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am 9. März 2009
This is the 3rd "No-Cry" book by Elizabeth Pantley that I have read, and like the other two, I have gotten a lot of useful information out of it. I've read many books on baby and toddler sleeping , but I think this one explains the importance of naptime the very best, including the biological and behavioral benefits. It also explains the science of napping and the sleep cycles in detail, which is very important to understand.

The book offers numerous suggestions for a very wide range of nap issues that parents might face with their children. It gives great advice for a lot of very specific problems (such as babies who only nap by falling asleep while nursing) that many of the other sleep books just do not address. I now feel armed with a lot of tools and ideas that I can try the next time my daughter (or next child) has a napping problem. I really wish this book had been available when my daughter was a newborn - it would have really helped me a lot back then.

The book is written in Elizabeth Pantley's customary style: kind, gentle, patient and supportive. Her "No-Cry" approach has always resonated with me, and I think any parent with young children will find this book extremely useful and helpful.
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am 11. August 2013
Ich gebe drei Sterne, weil das lesen des Buches zeitintensiv ist, da es nur eine englische Fassung gibt, was mich viel Konzentration gekostet hat. Leider gibt es zu diesem Thema kein deutsches Buch, was ich sehr schade finde, da wahrscheinlich viele junge Eltern das selbe Problem haben wie ich. Deutsche Literatur zum Thema kindesschlaf dreht sich nur um den Nachtschlaf und vergisst dabei die Wichtigkeit des tagschlafes für das Kind. Ein sehr informatives Buch, bei dem beim lesen das Verständnis für das Kind noch mehr wächst. Sehr viele Kreative Vorschläge das Kind am tag zum schlafen und weiterschlafen zu bringen.
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