem trying to build up momentum for the main confrontation and falls short a centimeter of the finish line, then forcing you to read the next book to find the answer and by then a new problem has built up that draws you in. There is only one quality that this book lacks and that is a good title. To conclude a book that lets you sit back and watch with a ominous point of view at the situation that is happening. Furthermore, you should read a delightful and exciting book.
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am 27. Juni 2000
I'm not quite done with it yet, but love it! Card continues the intriguing story of the 1st 2 books in the series, but adds new elements that challenge you to consider new ideas and entertain you in new ways.
I've especially enjoyed the rotating Point of View - it seems hard for authors to pull this off even with 2 or 3 different narrators, but Card is successful using many without confusing the reader as to who the Main Characters are. It's incredibly interesting to see how people view each other and themselves; how often they're wrong!; and how the relationships develop.
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am 10. Juni 2000
The Ships of Earth is third in the Homecoming Series. I found the first in the series a brilliant book, the second was imaginative and interesting and this one alternates between brilliant and appalling. It's brilliant as it shows the struggles of 16 members of two families (really one) who have fled the decadent, fascinating city of Basilica to survive and flourish in the desert. They are guided by a vision from the Oversoul, the computer, that they are to find the lost ships of earth, repair them and return to earth in them. It's a breathtakingly vast concept. This could have, should have been a classic. Instead, there is much that is appalling about the book. There is an almost unbelievably ugly self-righteousness that creeps in (actually it leaps in), an attitude of "I'm right. You're wrong. Do as I say or I'll kill you." The threats of murder loom over the book and are never dealt with. Basically, Card divides his 16 people into two groups, one good and one evil. The good people keep the book interesting as they grow in depth and character, as people who don't think they have anything in common become friends and/or fall in love. However, the bad people become awful, in a very boring, repetitious way. There is hatred based on jealousy between brothers -- hatred that leads to murderous plots. There is hatred based on jealousy between two sisters. There a sameness to this hatred that gets very tiresome as it doesn't go anywhere. Worst of all (and a major cause of the hatred) is the selfrighteousness of the leader. He's the distant father-figure, fascinating in the first two books as he becomes a prophet leading his family on his mission to return to earth, appalling here as he literally forces his family to follow him with threats of death. The obvious move would be to reach a decision point, draw a line in the sand and tell people to join willingly or leave. Instead, people who don't want to be there are judged worthless and contemptible with an ugly self-righteousness, but they're not allowed to leave. The book becomes a fascinating study in the birth of religious fanaticism, only it's unintentional. It's a shame. The book would have been much better had everyone had to make an honest choice; had new people been added to the group as old ones drop out; had the struggle between whether the group would be matriarchal or patriarchal been more fully explored, etc. The list of flaws is very long, but so is the list of virtues. I think it proves that Card, even when he's on what seems to be the wrong track, is still an amazingly great writer.
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am 5. Juli 2000
After reading the first two novels, you can't help but wonder what happens to our friends on Harmony and thier guide, the Oversoul. The characters stay true to thier form from the first two novels, but as they learn and grow your compelled to read on. Not Card's greatest, but beautiful enough to prepare, and set you up for an amazing conclusion.
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am 11. Juni 2000
If you're wondering, I loved the second; I also liked the first one. I love the character, Nephai, and his wife, Luet. If you're into complex characters and can really get involved with them, AND you read the first two books, SHIPS is as good as they get.
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am 22. April 2013
Dieses Mal müssen die Verbannten aus Basilika von A nach B kommen, um dort die Schiffe zu finden, mit denen sie den Hüter der Erde aufsuchen können.

Dabei gibt es mehrere Anschläge und Komplotte gegen Nafai (wie sonst auch von den üblichen Verdächtigen).
Die nächste Generation steckt noch in den Kinderschuhen *G*.

Damit wäre eigentlich alles gesagt. Natürlich schreibt Card das alles wesentlich ausführlicher und formt die Figuren auch richtig gut aus, allerdings wird es hier schon langsam lästig, warum den Fieslingen immer wieder vergeben wird, nur damit sie dann später erneut gegen die "Nafari" agieren können.
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am 23. Juli 1995
Although it might not work as well as a stand-alone novel, this book continues the saga of the Wetchik clan as they follow the Oversoul through the desert to the place where humans first set foot on Harmony 40 million years perviously. The series is quite strong and I enjoyed this book much more because I was already familiar with the characters from the previous two. Card's writing focuses on character more than on the pure science-fiction of his tales and it makes them quite readable. All in all another well-crafted release from one of my favorite authors
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am 26. Juli 1998
As an Orson Scott Card fan, I can truly say that this book is a masterpiece. Third in the Homecoming series, it moves the story well, and carries it through numerous new scenarios and stark and beautiful landscapes. Several scenes in the book had be reading late in to the night, then jumping out of bed and cheering out loud at the success of my favorite character, Nafai. However, much of the novel deals with mature subjects like sex and the matriarchal/patriarchal struggle. For those who enjoy science fiction and can handle mature subjects, it's a must-read!
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am 17. Oktober 1999
The first 2 Homecoming books in the series were much better than this one. You can basically skip this book in reading the series, because the only crucial part occurs at the end. The rest of the book is filled with dull descriptions and diaglogue of a boring trip through the desert. If you really want to know how the Homecoming series ends however, you should probably read this book, as boring as it may be.
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am 12. April 1999
This is a very good sequal to the Call Of Earth even though at some times it can seem a little dull. If you have enjoyed very much the first two books then you will also enjoy this one. I don't recommend this for people who havn't found much interest in the first two but it has an interesting twist in the end which will make you look forward to the next one. Happy reading!!!
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