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Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 6. Juni 2012
Despite its length, this book offers an entertaining read, introducing much more topics than I would have expected of the subject web and politics:
- illusionary expectations and explanations without real clues how to deal with the new possibilites
- transfer of old communication metaphors on new media that might lead to erroneous decisions
- political education vs entertainment that rather sidetracks citicens of totalitarian states
- censorship & control
- propaganda through the new media
- observation of citicens' online behaviour
- online activism instead of real help
- treatment of freedom of mind in the US vs expectations from foreign (less developed) countries
- development of communication channels in the past

The author manages to convey lots of knowledge of theory and practice at the moment and in the past.
One point of criticism refers to the chapter headings that sound nice but do not give a clue on what to expect.
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am 25. Februar 2015
What an important voice Morozov is in our times, his analysis of the net as not the happy place other theorists would like to believe is spot-on. A classic in the making.
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am 7. September 2011
As is the case with majority of books today there is a lot of repetition especially at the beginning. It gets better in middle chapters. The book is touching the very essence of silver bullet approach many people have. It is also a reality that whatever technology you take - it can be used by good and bad guys. So was it with nuclear weapons and so is it with internet and all modern tools of communication that use it as a transport medium.
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am 13. Februar 2012
Der Autor stellt hier das Problem der "Netze" und ihrer Nutzung sehr detailliert und mit viel Hintergrundinformationen dar.

Besonders spannend ist auch die Darstellung, wie in verschiedenen Diktaturen auf der Welt mit dem Thema "Informationen im Netz" umgegangen wird.
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