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am 21. Dezember 2016
And I can also say that if you are a staunch Israel defender, than this book is a pure nightmare, especially considered what is still true today. And there were several examples of that.
What the author wrote in 2008 about Europe and how it seems to let Israel get away with far too much and becomes more and more a puppet of the USA is still true today. The actually social parties won't even speak out about the committed crimes, no wonder the right wingers get more power. And all this despite the growing public discontent with Israel, and I doubt the ones in power do not know this.
Also I would say that looking back now, 7 years after the author wrote on whether Obama would be a true friend of Israel and not what high Israeli politicians call a friend (as they did with Bush) I think you can safely say that they didn't need to worry as Obama's foreign policy is not that different from Bush and even when he wants to do something, there are tons of US politics willing to help Israel with everything they ask for.
Another thing that is sadly still up to date now is that Israel's militarism didn't stop or weaken Hamas, not then, not last year, not today. It only strengthened them each time. And Netanyahu and his ilk are too dumb or careless to realize that.
And make no mistake, the author is a staunch patriot and you notice that in all of his articles he wrote/collected in this book, but he is the sort of patriot that is the first to say when he things something goes wrong in his country and you notice how passionate he is with this book.
I wish I had read some of the articles and statements the author responds to on his own here. Reading those could be really interesting.
He also had a good grasp on the psychology of war and "us vs. them" when he writes:
<i>Most of the soldiers who took part in the assault on Gaza are youths with morals. Some of them will volunteer for any mission. They will escort an old woman across the street or rescue earthquake victims. But in Gaza, when faced with the "inhuman" Palestinians, the package will always be suspicious, the brainwashing will be stupefying and the core principles will change.</i>
That is not something many people would want to hear and like I said, ueberfans of Israel would not like the authors last article here about scorn about the world and the lack of Israeli self-criticism, especially when he writes this:
<i>So why should we worry? It's true that the world is beginning to scowl at Israel. But so what? Israelis are convinced that the world hates us anyway. As long as we are not deprived of the world's pleasures, there is no reason to worry.</i>
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am 18. April 2013
Dass was uns täglich im Fernsehen gezeigt wird, ist nur eine Seite des Storys, und zwar die Seite die den "grossen" gut gefällt. Es geht hier um echte Journalismus, vom feinsten Art.
Es ist tatsächlich eine kronologische Zusammenfassung von Artikeln, die das Israel-Gaza Konflikt aus eine andere Perspektive darstellt....und die ist an manche stelle grausam...
Ein Buch voller Emotionen, sollte man jeder lesen der hinter Kulissen einen Einblick werfen möchte.
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