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am 5. April 2017
Wer historische Romane mag, wird dieses Buch lieben. Es hat alles, was ein Historienbuch braucht. Drama, Action, Spannung und viel Ambiente. Man taucht wirklich in die Welt des Mittelalters ein und lernt dank der akribischen Recherche des Autors einiges über die Lebensweise der Menschen dieser Zeit. Und das mit viel Vergnügen.
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am 4. August 2003
Nachdem ich mir dieses Buch als "leichte" Zwischenlektüre geleistet hatte, fiel es mir zu Anfang doch wirklich richtig schwer, einmal damit anzufangen. Doch wenn man die ersten 100 Seiten überwunden hat, kann man gar nicht mehr aufhören. Die Charaktere gehen einem unheimlich nahe und Follet schreibt auch so, dass man sich wirklich eingebunden fühlt. Sehr eindrucksvoll kommt bei diesem Werk der Kampf zwischen Gut und Böse heraus. Die Hauptpersonen sind leicht in die Lager einzuteilen, aber man fiebert ständig mit deren Schicksalschlägen mit. So triumphiert mal das Gute in Form Priestern, Baumeistern und deren Familien über das Böse, vertreten durch die Monarchie und Landadel, um gleich darauf niedergeschmettert zu werden.
Die Liebe kommt auch nicht zu kurz und hat so ein bisschen was von "Salz auf unserer Haut", also ein Hin und Her über "Kriegen sie sich oder nicht", so dass man bis zum Ende spannungsgeladen an der Lektüre sitzt und die Welt um sich herum vergessen kann. Man möchte förmlich einschreiten und die Personen zusammen führen, muss sich jedoch hilflos dem Ideenreichtum des Autors unterwerfen und abwarten, ob es zum Guten oder Schlechten ausgeht.
Schlimm sind die Hindernisse, die den Personen in den Weg gelegt werden, manchmal so sehr, dass man fast verzweifeln möchte an so viel Ungerechtigkeit. Aber gerade das macht das Buch auch so anziehend und interessant, dass man mitfühlen kann und der definitve Ausgang bis zum Ende offen bleibt.
Die Schicksale all dieser Menschen sind verbunden durch den Bau einer Kathedrale, die es in solcher Form im damaligen England noch nicht gab. Die Errichtung eines solchen Bauwerkes nahm damals viel Zeit in Anspruch und über eine ebenso lange Periode hinweg begleitet der Leser die Personen auf ihrem schwierigen Weg.
Wie akkurat die Geschichte aus historischer Hinsicht ist, kann ich nicht beurteilen, aber diejenigen, die ein richtig gutes Stück Literatur, mit allem, was man von einem solchen Epos erwarten möchte, suchen, werden hier sicher Zufriedenheit erfahren.
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am 11. Juli 2000
Follett takes his time building the characters in this epic tale of life, death, honor, love, evil and the strength of human sprit. Epic, which is USUALLY a code for unnecessarily long and boring, is anything but boring here.
It reads a little slow at first as the characters are developed, but it is so worth it as we follow them all through several generations. Seldom have I read a novel in which I truly cared about the characters. All of the heroes are incredibly real and human with tremendous strengths as well as fatal flaws and the evil are equally real and easily despisable. On more than one occasion I found myself yelling at the cast (hopefully not out loud lest my neighbors think me mad!).
Follett's knowledge of the era and of the cathedral building process ring true, although I am no middle ages scholar, and his work appears well researched. The depth of the technical details could easily have brought down the readibility of the story but were instead handled masterfully by the author and served to enhance the reading experience.
I could never have just one favorite book, but this certainly ranks among the top.
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am 25. Mai 2000
This book is definitely a must read. The book can only be described as encompassing. The characters are so well developed that you begin to feel as if you are a part of the family, experiencing life as the characters experience it. The descriptions of the cathedrals are completely mesmerizing. Even if you have no building or construction interest at all I guarantee you will be enthralled by the beautiful descriptions of the cathedrals and how they were built. I was honestly disappointed when this book was over. I wanted it to continue. As a result I have read it three times in the past few years. I was completely drawn in to this book and highly recommend it!
