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4,3 von 5 Sternen
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am 25. März 2000
I rated this book with five stars only because that's the most I was allowed. But I feel that all of Burgett's literature deserves at least ten stars. He paints a picture that no movie director can capture. The horrors and atrocities of war can clearly be seen, as you look through the eyes of Burgett as he views the war. It is masterfully written and you will be unable to put it down as "Operation Market Garden" takes place, and will understand the legendary nickname "a bridge too far". The book is a great and complete story of how one man tries to survive the madness of a great but awful war.
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am 8. Juni 2000
In 1967, Donald Burgett wrote "Currahee!" This told of his training as a paratrooper, assignment to the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, and the night drop into Normandy some hours ahead of the June 6, 1944 invasion. In "Seven Roads to Hell" (1999) he tells the story of the defense of the surrounded Belgium town of Bastogne.
In this, his third book, he picks up the events that occurred at about the midpoint, in time, between the first two. In September of 1944 the 506th is part of the First Allied Airborne Army that is intended to invade Holland and capture the main road leading to the Bridge at Arnhem across the Neder Rijn (Lower Rhine). Once all of the river and cannal bridges are secure the British XXX Corps was to race north, cross the Arnhem bridge and turn east into Germany toward Berlin. Like many plans of war it didn't happen that way.
While providing a personal account of the actions that took place involving him and his unit, the author is becoming more of a historian. He has started adding a broader picture of events than just what he himself could see. His narative flows free and naturally in a conversational style that is not only easy to follow but is very entertaining. In other words, he is a good story teller.
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am 4. Februar 2013
Ein auch mit limitiertem englischen Wortschatz gut und flüssig zu lesendes Buch. Es schildert sehr anschaulich, zuweilen auch schockierend, die Erlebnnisse, die die Soldaten der 101st. Fallschirmjägerdivision bei der Operation "Market Garden" mitmachen mussten. Eher ein Buch für Leute, die auch Details genauer wissen wollen. Allerdings bietet der Verfasser nicht nur seine detaillierten Erlebnisberichte, sondern auch einen groben Einblick über die militärischen Hintergründe, incl. Karten (die aber nur mit der Lupe lesbar sind).
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