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am 5. Januar 2003
For those who have read the novels of Clive Cussler the NUMA is a part of every fictional story the writer has written, and I have read them all. What I did not know is that The NUMA is very real, and over decades has discovered, and in some instances recovered lost wrecks including those that sailed beneath the sea, upon it, or even sailed in the air above it.
The National Underwater Marine Agency is not a treasure hunting organization; rather they seek to solve mysteries that are in some cases many centuries old. They take nothing from the wrecks they locate, and when they do find historical vessels and their associated debris fields, it is States and Colleges and Universities that are given the locations to raise, preserve and restore pieces of History from a variety of Nations.
The NUMA is comprised almost exclusively of volunteers and outside funding again is almost exclusively from the proceeds from the sales of Mr. Cussler's novels, and his non-fiction work, "The Sea Hunters I", and now "The Sea Hunters II". I, for a reason I cannot justify, passed on reading the first of these two books, and now that I have read the second I will be getting number one forthwith. The history this book contained that was either new, or clarified what I thought I knew was worth every penny the book costs, and the hours spent enjoying the tales.
Some of the material for his novels originates on these trips that have taken him and his son and friends around the globe. Some of the quaint restaurants and hotels you may have read about in many instances are real. His son is named Dirk just like the primary character in his books, and Mr. Cussler is 6 foot 3 inches tall, also just like Dirk, at least until he fell off the back of a truck, compressed two spinal discs, and when combined with the settling of almost 70 years, he now is 6 foot one inch.
You will read about the famous ship that saved so many from the sinking Titanic, and why another ship, more likely known to you as infamous, did so little. He also tells of steamboats that burned and took the lives of over 1,000 people, not on the Mississippi, but on The East River in New York City. Then there are the men who likely crashed in the Maine woods after crossing the Atlantic days before Lindbergh was to make his first solo flight.
Also fascinating is how much the paths of rivers and the coastlines of continents can change in relatively short periods of time. One hundred and fifty years is nothing relative to the world's life, but I never knew the banks of the Mississippi River have moved over 200 feet in some spots. Mr. Cussler also shares the technology that allows the rediscovery of these vessels, and shares some of the most amazing moments that take place after decades of searching. One of the best candidates for the latter was the discovery and the raising of one of the first submarines to ever sail, The C.S.S. Hunley.
This is a book of non-fiction from a man who is one of the best-selling authors of fiction alive today. If you have never read either type of his work, I recommend both. I also would wager that if you start with the true stories, you will be drawn to his fiction which is the definition of reading for pure fun.
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am 7. August 2014
Da dieses Buch nur auf Englisch erschienen ist, habe ich es mir trotzdem gekauft. Man braucht natürlich eine Weile und muss viele Wörter nachschlagen, wenn man wie ich lange nicht Englisch gelesen hat. Aber einem Fan von Clive Cussler ist es das wert um Ihn und seine Bücher besser zu verstehen.
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