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am 3. Dezember 1999
The Pillars of the Earth is a surprisingly original and complex book for Ken Follett. Those familiar with his other writings know that his books tend to be much shorter and more formulaic than this one, and, except for The Eye of the Needle, seldom carry much punch. This sparwling novel with a several generations cast of characters has as its central figure, not a person at all, but a building - a gothic cathedral from its inception to completion with a multitude of interrelated stories forming the book's plot.
I don't know how accurate this book is as history or architecture, but I know that it is a very satisfying book as fiction. It is original, in its way, and has the added satisfaction of giving us mulitple stories - each as self contained as a good short story, but all naturally related to the overriding story of the building of the cathedral.
I have recommended this book to many people and have discussed it with many others who had already read it. I have yet to find one who didn't feel that they had had a wonderfully rewarding reading experience with this book.
I highly recommend it.
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am 18. Mai 1998
Via cunning scandals, stories of love, and bold acts of vengeance, the Pillars of the Earth captures the most rambunctious sides of the Middle Ages. Reading it, one could easily come to feel intense emotion spurred by some of the characters in it. Despite the impressive size of the book, it keeps the reader wanting more of the tales woven into one massive master plot. ¶ Even though the beginning of the book leads one to believe it is about a man named Tom Builder, it soon turns into a lengthy series of plot developments and twists. The one thing that remains throughout the entire story is the desire to construct a magnificent cathedral that Tom had begun to build near the beginning of the book. Every character ends up having something to do with the great structure, making it a very symbolic element in the novel. Also, that means that the seventy-five years of plot covered includes a great deal of character-building (a fair trade-off). Don't fret, though. Everything seems to work together perfectly in spite of all the happenings that occur in the book. ¶ All in all, a satisfaction of having read a terrific book is what happens after the final page. The ending is conclusive, the plot is tremendously developed, and the characters are (sometimes unfortunately!) very believable. This novel is most certainly one of the most thought-provoking and unique ones that I have read. I guarantee that anyone who reads the Pillars of the Earth will at least respect its thoroughness.
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am 14. Juli 2000
It was a giant of a book. It made it worst that i got it in Audiobook. 24 tapes of 90 minutes. Let me stop there...I enjoyed every single moment of it.
In the middle ages ordinary mens accepts that the lord has right of life and death over his subjects, that to progress in the clergy you have to be politically astute and that any ennemy must be silenced.
This stoty brings us the life of helen, a witch who married a french thief and brought to life a little prodige, Jack. Jack, as his adopted father did before him, wants to build a cathedral, one that encompasses the latest advancements in building, leaving the conservatism of medieval england behind.
Philip, Prior of Kingsbridge, dreams of his cathedral. Men of ideals and honor, he will fight for what he believes in, stepping on the big toe of monarchs in the middle of an England civil war, a Thomas Beckett Archbishop of Canterburry and countless other legends of history.
It is the life of ordinary people who did extraordinary things which is exposed in front of our eyes, Their lifes, loves, passions but also their pains, sorrows and desillusions.
If you want to embark on this journey with Follett, do it before a holiday. Otherwise you will end up going to work half-dead from having been in the middle-ages all night...and for many nights.
Mr. Follett, why is it the only ancient historical novel you wrote ? You are quite talented at it.
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TOP 500 REZENSENTam 23. Januar 2013
Pillars of the Earth beginnt im Jahr 1135, dem Todesjahr Heinrichs I. Dessen einziger Sohn ist bei einem Schiffsunglück ums Leben gekommen, und seine Tochter Maud soll ihm auf den Thron folgen. Diese Ehre macht ihm allerdings sein Neffe Stephen mit einigem Erfolg streitig, und der blutige Konflikt zwischen diesen beiden begleitet uns durch fast den ganzen Roman.

Das Interessante an Pillars of the Earth sind aber nicht so sehr die höfischen Ränkespiele und die einflussreiche Rolle, die die Kirche dabei spielt, sondern wie sich die Führungs- und Gesetzlosigkeit auf das Leben der Untertanen auswirkt. Pillars of Earth ist aber auch eine Studie des Ehrgeizes in seinen verschiedensten Ausprägungen, konstruktiven und zerstörerischen. Der Abt Philipp, der ein heruntergekommenes Kloster wieder zur Blüte führen will und der zu Ehren Gottes eine Kathedrale errichten möchte. Der Baumeister Tom, der das Gleiche will, weil es in seinem Beruf nicht Großartigeres gibt. Ein Gutsherr, der unbedingt Graf werden möchte und dabei vor Mord und Totschlag nicht zurückschreckt. Und schließlich der mysteriöse Geistliche Waleran Bigod (!), der die kirchliche Karriereleiter emporzuklimmen gedenkt und einiges gegen den Bau der Kathedrale einzuwenden hat.

Alle machen sich gegenseitig das Leben schwer, die Bösen den Guten (natürlich!), aber auch die Guten den Bösen, und die Handlung des Romans ist ein ständiges, manchmal sehr steiles Auf und Ab, das sich über fast vier Jahrzehnte hinzieht. Immer wenn man denkt, jetzt könnte es mal friedlich weitergehen, kommt der nächste Schicksalsschlag. Hier wirkt der Roman manchmal wie am Reißbrett entworfen und wird dadurch ziemlich vorhersehbar. Etwas schablonenhaft sind auch manche Romanfiguren gezeichnet, vor allem der Erzbösewicht, in dem sich wirklich alle denkbaren schlechten menschlichen Eigenschaften vereinigen. Philipp und Tom sind dagegen durchaus in sparsamen Grautönen beschrieben.

Trotzdem halte ich 5 Sterne für absolut angemessen. Pillars of the Earth ist mitreißend geschrieben, der Leser fühlt mit den Protagonisten und es bringt ihm eine Epoche nahe, über die es relativ wenig Quellmaterial gibt. Dazu liefert Ken Follett reichlich Hintergrundwissen über die Planung und Errichtung von Großbauwerken vor der Erfindung von Papier oder gar CAD. Nur die Terminpläne waren damals ebenso unzuverlässig wie heute, wenn auch aus völlig anderen Gründen.
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am 14. Dezember 1999
The ultimate epic of Good vs Evil. Set in 12th Century England, this novel offers a dramatic portrayal of the cataclysmic power struggle between the King of England and the Church of England. Neither particularly good, or overwhelmingly evil. But both infected by the excesses that accompany a pursuit of power and wealth. Follett brilliantly weaves a compelling fabric of characters...some historic and some fictional...whose lives are irrevocably altered by the drama.
Four parallel Character sets are woven into the story: A stonemason, and his family...whose only desire in life is to build a majestic cathedral. His motivations are both divine and profane. The cathedral Prior and his monks...who struggle against a wicked bishop to bring God and man together. The pompous earl...whose relentless efforts to destroy the Prior rains tragedy upon his family. Finally, the mystical woman of the woods...who, along with her son, has a story to tell which leads to the ultimate triumph of good over evil.
For the church historian, faithful integration of historical detail like the murder of Thomas Beckett makes the novel all the more compelling.
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am 23. Mai 1999
Ken Follet writes this tale as though he personally experienced the world in the 11th century. It takes truly magnificent imagination to create something of this magnitude and genius. Obviously well-researched but interwoven with fiction, this story does not only lend itself to reading, it ABSORBS the reader. Despite its length, I devoured in in one sitting. I did not sleep at all, such was the thrall of the epic (and it IS an epic). I have since reread 'Pillars of the Earth' at least five times, and I shall read it again (as soon as my friends stop 'lending' it permanently). I have had to buy three different copies of this book, and at the moment I am in possession of none. I feel obliged to recommend it to any who care to listen to me for longer than two minutes, and as a result I keep losing my precious copies. I have read few other novels with impact such as this, and anyone who is in the slightest bit interested in English history, revenge and absolute perfection in narration should give this classic book a read. It won't be your last! If you would like any other 'classic' recommendations, you should give 'The Power of One' by Bryce Courtenay, and 'Roots of Outrage'(I cannot recall the author's name at present - scandallous since he is one of my favourites), which both juxtapose fictional characters with chronicled events in South Africa's history. Both of these recommendations are relatively on par with 'Pillars...'. Superb!
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